It's been awhile since I said goodnight to my mom but I just can't sleep, so I decided to go out a little bit and I pass by my parents room and I saw them sleeping peacefully and I go out and I swing in the vines until I landed on the ground and I start to walk a little and then I sit down in a tree I like to see the view of the jungle and the waterfall and I started to think and I want to make my mom I really do but I love my hope but then I remember what my grandma told me, my mom wasn't born here and she still decided to visit here and decided to stay so I should do the same thing and I decided what to do so I went back home and I landed In my room and fell asleep. Next morning came and I saw my mom making breakfast so I get near her "morning mom" I said "good morning dear" she answered "mom I decided something very important, and….i decided to go to with you to your place" I said and my mom stopped doing what she was doing and turns to see me all happy and she runs to me and hugs me very tightly and I was happy she was happy, while she was hugging me I saw my dad there who was kind of sad and he told my mom he was going to get fruit and I followed him he does down on the vine and I follow him " daddy?" I said and my dad grabbed his lance and he started picking up some fruits and I just sat there with my legs on my head and he finally finished and he gave a banana and sat next to me "daddy" I said he looked at me "Teinan I can't go with you and your mother to England" he said and I got surprise and crushed at the same time "but daddy I want you to go" I said "I know and I don't want to get separated from you but I got to take care of our home and your grandparents" he said I knew he was right, but I was going to miss him and everybody so I said nothing and just hugged him and my dad knew this was like a goodbye so he went home to explain it to my mom and I decided to go with the family to tell them the news. It was the second morning and my mom and grandfather had everything pack and the ship was already here for us and my mom dressed me again in the dress and I looked myself in the mirror and I really didn't see me in this but I had to show the opposite and my mom was also ready and we finally went to the beach and the boat was waiting and my mom said goodbye to my dad already and I knew it hurt them to be apart and both mom and grandfather where in the boat and when I got closer to the boat I heard noise and I turn around and I see my whole family and friends right there and I ran to my dad and I jump on his arms and I started to cry on my dad's shoulder and then he puts me down and I ran to hug my grandma and grandpa goodbye and all to Terk and Tantor and it was hard it really was I saw my grandma she had tears on her eyes and my grandpa sad face and then my dad took me from their arms and he took me to my mom and she carried me and I saw my dad also crying and finally the captain pushed the boat in the water and starts peddling to the big ship and I kept looking at my family and waving goodbye and I saw that my mom had some tears too. We finally made it to the ship we climb it and it was hard to see my family now and the ship sailed and we waved goodbye and then my mom took me to our room and I fall asleep. I woke up and it was day still and I didn't see my mom and I went to look for her and I found her "mom how long was I sleep" I asked her " you slept the whole night dear" she said "I did" I said " yeah you seem so tired and im glad you are well rested go outside and see" she told me and I listen and I went outside and I saw ocean just water and no more jungle and that made me sad and then I see the tallest point thing on the ship and I couldn't help it I had to climb it but I couldn't because of the dress so what I did was rip the skirt off and there and I climbed it and everybody down I saw them getting all close and then I see my mom and she screaming at me to get down but when I got to the top I see the view and feel the air it felt amazing but I had to listen to my mom so I slide down and do some of my flips and made it down and then my mom covers me and every had their eyes cover I was wondering why and my mom take us to our room and "Teinan first don't ever go out in public like this its not lady like and second we are not in the jungle anymore so you got to promise me whatever you learned in the jungle forget it especially climbing high things in England its dangerous promise me?" she said and it was hard for me because it's me " I promise mom" I said and we hugged and we fell asleep again and another day pass and then I heard everybody outside screaming and I go out and I see it I see England and it was amazing I couldn't believe it and my mom was happy to be here I saw it on her face but I missed my dad and I knew she did too, finally the ships stops and we get down and then I start seeing a lot people that look like me human, and all the ladies were wearing dress and men wearing clothes with weird hats and weird mustaches like my grandfather and then there was this weird machines that everybody drove and then where a few who had this animal who was tied to a wagon to take them around and I was amazed and there we see one waiting for us and I got near the animal in the front and it was an animal I never seen very beautiful and brown and it was nice to me and then my mom tells me this animal it's called a horse and I asked her if I can ride it but she said no so we went to the thing she said it's called wagon and we took off. We finally it made it to this big house and this use to be my mom and grandfathers house and it was beautiful from outside and inside and my mom showed me to the place that it was going to be my room. Then my mom told me I only have 4 days to get all lady like for this thing called school which I'm going to learn more about, but every hour I asked myself how is my dad and my family doing.

(Changing and going to jungle)

In the jungle everything was going slow everyday Tarzan felt sad missing his wife and daughter the jungle just seemed quite and lonely but his mom will come and tell him not to worry and be happy for his girls and just live like he use to and Tarzan knew she was right and so he was happy and he knew they were coming back one day and so Tarzan got back to his duties and also playful again with his friends.

(Back to England)

Its been 4 days already and I learned a lot that I feel I forgot everything about me but oh well for my mom so I was finally ready for the school and so my got me this weird clothes called uniform that I had to wear everyday to the school and she also packed some bags cause apparently this school I got to stay and only come home on the weekends and well my mom was excited I met her friends and I saw pictures of my grandmother and well this school is we're she went to and she was excited I was going to meet new friends of my age and everything. I was ready and my drove me to it and the school was big, huge, and there were a lot girls there and all them were pretty and some weren't and well my mom left me in the front door and she hugged me very tight and not letting go but she had to leave and I waved goodbye so I turn and I take a deep breath and I go inside and once I went inside a lot of the girls were staring at me and I make it and I find my room which I had to search with this girl her name was Aliza and well I felt sad because now I was separated from both my parents and well I had to put a smile and everything started going good but then I heard a lot girls talk about me but not nicely they were even saying some words I didn't know what I meant, and so I go back and they have this backyard with a lot trees and well I know I promised but I couldn't help it so I ran and I began to climb one tree the tallest one there was and it felt good and there was some strange animals there too and they were cute and well the past few weeks I made mostly friends with the animals than the humans and girls were making more fun of me and every day I missed my dad and my family, one day I go back to climb the trees but this time I got caught by the girls and they called the teacher and they actually went up to get me and I got in trouble and I had to clean the horses places and then it was lunch time and when I grabbed my lunch Aliza put her foot and I trip on it and it's been like this all time that I got tired of it and I used my jungle skills on her and it was funny and this was going on for weeks until one day when I mention about my family been gorillas and my dad jungle man most of the girls believed me and some though I was crazy and I made a new friends but enemies too. It was finally the weekend and I went with my mom and we went to this place to go shop and well I tell my mom if I can go look over there and this guys was selling animals skins, skulls, and a lot gorilla stuff that I couldn't control myself and I kind of jumped on the guy who was selling it and I got so mad and my mom had to get me to control myself and when she was taking me away I saw this weird man that I swear I saw him before and back home my mom got mad met telling why? That I'm supposed to be a lady and more until I finally let it out "MOM, I am a lady but I'm also a jungle girl and it's who I am and who I like to be, and well I'm not cut out for this lady stuff and this place It's amazing but I miss my home, and what I saw out there it's not okay those humans kill my friends and a lot gorillas who are family and that's not okay" I said to her and she was shocked and my grandfather was there and she finally responded "humans" she said "I never thought I will hear you say it like that humans?" she said and I got a sad look on my face and I knew it hurt her and she went to her room and I ran to my grandfather to hug him and he told me he was going to talk with her so I ran to my room and I cry for my dad and family. Then I remember about that guy I saw and well I started looking through my stuff and there I see this picture of that guy with both mom and grandfather and I knew who he was and so when it was school I decided to sneak out at night, but Aliza woke up and she was going to tell on me but I told to think about it she was going to have her friends and room back to herself and she accept it so she went back to bed and I went back to that place and I saw him Clayton talking to some other guys and over heard they are planning to go back to my home to re-attack the gorillas and I got scared I run to warn my mom, I went all the way to my home and I had to her about it.