Ch. 1

Another quiet day in the jungle "aaaah" screamed well almost a quite day, hello my name is Teinan and this is the story of me and my family living in the jungle and I will like to start on with my birth. It was a nice glorious day in the jungle until you can hear a lot screaming coming from one special tree with a tree house built of top of it, this tree house was made by my grandparents, my father's parents, that I never met neither did my dad but I bet they were nice people and they did a great work in the tree house, inside you can see a women trying to give birth but there's a problem , there is no doctor whatever that means and the only ones who can help its female gorillas. By the way the lady who is giving birth it's my mother, Jane porter, so she is basically giving birth to me and well my dad its waiting outside along with my grandparents after a few hours of screaming in pain you can hear a soft crying that made it everything shine even more and finally I was born my mom is holding me in her arms and then my dad and my grandparents rush in to see me and they are all very proud then my dad gets closer to carry and me "Teinan" said my father "what" asked Jane "Teinan that should be her name it's an Africa name" said my dad "I like Teinan thank you Tarzan" said Jane and they hugged with me in their arms by the way my dad is Tarzan the king of the jungle and my family is the gorillas my grandma Kala and my grandpa Kerchak I also have my grandfather Professor Porter which yea he's not a gorilla and I couldn't be happier. It's been a like 4 years and this couple of years I learned how to walk and even walk like a gorilla my clothes that I love to wear are just a brown top with no sleeves or anything like that and a skirt just like my fathers. I also learned a lot from my mom she though me how to read and talk human and also like write a little, but my dad will teach me the way in the jungle how to talk ape, climb trees, swing in bines, swim, and lots more and I'll be honest I really like that things that my dad teaches me more than my mom's. I also love to hang out with Terk and Tantor and all my gorilla friends especially my grandparent's ill even sleep with them while my parents slept in the tree house. I get along most with my grandpa Kerchak he takes me out to explore and even teach me how to be a tough gorilla but we mostly play together. Then there's my grandfather Professor Porter and I always help out with his experiments even when they go horribly wrong, he even tough me about music and sometimes we both like to try experiments of Tantor and Terk. Then there's Terk and Tantor which we always get in trouble and just have fun. I love my jungle its where my daddy was born and where I was born and I will love to leave her forever. Well I hope you enjoyed this introduction of my family and me giving birth next chapter its more about my life and to think there's a lot in my life and I'm only 4 years old.