Hey everybody sorry for keeping u waiting soooooooooo longgggg for this story bt I just wasn't happy how I wrote it bt I think I finally got it. Okay so like I said this story its about the movie Disney Tarzan bt instead of been a boy it will be a girl name Tianna, and yes its going to be like the same plot of the movie and it will be same gorillas and some characters bt ill also be adding my own. In this story the changes are that Kala isn't the only one who became a parent to Tianna bt also did Kerchak he accepted her since the beginning, the leader is not Kerchak bt the new character I added which is his father,keyon, and hes the one who is not really happy about Tianna been there and he doesn't accepts her as his granddaughter. The other change is that well I really wanted Tianna to stay a kid not grow up, also instead of Jane been an adult shes also a kid and the professor is still the same bt instead of having white hair and beard it will be brown lol. The only one who is big is Tantor, and those are just some of the changes im making in my story of tarzan bt I do NOT own anything about tarzan only Tianna and Keyon. Well thts my idea and I hope you guys like it cause it will be horrible tht it took me a lot to write and what I came up with will suck lol so I hope you guys enjoy it thank you.

OH P.S. I also gonna combine the movie Tarzan 2 to Tarzan 1 okay so ENJOY! :D :D :D