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While she is cautiously optimistic when they leave the house, she grows more nervous on the drive to work. There are so many uncertainties and so many things that could go wrong—with the baby or with herself. She worries that there will be no heartbeat or that there will be some life-threatening fetal deformity, and she is already planning on asking Jake to extract cells for a chromosomal and genetic analysis if she is far enough along. She wants this baby to be perfect, but she needs to be prepared in case it isn't.

Her whole body is shaking as Jake helps her up onto the exam table, and judging by his expression, she can tell that he is probably almost as nervous as he is. As doctors, they both know that a pregnancy at her age isn't always ideal for either the mother or the baby. They know that their momentary happiness just a couple of hours ago could quickly be dashed in the next few minutes.

Nevertheless, he is strong for her.

"Hey," he says gently, stilling her trembling hands. "I'm scared, too, but I've got a good feeling about this, okay?"

He kisses her forehead, and she nods with his lips still pressed against her. She loves this man so much.

"Whatever happens, Addison, we'll be alright," he assures her as he helps her lay back. "Are you ready?"

She closes her eyes and inhales deeply.


She flinches a little when he applies the gel to her stomach, and when he touches the transducer to her skin, she holds her breath.

In no time at all, though, the sound of a strong, rapid heartbeat fills the room, and she exhales. Her own heart may be beating like crazy, but that sound, she knows, isn't coming from her.

"Aaand we've got a heartbeat," Jake announces proudly, and even though her eyes are still closed, she can picture what his face looks like based on the emotion in his voice.

"It sounds perfect," she observes softly, so grateful that, at the very least, their little one is alive. "How does it look?"

"Looks like this isn't a recent thing," he tells her, and he laughs when her forehead wrinkles in confusion. "It's safe to open your eyes. See for yourself."

Slowly, she does as he says, and the first thing she thinks is that he really wasn't kidding. She had expected to see a very tiny figure, maybe only six or seven weeks old, but this little boy or girl has definitely been around longer than that.

"Whoa," she murmurs, staring at the screen in doctor-mode. "That has to be at least ten weeks. God, maybe even eleven or twelve. Turn it a little. I can't see."

"I'm going to go with closer to twelve," he says as he adjusts the screen so that she can see better.

She is amazed by the full view, and now that she is watching from a proper angle, she agrees with him; this baby looks around three months along.


For so many reasons, she can't believe that what she is seeing is actually going on inside of her. Other than missed periods, one of which she didn't even notice, she has had no real symptoms—though she wonders now how much of her crying over Mark was hormonal. And then there is also the fact that her getting pregnant to begin with is pretty much a scientific miracle.

"I told you I'd give you a baby, didn't I?" Jake teases, and she laughs.

They continue to study the screen for a while, searching for any sign that something might be out of the ordinary, but much to their relief, they find nothing. As far as they can tell, Baby Montgomery-Reilly is developing perfectly.


Two days later, they have the results of the baby's chromosomal analysis, and Addison can finally breathe easily when thinking about her pregnancy, knowing that her child's basic composition is as it should be. As an added bonus, they also learn her gender. With two X chromosomes, she is a girl—their daughter, a little sister for Henry.

"God, I love science. I never thought I would be so happy to see twenty-three pairs of chromosomes," Addison muses with tears in her eyes as she looks over the printed lab results while sitting with Jake on an on-call room couch. "Am I hormonal or just really nerdy for crying over this?"

"Both," Jake answers with a smirk that earns him a playful nudge. "I'm pretty happy about it, too, though, so I understand the science nerd perspective. A karyogram is considerably more exciting when it's your own kid's. "

She smiles and runs her fingers up and down over the page before turning to him. "You think anyone has ever framed one of these for their baby's room?"

He laughs and kisses her temple.

"I'm serious," she insists.

"I know," he answers, pulling her into his lap. "And that is why I love you."

She sighs when their hands come to rest over her still-flat stomach, so content and so excited for their future as a family of four. They'll tell their friends soon enough, but right now, it's just their little secret.

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