Another glorious came and I just woke up from my little nest that my dad made me and then I see my parents still sleeping so I quietly went out and I swung in the bines and slide the trees to go see my grandparents because I knew that my grandpa Kerchak was awake already because he's the leader of the pack. I finally made it to the gorilla nest and I can see my grandfather on top of a rock looking out for the gorillas so I swing very slowly closer to him and then quiet I tried to sneak up on him bt he actually catch me and he grabbed me and tickle me I couldn't stop laughing so hard, "grandpa please stop jaja" I said he starts laughing a little bit and he stopped and he put me down "good morning Teinan did you sleep good last night?" he asked I kind of put a sad face "I did because my dad made me a nest inside but its not the same as sleeping outside but I got to learn at least that's what my mom says" I responded "well you know you're always welcome to sleep here with us" said my grandpa giving me a hug. I had to leave my grandpa Kerchak alone so he can do his job so I quickly rushed to see my grandma Kala and I found her under the peach tree eating breakfast, so I quietly walk to her and I did an elephant noise that made her jump a little and she turned around "I scared you this time grandma" I said she giggled "yes what a fright, a you are just like your father" she told me, I smiled and I joined breakfast with her. Then out of nowhere my dad jumped next to us "hi daddy" I said "hey where you? Your mother is looking for you she wants you to go eat breakfast with us. Hey mom" said my dad, so I had to say goodbye to my grandma and my dad took me in his arms and we went home we both walked in and my mom was in the table "Teinan where were you? You know you can't miss breakfast and please both of you go wash your hands and Teinan please stand up and walk in the house only" she said, that's my mom's number 1 rule that I can't act like a gorilla around the house, my dad can because that's how he whole life is. I washed my hands and I walked to the table and my parents were sitting already and I climbed my chair and I sit like I usually sit but my mom order me to sit lady like so I did so we ate some breakfast. When I was done I had to ask permission for something "mom dad can I go play with Terk and Tantor please" I said they looked at each other and they smiled "yes you can but come before dark" said my mom "I'll meet you later okay have fun" my dad said "thanks" I said and I rushed out. The 2 of them were hanging out in the lake and I joined I landed on top of Tantor "hi guys" I said "hey" said Tantor "hello" said Terk "so what's going on why are you guys here" I asked, Terk climbed on top of Tantor too "we are just remembering some good times like right here and over there on that tip of mountain I remember when you dad was your age he didn't have any friends I was his only friend even before we met Tantor and he wanted so badly to fit in so I told him that he needs to get an elephant hair and there he is in, so he went crazy and jumped from there to hear and got the hair and that's when we became friends" Terk said I was actually amazed "so he actually did it?" I asked "yes he did and the hair he got came from my tale, crazy day I tell you" said Tantor I got so amazed that I climbed down from Tantor back and began to ran "I'll be right back" I said. I climbed the mountain and I see down and it was just too high, my dad hasn't tough me how to do a lot things so this is going to be new for me so I took a very deep breath and I jumped "aaaaaaaa" I went and I think Tantor and Terk heard because they turned around and Terk screamed no and I was still not on the bottom and this time I began to scream for realize and splash I made it down, and I swam where the elephant pack was at and I swam to them, Terk and Tantor were wondering what I was doing, and I got near some and I saw their tales and I jumped and jumped to get one but no luck until finally I made a jump and I graved the tale but wow the elephant went crazy and that's when Terk and Tantor realize my plan and they rushed to me but it was late cause the elephant swung until I let go of his tale and I think they tough I was piranha because they screamed and ran off I accidentally created a stampede that they start to run to Terk and Tantor way but luckily Terk climbed on Tantor back fast and there was no harm but the stampede was still at it and they finally got out of the river and they still ran even more, I swim to land because that's were Terk and Tantor were and they both looked at me in shocking faces and all I did was smile and I showed them I had a hair my hand they look and they began to laugh "wow you did the same thing like your father, only that you got the hair more easy" said Terk "yea and this time it didn't come from my tail" said Tantor and we all laughed. I finally made it home and I saw my mom making something "mom what are you making" I asked "well darling I'm making you a dress" she said "a what?" I asked again "a dress it's what us girls wear in England" she said I saw the dress almost done but I'll be honest I didn't like it so my mom just told me to go to sleep so I climbed to my nest and I laid there and I thought to myself that I really don't like this been like my mom and my grandfather I prefer been who I am right now. The next morning I see my mom up already and my dad wasn't home he sometimes goes to help my grandpa Kerchak so I was alone with my mom eating breakfast "darling starting today we are going to start your classes on how to be lady like, that's means no more swinging on bines, sliding on trees, no more clothes like you wear every day, walk normally, and eat neatly and even more" she said I was actually was shocked but she's my mom and I had to obey and I love her so when we were down we had to go to the little camp where my grandfather is all the time, and we walked over there. We arrived and I ran to give my grandfather a hug and he hugged me back and right away we started out lesson both of them tough me to read and write even more, how to speak correctly, and we even had a tea time, which by the way tea is nasty and there was even more next was to walk with both legs nice and steady, then eat all fancy, and then apparently my mom finished the dress and it was blue with yellow and she put it on it even included some things for the hands, a hat, and some weird shoes that they were tall, and last a umbrella and my mom took me to the mirror " you look beautiful darling, you look like me when I was your age" she said, she was very happy to see me like this but I wasn't, but anything to make my mom happy "thanks mom" I said. We went outside and my grandfather saw "oh dear, it's like seeing another little Jane again, you look beautiful dear" he said "thank you grandfather" I said and from the sky came down my dad and he saw me "Teinan you look different and nice" he said I still had a sad face but try hard to smile "thanks daddy" I said then finally after hours doing my lessons "mom can we please continue tomorrow? I want to go see my grandparents" I said she totally agreed but she wanted me to show them my dress so I asked my dad to walk with me and he agreed when we finally, far away from the camp "daddy can I please ride on you back this shoes are hurting a lot" he said sure so I climbed on his back which was hard because of the dress but he helped me and so he took me to my grandparents on his back, we finally made it and he put me down and we walked to where my grandparents were and when we got there they saw me and they had a strange look on their face "hi grandma and grandpa this is my dress that my mom made me" I said "it's really nice dear" grandma said and grandpa agreed. Dad had to go and check something's and so I walked to my grandparents and I climbed my grandpa's arms and he hugged they knew something was bothering me "what's wrong Teinan" asked my grandma "I love my mom a lot grandma but I don't like been this what I am right now I love been an ape" I said "but you know your not an actual gorilla" said grandpa "yes I do but still is where I was born and I want to stay here forever and be this who I am" I said "I understand dear but maybe you can just give it a try for your mom and then tell her what you really feel" said grandma and she was right "thanks grandma I love you guys" I said and I hugged both of them. I went home and I took the dress off and everything with the help of my mom and she was just too happy and she hugged me goodnight.