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Danni's POV:

I had detention. Detention! I don't even know what happens in detention.
"Hey, Danni, can you come over to my house later? Shannon and I are going shopping for some new winter clothes. Do you want to come with us?"

"Um, sure I guess! I mean I have been wearing the same pair of jeans for four days straight now. Some new clothes would help a lot." I said putting my French books away. The final bell rang and I was supposed to go back to the Sports Centre . I walked in to the Sports Centre a minute after I was supposed to be there. I took a seat across the room. Which was as far away as possible from Sam and Jimmi.

"Ah, Mrs. Coleman. So glad you could join us, 2 minutes after detention started." Mr. Jeffries said as he checked his watch.

"Actually sir, its one minute." I said putting my bag on the back of my chair. I took out my math textbook and began reviewing. It was 20 minutes into detention and I wasn't even looking at my book anymore. Jimmi let out a groan. I began quietly humming some song I heard on the radio.

"Quiet! No talking." Mr. Jeffries said. Another boring 20 minutes passed by.

"Ugggghhhh!" Jimmi and Sam yelled.

"You heard Mr. Jeffries. No talking." I said.

"You three! Quiet! Now, I have to meet up with Mrs. Worth to talk about what you three did. I'll be back in 10 minutes. Keep working on your school work." Mr. Jeffries told us taking his school keys with him. We all watched him go out the door and down the hall. I went back to my math book. Jimmi and Sam stood up and went to the gym equipment.

"What you doing?" I asked Jimmi as he pulled the jungle gym out.

"Well I'm not going to spend my 10 minutes doing homework. I need to do something!" He said.

"Same here." Sam said helping Jimmi.

"If Mr. Jeffries come back and sees you two, you're going to be in huge trouble." I said staring at the two.

"Oh, come on. We'll put the stuff back before he even opens the door." Sam said.

"Come on Coleman. Or are you scared?" Jimmi said taunting me.

"Fine. Just this once I'll give into your evil little mind." I said putting my pencil down. I got up and I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I ran towards the gym equipment. I jumped over a track hurdle and climbed the jungle gym with ease. The two boys looked dumbfounded. I smiled and rolled my eyes, and then jumped from the top of the jungle gym, which was very high up.

"What, you've never seen a… Gymnast before?" I said trying to make up a lie. "Alright now you go, Jimmi." I said pointing to the jungle gym. Jimmi was a complete mess climbing up the thing.

"Ok, then… " I said staring up to the top of the jungle gym.

"Jeffries is coming back! Jimmi get down! Now!" Sam screeched.

"Go!" I said pulling the hurdle back to its original spot. We all pushed the jungle gym back and jumped into our seats at the last second. Mr. Jeffries opened the door and went back to the desk and put the keys back in.

"Detention's over, you can go now." Mr. Jeffries said. I let out a sigh of relief and picked up my bag. I walked down the halls and out the front door. I realized I didn't know where Maddy's house was from here! Dangit! I ran to the woods where there was an opening in the fence. I had heard of Eolas before but I wasn't sure on how to use it. I smelled the air and then I realized Maddy and Rhydian must go out here a lot because their scent was everywhere. I think I got lost a few times, but I managed to get back to the road, and it was easy to get back to her house from there. I went up to the door and knocked on it. Mrs. Smith opened it up.

"Hi, Mrs. Smith, uh is Maddy here? She wanted me to come by." I said.

"Oh, yes. Come on in." She said to me. I walked into the kitchen and saw that Shannon was already there.

" Hey, so are you ready to go to the shopping centre?" Shannon asked me.

"Um, I guess I am! Oh, let me get some money…" I sais digging into my bag.

"Let's go!" Maddy said pulling on her coat.

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