So this is the first chapter of my first story. I plan for it to be nice and long and i will stick with it till the end. I will never give up on it (even if I get sidetracked haha). I am also currently looking for a beta. See you at the end!

P.S.- I am trying to stick to cannon as much as possible. There is only one thing i have changed and that is that Neville and Luna are married and have an eleven year old son call Xenophilius(Will). They are both teachers at hogwarts and live in a house close to Ottery St. Catchpole . They aparate to work (outside the hogwarts grounds of course, into hogsmeade) and Will has stayed with his grandfather during the day up until now when he will be beginning school. Also, they are celebrating Victoire's birthday the week before term starts though her actual birthday is May 2nd.

July 17th 2016

I am used to being stared at. It isn't exactly unexpected for a metamorphagi. When your hair color and length change without warning people tend to stare…but right now I am the only one staring. I gaze at my reflection in the bathroom mirror and screw my face up in concentration. I will my hair to change color. I don't care what color, just anything other than its current lurid pink. After seventeen years I've gotten pretty used to my hair changing color of its own accord if I am experiencing a particularly strong emotion. I have also gotten pretty good at controlling it. I prefer to keep my hair a deep shade of blue. Sure it still goes fiery red when I get uncontrollably angry and black if I am markedly depressed, but pink…pink is new. I'm not sure why it's pink. I have a few theories, but none that I want to seriously consider.

Yes, I am used to being stared at, primarily by girls, and not just because of my hair. I'm attractive, not a self-encouragement, but a simple fact. I have nice features, a panty dropping smirk complete with dimple and a muscular body courtesy of years of quidditch. Girls seem to follow me everywhere, cooing over my flying prowess. Even the female teachers seem to have a soft spot for me. I am well accustomed to girls looking at me with lustful eyes…but not her! I'm currently waging an inner war.

C'mon man you saw that look in her eye. She wants you bad.

Get real! This is Vic. She was probably lost in thought.

But after all these years of pining after her are you really gonna pass up a chance at this?

Yes, yes I am! There is absolutely no way that Vic feels like I'm anything but a brother. I would succeed in making a great bloddy fool of myself and lose my best friend to boot.

There is absolutely no way Vic feels that way about me, I decide. And I'm not about to go blabbering about why my hair has recently taken to turning bubble gum pink when I fantasize of her. Because if I'm correct, and having my parent's brains I usually am, this latest malfunction in my appearance is owing to the fact that I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Victoire Weasley.

Vic-never Vicky-Weasley is hands down the most beautiful creature to walk the earth and I'm not the only one who thinks so either. If gazes are cast in my direction they are either staring at me…or my best friend who is perpetually glued to my side. But people don't stare at Vic because she has freak hair. Oh no, they stare at her because it's impossible not to. She has a graceful willowy frame, soft curves, and the lightest gold hair imaginable that swings well past her waist. Her pale heart-shaped face is complete with pouty, rose-colored lips and eyes the color of the blue-green sea. She is, in short, magnificent.

I had always known my Vic was a pretty one, but it hadn't been until my fifth year at Hogwarts that I really noticed. She had always reaped attention but now, at fourteen, male eyes seemed to track her movement everywhere…and it pissed me off. I told myself that it was just because I felt protective; she was like a little sister! Yeah right, little sister my ass. Guys do not feel that way about their little sisters. Guys do not want to snog their sisters every time they see them. This was what I wanted to do, well that and shag her senseless. I admonish myself for even allowing the thought and pat my face dry on a light blue towel. I am currently in the guest bathroom of Harry's house. More like I'm hiding, but semantics, you know.

Harry Potter is the best god-father anyone could ask for. He is also only seventeen years my senior so he still understands what it's like to be a young male. He always listens and never pushes. He taught me how to play quidditch and bought me my first broom (not to mention all my brooms after that). He gave me the marauder's map and he helped me get up to all sorts of hijinks. He is the closest thing to a father I have ever known.

After my parents died in the second war against Voldemort, I lived with my grandmother who had only been forty-five at the time of my birth. Luckily she had given birth to my mother Dora at twenty-she had given birth to me at twenty five- so she was still energetic enough to handle a child, but there was something she couldn't provide. Her husband was killed in the war like so many others and I was left without any kind of father figure, a job to which Harry stepped up incredibly. Harry is a fantastic god-father…he also has a very large house. The Potter home is always the host spot for any party or holiday. Today for example is Vic's sixteenth birthday…and I, being the daft idiot I am, have gone off made a great fool of myself, per usual. I'm just thankful that no one had witnessed what happened with Vic.

I had picked out the necklace two weeks ago. It was perfect, golden, delicate, and beautiful, just like her. When the shop keeper pulled out his wand and asked what I wanted engraved on it I made a split second decision, which in hindsight might not have been such a good idea. "Just put Forever and Always." When the guy handed me the package and I paid the astronomical amount for the pure gold necklace he said, "You're a good boyfriend, you are." "Oh, no it's just for a friend." I responded a little too quickly. The man gave me a knowing look, but didn't say anything else. I had hidden the little jewelry box in my sock drawer for two weeks, anticipating today. Needless to say, things didn't go as smoothly as planned.

When grandmum and I arrived at the Potter's house I was already starting to freak out. What if she took the necklace the wrong way? I meant it as a more romanticized version of 'best friends forever', but what if she thought it meant I was in love with her. I am in love with her of course, but that's beside the point. There was no going back so I took a deep breath and stepped through the front door…and was promptly attacked by a tangle of limbs and red hair. "Uncle Teddy!" Someone squealed.

"It's good to see you too," I laughed as the kids squeezed the life out of me. I detached myself from the youngest of the Weasley and Potter children only to be pulled into a tight embrace by someone else.

"Teddy!" Vic locked her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder.

"Hey Vic" I chuckled. "It's good to hear your piercing squeal right by my ear once more." She pulled away and punched me in the arm.

"I knew your eardrums missed me." I rolled my eyes and let her pull me into the living room where it seemed like a small army was congregated. The Weasleys, Potters, Longbottoms, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, and Hagrid rounded out our party at around thirty people.

"Hey teddy," Harry called from where he was sitting with Ginny across the room.

"Hey old man!"

"Want to test that old man theory out on the quidditch field buddy?"

"You know it…later." First there was something I had to do. I pulled Vic into the hall. "Hey Vic."

"Teddy," She responded.

"So, sixteen huh? Daddy going to start letting you out of house yet?" She narrowed her eyes at me, but I just smirked.

"What's it to you?" She huffed.

"I just wanted to know if I need to invest in a good book of hexes to keep the guys away." My reply was totally deadpanned serious.

"C'mon really Teddy?" She snorted. "You wouldn't need one anyway. You know enough hexes for every day of the year." I just shrugged.

"Guess you're right. How is that project for Professor Tralawney coming?" She laughed.

"Which one?"

"The infamous sixth year dream diary of course." I still remember my own horrifying experience.

"Yeah…I'm pretty much just making a bunch of crap up." She shrugged unapologetically.

"Is it all dark, depressing, and gloomy?" I asked in mock seriousness.

"Yep, I die in every other one."

"You're set."

"How about you? What about that project for professor Longbottom." She asked.

"Lovegood-Longbottom or Longbottom?"

"The plant worksheet," she laughed.

"Tortuous as ever, I still can't figure out exactly how to I'm supposed to categorize gillyweed or the venomous tentacula plant. Speaking of which…are they here?" I hoped that they had shown up. They were usually around for celebrations.

"Neville, Luna, and Will? Yep. You can ask him about your plants while I discuss the finer points of my Naturalist 301 assignment with the Mrs." Luna Longbottom had been hired to teach a broader scope of the world to Hogwarts students. No one could deny she was a great teacher…but she was a bit, well eccentric isn't quite a strong enough word.

"Do I even want to know?" I smirked.

"No, No you do not…we have to make a diagram of a great crumple-horned snorkack. Apparently their horns have incredible healing powers." I couldn't help the snort that slipped out.

"Hagrid may have us seventh years working with creatures that any sane care of magical creatures' teacher would run screaming from…but at least they're real." Hagrid is another non-biological family member. He attends all birthdays, holidays, and backyard dinners.

"Well at least when I deliver your eulogy I'll be able to inform everyone what ate you. We are gathered here today to remember the late, great, Teddy Lupin. He was a wonderful guy until he was eaten by a Hungarian horntail." She burst out laughing.

"Hey, I wouldn't put having us lot hatch dragons past him!" I joked. "I think I visited Madame Pomfrey more times last year than my first five together." This just caused Vic to laugh harder.

"Okay, okay…So what's up?" She asked.

"Nothing much really…I have a present for you." I bit my lip and stared at my feet like my shoes had just become incredibly interesting.

"Do I get to see it?"

"Oh… yeah…here." I drew the box from the pocket of my bomber jacket. "It's…well it's just…I guess just open it." I mumbled never meeting her eye. I heard the rustling of the silver wrapping being pulled of and the lid lifting but couldn't bring myself to look. My head came up in a knee-jerk reaction to her gasp.

"Teddy," she breathed. "You bought this for me?"

"Well, yeah" I said feeling absolutely stupid. "I mean, I get it if you don't like it, or-"

"Teddy, it's-it's beautiful." She threw her arms around me and just about squeezed all the air from my lungs.

"Really?" I asked, astounded. She pulled away slightly so that our faces were only a hairs breadth apart.

"Teddy, you daft idiot it's perfect! I've never seen anything like it!" She fell silent and just gazed into my eyes. Her eyes flickered down to where I licked my lip. Her gaze had my insides melting and my jeans were starting to become distinctly tight. 'oh shit! Mayday! Mayday' Her eyes went back up to my eyes that matched my blue hair so-"Teddy, what's up with your hair?!"

"What do you mean?" I asked nervously.

"Teddy, your hair is pink!" That was all I needed to hear. It was time to abandon ship, now! I took off at a run, hurdling along with only one thing in mind, to get away from the achingly beautiful voice calling after me.

So now here I stand, in the guest bathroom, like a coward, with an erection and pink hair. Nice fucking job. was it? I want the good, bad, and the ugly. I will be updating once or twice a week depending on my schedule. Thanks to everyone who has read to the end and internet hugs to all reviewers!