A/N: This is based off The Cosby Show episode 'It Ain't Easy Being Green.' I watched it the other day and was inspired, plus I feel I have been neglecting my love for all things Taggart of late so I wanted to write something again! Hope you enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

The Dress


Michael looked up from the file he was reading as Ebony came skipping into his study.

"Do you think I look pretty in this dress?" she asked, doing a little twirl.

Michael put the file down and leaned back in his chair with a smile, "I think you look beautiful in that dress."

"Do you think I should wear it to Michelle's party this afternoon?" she continued innocently, coming over to where he sat.

"Of course you should," he told her with a smile.

Ebony made a show of looking down at her dress, "I have other dresses."

"Wear that one," Michael told her, pulling her up onto his knee.

"Ok, I will, because you said so?" she confirmed.

"Because I said so," Michael confirmed.

Ebony smiled, "Thank you Daddy."

Michael looked up as Ebony kissed his cheek to see Jackie standing in the doorway. "Jackie, have you seen this dress? Don't you think she looks beautiful?" he asked, motioning Ebony forward from where she was suddenly trying to hide behind him.

"Show your mother the dress," Michael coaxed, making another futile attempt to move Ebony from her hiding place.

Jackie crossed her arms as she leant against the doorframe, "Ebony," she began in a warning tone, "isn't that the dress I asked you to put back with your other summer dresses?"

"Yes," Ebony replied in a small voice, "but, Daddy said I could wear it," she added in a rush.

Jackie pursed her lips, "Don't you bring your father into this because he has no idea about these things."

Ebony had the grace to look ashamed of herself, while Michael looked a little offended.

"Now, I want to you to go to your room, take off that dress, put it away and don't you ever think about defying me again, ok?" Jackie continued.

Ebony nodded before scampering out of the room, Jackie watched her go for a few moments before turning back to Michael.

"I can explain," he began, but Jackie cut him off.

"I don't understand how you could look at that dress and tell her that she can wear it on a day like today," Jackie told him. "We have two other daughters that grew up in this house, did you not pay attention?"

"I did pay attention," Michael defended himself, "but I was tricked."

Jackie suppressed a giggle at the look on his face, "You're a police officer and you were tricked by an eight year old child?" she teased.

"She asked me if I thought she looked beautiful in the dress, what was I supposed to say?" he demanded.

This time Jackie did giggle as she came over to him, "I'm sorry," she told him, kissing his cheek.

"Good," Michael mumbled, pulling her onto his lap.

"Just check with me next time," Jackie added as she settled back in his embrace.

Michael pulled a face at her and she laughed, "One mistake…" he muttered.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, "Just one?"

"Ok, maybe one or two…" he conceded, making Jackie smile. "Are my faults really so numerous?" he asked with mock despair.

"No, I suppose not," she agreed.

"She gets it from you, you know," Michael said after a moment.

"What? Her looks?" Jackie teased.

"No, her innate ability to get me into trouble."

"I don't get you into trouble," Jackie protested.

Michael gave her a look, "Really?"

"Fine, maybe I have, on occasion, gotten you into trouble," Jackie conceded.

"Thank you."

Jackie stuck her tongue out at him, making him laugh as he kissed her cheek before she stood up.

"One thing though, Michael," Jackie added, stopping at the doorway, "the next time one of your children asks your opinion about clothes, check with me first."

"Yes ma'am," Michael agreed, chuckling at the look on Jackie's face as she left the room.