This is an experiment. I wanted to see if I knew the characters well enough before I decided to write a longer, multi-chapter fic. So, here's the result. I'm not quite sure when it takes place, but it has Ronon in it, so it's after Runner.

Anyway, thanks for reading, the characters are not mine, and drop me a comment if you can.

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It was the third time Rodney had stumbled, his hand shooting out to grab hold of the console he had been working on mere seconds beforehand. It was only a matter of time before he fainted (or 'passed out in a manly-like fashion') and Sheppard wanted to avoid that at all costs; Beckett pretty much threatening his team with weekly physicals if any of them showed up in the infirmary again so soon after their last venture through the gate.

So, he met Ronon's eyes briefly, the taller man nodded, and then he turned to the scientist and said, "McKay, I think we should be heading out now. Zelenka and his team are on their way and…"

"I'm fine," Rodney snapped, barely glancing over his shoulder, returning to his work.

"You haven't slept in thirty-six hours, Rodney. You're dead on your feet," John tried to argue, but like usual-where McKay was concerned-his words went in one ear and out the other. Sheppard opened his mouth to continue arguing, but was interrupted when Teyla returned and said, "Doctor Zelenka and his team have arrived."

"Great," Sheppard said and quickly met Ronon's eyes again, nodding. "Okay, Rodney, since Zelenka is here let's head out."

"Just five more… HEY!" Rodney yelped as Ronon grabbed him round the middle and slung him over his shoulder, the shorter man's data pad crashing to the floor. "Put me down!" the scientist insisted, but the bigger man ignored him as he and Teyla followed Sheppard towards their Jumper, the latter barely holding a chuckle at bay as she picked up Rodney's data pad.

"It's all yours, doc," John said to Radek as they passed him, an armed Major Lorne, and a few other young scientists. The Czech gave Ronon a questioning look, and Rodney scowled at the major as he grinned his way and the scientists when they tried, unsuccessfully, to look away from him.

The entire walk back to the Jumper, Rodney complained and threatened Ronon, but the taller man merely grinned and didn't rise to the bait. Once they were safely in the Jumper and the hatch was closed did Ronon set Rodney down, right on the bench in the back.

"This is completely ridiculous," Rodney snarled glaring at Sheppard as the younger man walked past him. "I could have gone another few…" McKay trailed off, shaking his head slightly, and then continued as if nothing had happened, "…more hours."

"Rodney, Zelenka's got it," John said, ignoring the doctor's complaining, and started up the Jumper. "Just sit back and relax." Doing the exact opposite, Rodney continued to complain, and Sheppard continued to ignore him, concentrating on getting home. However, he couldn't help thinking, This is going to be a long ten hours.


"The green is for sleep, right?" Ronon asked a while later.

"What?" Sheppard glanced over his shoulder at the taller man, surprised to hear that Rodney had gone quiet.

"Green is for sleep, right?" Ronon repeated showing Sheppard a bottle of NyQuil.

"Yeah why?" John asked curiously, though a part of him already knew the answer.

"I might have slipped a few drops into McKay's drink," Dex said with a smile, sitting in the co-pilots seat.

"Ronon, do you think that is wise?" Teyla questioned from behind Sheppard, glancing back at Rodney. "Though, he is sleeping now."

"He should be out for a while," Sheppard stated, giving Ronon a small smile. "Though, he might try to kill…" he glanced at the taller man again, stopping mid-sentence. "He'll be out for a while."