All this time, for all these years, since the moment he met that little sandy-blonde haired boy on Tatooine. Obi Wan Kenobi knew this day would come. He knew he'd die eventually, and he knew Anakin would be with him. His Padawan, his friend, his brother. Even after the last nineteen years of the Galactic Empire he knew it. Since Anakin was a small boy Obi Wan knew he was going to do something stupid to nearly kill them.

And Anakin had…

Obi Wan felt the Force surround him, calling him back home to the netherworld. He could hear Qui Gon calling out his name. And Siri, dear Force, of all the things, Siri.

The Jedi raised his lightsaber against Anakin's. Looking behind the darkened mask that held the place of nightmares in so many souls was his Padawan. Somewhere, somewhere deep inside, Anakin Skywalker was still there.

I told you once; you would be the death of me. Obi Wan said to him through the Force.

You fool!

Obi Wan sighed, and glanced over at Luke, who stood in awe of it all. Palpatine has lies to you Anakin… I've tried to tell you for years. Look at those two. His aging blue eyes looked at Leia and Luke. They both looked so much like Anakin, the same humor and independence, with the serenity and the same joyful smile of Padme.

And for once Anakin saw it to. Every muscle he had left turned to stone at the sight of the two kids.

Anger sparked through his blood, and Vader returned to the surface, drowning Anakin away.

Obi Wan knew it, and he prayed that Luke, Leia, and Han would be aboard the Falcon before his death.

He raised his lightsaber, leaving him open for any strikes. He knew Anakin's next move, he knew every move of that lightsaber, because he had taught him every move.

He let out a final breath and let the cool touch of Siri's embrace take him deep into the Force.