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I do not own any of the characters. Julian Bashir and Ezri Dax belong to the writers of Star Trek.

Explanation about Qiana: Qiana is Julian's daughter with Lady Q. The couple is not together. They had a brief fling resulting in an unexpected pregnancy. Ezri is the godmother, much to the chagrin of Lady Q.

In the Morning

Ezri's eyes slowly flutter open to somewhere that's certainly not her own quarters. Then she realizes that she's sleeping against Julian, who has an arm wrapped around her waist. Crap! Did I just-? I didn't mean to fall asleep against Julian! And - oh no, this looks bad! Ahhhhh! What do I do?! What do I do?!

She panics a bit, but doesn't move, so as not to wake Julian and because her neck feels pretty stiff. Perhaps if she could just gingerly move his arms and the maybe she can just slip out. She tries doing this, but Julian's arm wraps tighter around her and he nuzzles against her murmring, "Ezri, don't go…" She can't tell if he's sleeping or not, but now it's impossible to do this without waking him, so she decides to gently shake him.

"I'm awake, Ez," he says groggily, lifting his head to smile at her. It's incredibly adorable, like a sleepy puppy just waking from a satisfying nap. Except he winces a little. "Ouch, my neck. Guess that was not the best position to sleep in. Can't say it wasn't the best sleep I've had, though," he grins.

Ezri smiles, not knowing what to say to that but not wanting to say anything awkward like she usually does, then she adds, "I'm sorry, but I should get going."

Julian wraps his arms around her and leans in to whisper in her ear. "Stay for breakfast." He kisses her cheek. Eyes widening, she swears she can hear the Red Alert sirens in her head. Not wanting to make this situation any more morally ambiguous nor wanting to hurt Julian's feelings, she thinks of a suitable, diplomatic response. "Hmm, I really shouldn't, but how does lunch sound?"

Julian looks a little unhappy at first, but then smiles softly. "You're right," he says, slowly releasing her. "Lunch sounds good. I'm sorry if I…"

Ezri stops him there with a soothing hug. "I know. It's alright Julian." They pull apart, looking at each other for a few moments, until they hear a cry from the other room. Both jump up and race to Qiana's bedroom. When they get there, she has her arms stretched out, no doubt in need of care and company after a long sleep. Ezri is the closest, so she picks up Qiana, rocking her in her arms to comfort her, while Julian gets the baby formula ready. "Here," he hands it to her, with a smile, once's it's ready. After Ezri is done feeding Qiana, she begins to burp her… and gets spit up all over her uniform. "Looks like I did stay for breakfast after all," Ezri quips as Julian starts laughing at her expense.

"Are you sure I should be taking advice from you?" He teases.

"Hey! It's been a little while… so maybe I'm rusty, but it's all in here!" She points to her head.

"And here." He places a hand on her stomach. "To be technical." He prides himself for pointing out and laughs some more at the upset puppy face his smugness has illicited.

"I fear for this child's ego, being a product of two of the most smug beings I've ever met," Ezri retorts. "Oh and you're changing her diaper since I fed her."

"That's why she's got a Counselor as a godmother," Julian grins. "You get to set the good behavioural examples. I hope she just doesn't start picking up your knack to kill the room with awkward conversation. And no I'm not."

"Julian Subatoi Bashir!" Ezri keeps her voice low, for Qiana. Julian smiles gleefully at the effect of his joust.