A/N: I ship this hard, too. I can't help myself, I'm a masochist who enjoys drowning in a self-imposed bucket of feels.

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She says it just a little too soon, body wrapped tightly in dirty sheets. What did it mean to feel clean? She couldn't remember. The ceiling had become her best friend, unmoving shapes that formed monsters in her sick little head. Loneliness was a cruel mistress, and perhaps the only lover she would ever know. It was a difficult thing, being so mean, so rich, so lovely, so decadent.It was bliss, a painful bliss that made her spine want to crack and her heart want to stop. She often wonders what it would feel like to die. A sinking, easy feeling. Just like sleeping. Just like sleeping and staying that way, eyes closed with a chest that didn't heave and a heavy heart to burst.

It isn't until footsteps sound on the Daisy Room floors that the ache in her fragile chest lifts.

Soft hands descend upon her face; cradling, desiring, lovingly wonderful and mind-numbingly awful. It made her burn to know that the little Ayorthian girl was the only one who could make her feel.

"I missed you."

Arieda's voice was soft, that timid tone that always disappeared whenever she sang. Her singing was magnificent...enchanting.

"Get into bed... "

Arieda's smile was so warm, so like home and so delicate. Arieda was a fine treasure, this beauty she would stop growing fond of. Cinnamon skin and those blushing cheeks and the way her hair fell into her eyes and the way her mouth always seemed to smile...she was permanent sunshine.


Arieda sighed contentedly, eyes closing as her body seemed to fit with Hattie's like a puzzle piece. The warmth of it made Hattie shudder, violently. But Arieda's arms wrapped tightly around her waist, protective, tight, and in that moment nothing was difficult. Everything was right. There wasn't pressure. There wasn't perfection begging to be maintained. It was easy, almost like drowning. But the burn of water filling her lungs was pleasurable, and in that moment the social suicide she was putting herself through didn't matter. All that mattered was Arieda.

Her lips, her eyes, her body, her warmth—everything.

Her entire being was Hattie's whole world in that one, simple moment.

And within that moment, Arieda's lips pressed against her ear, and hot breath puffed against her eardrum;

"I love you."