I bet you guys wonder how Tianna looks like; you can already guess how Jane looks like a kid so ill just try to focus on Tianna.


John (Father; Deceased)

Alice (Mother; Deceased)

Kala (Gorilla Mom)

Kerchak (Gorilla Dad)

Keyon (Gorilla Grandfather)

Terk (Best Friend)

Tantor (Best Friend)

Jane (Human Friend)

Pr. Porter (Human Friend)

Clayton (Human Enemy)


Tianna looks like her Mother, bt she has straight dark brown hair like her father. Green/blue eyes cute little nose and she likes to walk like a gorilla and her clothes are brown loincloth and a small brown cloth shirt with only one strap and shes barefoot.


Climb trees, slide on trees, swing in vines, walk and run like a gorilla, walk like a human, make animal sounds, and stand up for her family when she can.

There you have it a lil description of Tianna, my ape girl.