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We are playing quidditch in this chapter so for those who may not remember here is a list of the players:

Teddy: Seeker naturally

Vic: chaser of course

Danae and Kathy: the other two chasers

Karl: Keeper

Dominique and Luis: beaters


I lead her out of the bathroom, still a little stunned by everything that has happened. Was she doing what I think she was doing? Was she thinking about me while doing it? Oh no. No no no no no no, do not go there! Valentine's Day fucker, you are waiting for Valentine's Day. I don't care how hard it is! I Squeeze Vic's hand and offer a care-free smile. Sometimes I wish that she doesn't know me so well. I know that she doesn't believe my comfortable façade.

I have to say though. I am rather enjoying the effect these jeans are having on her. Who knew that a pair of pants could wield so much power? Hmm…now for that tie, I'm going to have to wear it more often.

We go back to the common room to drop off our night clothes. Naturally everyone else is still asleep. I can never seem to sleep in past seven. Vic on the other hand is hard pressed to wake before noon on weekends and holidays.

"What are you doing up so early?" I ask her.

"I just couldn't sleep." She says as we walk back out of the common's towards the great hall.

"You were unable to sleep?" I ask incredulously.

"It's not unheard of." She tells me. I nod, but I'm positive that I'm not getting the entire story. I also know it isn't that important so it's not worth pushing for more information. I heap eggs and bacon onto a plate and sit down. After nearly seventeen years you learn to pick your battles.

We're a month into the semester and the professors are making blood sure that we have everything drilled into our skulls. I suppose that it would be useless to point out that we have four and a half months before final exams. I still thank my lucky stars that Harry gave me such a head start on defense against the dark arts. He worked a lot with me during that year where I was mostly confined to my bedroom. We spent hours going over theories and rules before I ever even got to try anything and yet I never lost interest, possibly because I realized just how fortunate I was to have anything to fill the time with.

Vic spent a large part of that year holed up in my room with me. We spent hours reading to each other. We played card games. She even sneaked me out of the house a few times. Maybe that's when I started to realize just how important to me she was. She was a stubborn little girl and no one ever managed to discourage her. People told her I might be dangerous and she laughed at them. Her Maman told her it was time to leave and she would just burrow further under the blankets. She stuck with me through the whole ordeal at the end of which I came out with the knowledge that my metamorphagus blood was luckily dominant to overpower any further signs of lycanthropy. I will never regret that year because it means that I will have one less year that I will have to be without Vic when I graduate.

I open my eyes sleepily and yawn as I sit up. Today is our second quidditch match of the season. If we perform exactly how we did last time we'll be a shoe in. I know that I should try to get back to sleep…but I just don't want to. Lately I have been happier than ever before to wake up each morning and remember that Vic is mine. I roll over, stretch, and climb from the bed.

None of the other guys are awake so I dress quickly and slip out of the room unnoticed. I try not to get my hopes up that Vic will be awake. It may be a game day, but if I know her she won't be up a moment before absolutely necessary. I'm still trying to figure out just how I am going to keep my mind off of her in her quidditch robes. Or more precisely out of them. I will say it again. She is just too good-looking for my own good.

When of your biggest fantasies is shagging your girlfriend in the broom shed it becomes a bit uncomfortable to be anywhere near the quidditch field.

I eat a hurried breakfast and leave for the pitch. I know that the others are probably just now waking up, but it can't hurt to get in a bit of extra strategizing. I jump almost a foot in the air when I feel someone put their hands on my shoulders as I reach for the lock on the broom shed.

"Morning," Vic says nonchalantly as I turn to face her with a scowl. My frown can't resist her bubbly smile for long though.

"Morning luv," I shake my head at her as I open the shed doors and pull out my broom. I grab Vic's and hand to her. "You're going to have to stop sneaking up on me you know. You're going to give me a heart attack one of these days."

"Oh don't be silly." She chides. "A, you aren't possibly old enough to have a heart attack. B, it's your own fault that you're so unobservant. And c, I have to something to keep things exciting." I can't help but laugh. She always has her facts lined up, always. She grins and I lean forward to claim her mouth with mine. I toss my broom to the side and place my now free hand on her upper back pulling her closer. She stumbles back a few steps, pulling me with her, until her back hits the peeling green siding of the broom shed. I place a hand on the shed on either side of her and lean in dangerously close. My lips recapture hers and she melts against me as I stroke her tongue with my own. When she pulls away, gasping for air I move to the soft skin below her right ear, sucking and nipping gently.

"Oh, so this isn't exciting enough for you?" I ask against the tender skin of her throat.

"Mm…" is all the reply that I receive. "I'm going to take that as a no." I chuckle. I'm just about to return to her lips when I hear a throat being cleared loudly. I turn to see Danae standing stock-still and staring with her mouth hanging open.

"I see you finally got your act together Lupin," She says, pursing her lips at me. I quickly pull away from Vic and try to straighten my robes a bit.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh come on, it only taken you what, four years?" She continues on like her meaning is perfectly clear. "You made the poor girl wait four years not to mention forcing the rest of us to hear you wax eloquent about how perfect she was while not actually doing anything about it. It was bloody annoying! It's about bloody time you plucked up the nerve."

"Oh, er…sorry?" I try. I had been expecting a scolding, but not of this kind.

"Okay girlie. I need details." Danae grabs Vic and pulls her away before I even have a chance to defend myself, not that I have any valid defense. Women…

"It's show time people." I glance around at my carefully constructed team. "Nicki, slug 'em just like you did at the last game and you're gold. Louis you played excellently as well. Even if your sister stole the spotlight I've seen what you can do with a bludger. Karl, defend those hoops like they are your first-born child. Got it? You aced it last game, keep it up. And girls…" I trail off, focusing on my three chasers. "You already know that you're amazing. Really work on synchronization. It's one of the points where you are really above and beyond the opposition. After this year Danae and I will both be gone and Vic will be team captain." She opens her mouth to protest but I continue before she can get the words out. "She will be the oldest on the team and she's a great leader. If you're ever in doubt and can't signal me follow her direction." Vic is glaring at me, but I can also see the little gleam in her eye that means she is secretly pleased. "I'll be out there doing my best but as the Irish proved in the nineteen-ninety-four quidditch world cup you can't rely on your seeker alone. It takes teamwork and we are a true team!" I look at each of them in turn, desperately hoping that I can be done now. Speechmaking is never going to be my thing.

"Come on guys!" Danae calls as she stands up and leaves the tent, not without winking at me.

"Subtle," Vic comments as she wraps her arms around me. She places a kiss on my jaw line. "Go get 'em." She purrs before pulling away abruptly and sauntering off after the rest of the team, her hips swaying enticingly. I swear that I'm destined to die young, because I certainly won't last much longer like this.

I push aside the door of the changing room and exit the building out into the blinding sunlight. I join the team as they enter the stadium to tumultuous applause.

An hour and a half later and I have the snitch fisted tightly in my hand. The roar of the crowd thunders in my ears. All of Gryffindor house is cheering like mad but all I can focus on in Vic; she is beaming at me from several yards away. The whistle trills loudly and we descend to the field. Vic jumps off of her broom and runs straight for me. I drop my broom just in time to catch her as she jumps into my arms. Lucky for us she has always done this, even before we got together…just never quite so enthusiastically. She grins at me and kisses my cheek slyly moving her lips up to my ear and nips it ever so lightly. She knows that from the angle we are at that no one can see. "Nice save," She comments as I set her down before I do something I might regret…like taking her behind the quidditch shed and having my wicked way wither, for example. "I think your wronski feint may have mad Carlson cry." She has a point. The hufflepuff seeker had been quite perturbed when I shook him off and caught the snitch right out from under his nose.

"Ah yes, well you have to be prepared for anything." I wrap my arm around her waist as the rest of the team comes bounding over. "Great job Luis," I say sincerely. The little man has quite the arm on him. He grins at me. I know how much my approval means to him and he really is a great Kid not to mention a fantastic quidditch player. It seems to run strong in the Wealeys. Aunt Ginny is always saying how easy it would be for Vic to get in with the Harpies and I don't doubt her. Vic is one vicious little spitfire when it comes to her quaffle.

The entirety of Gryffindor house naturally insists on celebrating into the wee hours. Sure this means that we are only one match away from the quidditch cup, but the late night parties have gotten a bit old for me. I suppose I should be more enthusiastic what with being captain and all, but all I can think of is Vic and the way she came running into my arms. It's just how things are supposed to be…

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