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Story is set in 2012 Just to clear up any misconceptions. Because I'm not sure about the timeline for Twilight. If somebody could let me know that would be much appreciated, and I'll be sure to adjust the story accordingly. Harry will be a new student who is entering the second year of High School along with the other Cullens Except for Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper who are in their third year. And can some one tell me about the american school systems? Like how many years are there and what they are called. Cause, I'm not American.

Edward glanced at the new car sitting in the school parking lot. A red and black Bugatti Veyron Super Sports which Edward vaguely remembered to be most expensive street legal production car available on the market today. Edward inwardly whistled. Seeing a new car in the school parking lot could only mean one thing.

A new student. Rosalie's mind supplied in a put-out huff.

She was already thinking up of different scenarios of which the new student would be enamored by their family. Emmett whistled appreciatively while checking out the car while holding onto Rosalie's waist. But even if Rosalie hated the new student, she could still appreciate the sheer beauty of the two-seater in all of its elegance of smooth lines and sharp edges.

The couple were wearing matching outfits, Rosalie wore a long-sleeved red off-shoulder shirt that hugged her hour-glass figure, with pale blue skinny jeans that clung to her shapely legs, with a pair of black Ashleyy Patent Boots that added another inch to her already tall height of 5'9" and a pair of silver bangles on each arm. Her waist long blonde hair had been tied into a graceful knot at the base of her neck earlier this morning.

Meanwhile Emmett, who stood at the impressive height of 6'5", wore a long sleeved red herringbone shirt, with a pair of light blue jeans that hugged his muscular legs nicely as well as a pair of black and white checkered sneakers. He carried a large black checkered backpack which he used to carry most of his and Rosalie's school books. His own cropped curly dark brown hair was simply too short to fashion, much to Rosalie's dismay.

Jasper was letting out a mental sigh of relief, at least the new student would be the main target of school gossip for a while. And I could finally feel slightly at ease without having most of the entire student population staring at us.

Jasper wore a long sleeved light blue flannel shirt, with dark green pants with brown Dyna thrice lace up. He carried a worn looking brown leather book bag that was hung across his chest. His own shoulder length blonde hair framing his face in simple waves. He stood at the height of 6'3" an inch taller than Edward who stood at the height of 6'2".

Edward let a small smile grace his face at Jasper's thoughts. Alice was jumping excitedly at the prospect of having another friend. Wait what?! And immediately Alice began reciting the Greek alphabet. Edward narrowed his eyes with suspicion. Alice just smiled cheekily at her brother.

"You'll love her Edward." She said happily. Edward raised an eyebrow, so the new student was a female? Hopefully she will be nothing like Isabella. Rosalie stared impassively at their sister.

Alice, who was the shortest of the coven, stood at 5'6" and wore a dark blue blouse, with light pink trimmings that clung to her slim figure hugging in all the right places to show off her curves, with a short above knee length green checkered skirt as well as a pair of dark brown high top sneakers with black thigh high stockings. Her own dark hair styled to hug her nape at the back while framing her face at the front.

"Hopefully this new student will not end up as annoying as that Swan girl." She said haughtily, she could already imagine another power hungry bitch wanting to be a vampire. And using any means to attain it, even poor Edward. Emmett just gave an easy grin, Jasper a small nod, clearly both of them were eager to meet the new student.

Together the five siblings went into the school for another usual uneventful repetitive day of High School.

Yeah right, They didn't know that today would be the day their lives took a turn. A turn, not even Alice knew, if it were better or worse.

Bloody hell, this place is so confusing. I'm glad that this school is no where near as large as Hogwarts. I could get lost damn easily with my shitty luck. Edward stared at the general direction from which he heard the intriguing thought from. That must be the new student. Sounds like a foreign accent. Edward made his way pass the crowd of students loitering in the hallways and finally caught a glimpse of the new student. Edward eyes widened just a fraction at the sight of the beauty in front of him.

The girl in front of him was short. Barely past 5'1". Edward had never thought he would find someone who was shorter than Alice. With a slim figure, from what he could tell from his view of the girl.

She had long raven hair that reached her hips look like a control mess with all the curls tumbling down her neck and shoulders. Edward wanted to run his fingers through those strands of ebony which he was sure would be smooth and silky to the touch. She had bangs that framed her face which was a mixture of contrasts. A sharp narrow nose and a gentle chin with full pink luscious bow shaped lips. High cheek bones and wide almond shaped eyes. And her eyes. Her eyes were green. Impossibly green. Her eyes were framed by long dark lashes that left shadows on her cheeks when she fluttered them when she stood just right under an overhead light. What on Earth was he doing thinking of her , admittedly beautiful, hair and eyelashes? Seriously eyelashes.He continued with his observation of the girl fearing he would be forever trapped if he did not look away from her face.

She wore a white long sleeved turtle neck that hugged her slender arms, as well as a spaghetti strapped light green lacy and frilly patterned dress that reached just above her knees, hiding her figure from view only showing that she was slim and slender, over the shirt. She wore Apricot beige peep toe heels that added an extra 2" to her short height, that tied into a neat butterfly knot just above her ankles. And Edward, wanting to drink in as many details of this magnificent creature as he could, noticed that her toes and finger nails were painted a pale pink.

And then their eyes met. Edward felt like his entire soul was being seen through by those green eyes. He felt like he was being judged and that the girl could read his very being just by staring into his eyes. Cedric? It can't be, he's dead! B-but, those eyes. No. It's not Cedric. Stupid Harry, how could it possibly be Cedric? Those eyes.. they're like Moony's. Is he a werewolf? No, the shade is wrong, its too bright when it isn't a full moon yet.

When he heard the word werewolf he unwillingly shuddered. The new student, Harry, his mind supplied, knew about werewolves. Could she be a possible relation to the shape shifters on the Reservation?

Harry saw him flinch and narrowed her eyes suspiciously. The only other thing I can think of is.. Vampire! Immediately the girl's eyes widened. Edward flinched instinctively and Harry took a step back. Edward unknowingly took a hesitant step forward. But his eyes are different. They aren't red. He must be one of those vegetarian vampires Mione was going on about last week.

Edward looked at her intrigued, so she knew what he was, and this friend of hers knows as well. Wait a damn sodding minute! His reactions... He can read my mind! He's a natural Legilimency user! And before Edward could comprehend by what she meant, her mind could no longer be heard. It was like a quiet room in her mind.

Edward tried once again to enter her mind-scape. The girl narrowed her eyes into slits and anger could be felt radiating from her small frame.

"Get out of my mind." She hissed dangerously and softly too low for any of the nearby students to hear and Edward actually felt himself being pushed, rather painfully, out of her mind. But she knew Edward would be able to hear her, since she knew without a doubt what he was. Before turning around and walking away, she glared angrily one more time, never looking back even once, while Edward stared after her retreating figure with a face of pure shock.

Just then Jasper came up behind him, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder. That certainly shocked Edward out of his stupor.

"What happened" Jasper asked quietly, not wanting to gain any unnecessary attention to the two brothers. Edward looked up into his, slightly taller than him, brother's eyes. "I think I have found someone who knows what we are, but, I don't think she wants anything to do with us." Edward replied with a still shocked look on his face.

Jasper arched a blond eyebrow and Edward explained what had just happened, how the new student, Harry had known what he was just by looking into his eyes, as well as informing Jasper with her possible relationship with at least one werewolf. Jasper narrowed his eyes at that, a girl with a connection to at least one werewolf with a strong dislike to vampires, could be a potential threat. Edward looked into his brother's eyes and told him how it was not that she disliked vampires, but more like she was angry that Edward could read her mind.

Jasper merely huffed and said " We will find out more about her later. Now we better get to class. We might be late." Before walking off to his first period, Trigonometry.

Edward went to his first period History Class, not able to shake off the image of angry green eyes, which gave him a strange urge to apologize to the young girl. He got his wish when in the next period, he had Biology and the beautiful petite raven haired girl entered the class and handed a piece of paper to the the teacher, supposedly for him to sign just like all new students were expected to. But even the teacher had to do a double take when he saw the beauty that was his new student. By then, Edward has known what most of the school population thought of the new girl, simply put, all the girls were either jealous or in awe of her beauty, while all the boys were hoping that they had a chance with the green eyed angel. Even the male homosexuals gave her figure an appreciative once over, while the lesbians couldn't keep theirs off.

She gave a quick glance over the room, absently noting all the possible exits and froze when she saw Edward sitting near the window and realized that the only empty seat was next to the bronze haired vampire. Edward saw her heave a sigh and made her way to sit next to the, much taller than her, vampire with cold eyes.

She then proceeded to give him a once over before whispering, "Since you are a vegetarian, I suppose you mean me nor the students here no harm. So I apologize for my uncalled for behavior at the hallway." Her voice was soft and a little deep, like as if she just woke up from a nap.

She took a deep breath, seemingly to gather herself some courage before she hurriedly whispered, "I was only miffed that you had happened to be able to read my mind, and I would appreciate if you would not do so again." not once looking into his eyes, even though she faced his general direction.

Edward sat on his stool stunned, here the angel was apologizing to him when he should have been the one begging on his knees for her forgiveness. Edward stared at the white teeth that were biting into the pale pink lips that made venom pool into his mouth. If only he was the one biting those precious lips. Before realizing with a start what he had just thought to himself.

He shook his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts.

"No, I should apologize, you were only defending yourself. I admit it was rude and wrong of me to continue to try to enter your mind even after you have closed it off." Edward replied gruffly, unable to stop the venom to continuously pool into his mouth, making him swallow the bitter substance. What was happening to him? If he was physically able to blush he was sure that his face would be a burning red.

Harry glanced at him, finally making eye contact with him and gave him a soft smile, "Let's just call it even then, shall we?" She offered with a teasing light in her green eyes. Looking into those eyes, Edward would have promised her anything and everything if it would let him watch that beautiful smile on her face.

"Alright." was the only thing he could manage to force through his lips, before Harry turned around and gave her attention to the whiteboard, where the teacher was writing notes while reading from the textbook.

Meanwhile, Edward was wondering to himself, what is going on?

When class finally ended, with a mutual contemplative silence between the two students, Edward watched Harry as she gathered her books into her book bag, that Edward failed to notice earlier.

"I think we should start over." Edward blurted out as Harry was about to get up from her stool. He saw her turn to look at him with, was that mirth?, in her eyes. "Well I suppose so, why don't you go first?" She offered with a sly smile.

Edward once again swallowed the pooling venom, "My name is Edward Anthony Mason-Cullen. It's a pleasure to meet you, my fair lady" He inwardly winced, what the hell was he thinking? Fair lady? She'll think I'm weird or eccentric for sure! Damn my mouth! He was brought out from his inner berating by a soft giggle. He turned to see that Harry was giggling with a smile on her face.

"Oh, forgive me, I didn't mean to be rude. My name is Harriette Lilian Potter-Black. And the pleasure is all mine, my good sir." She said albeit mockingly with a teasing grin and walked away still smiling to herself while Edward stared after her once again in with a shocked expression on his face.

After an uneventful double English period, of which Edward spent 90% of his time thinking about the new student, it wasn't like he hadn't heard anything the teacher was saying before, Edward made his way to the Cafeteria where he found Alice bouncing excitedly in her seat, seemingly waiting for something. When she caught sight of Edward she waved him over to their usual table, waiting for him to reach before she grabbed his arm.

"I want Harriette to be my friend so you will be nice to her." She ordered with a gentle smile but Edward could hear the or else hidden in her sentence. Edward would rather not think of what she would do in retaliation, thank you very much. Her mind was already flashing images of a burning piano. Edward inwardly cringed. Anything for his piano...

"Alright, but what about Rosalie?" Edward questioned wearily.

"She will love her. " Alice pipped confidently. Edward raised an eyebrow at that statement. The idea of Rosalie loving anyone, outside of their family, was a sketchy idea at best.

Just then they were joined by the rest of the Cullen Coven with Jasper seating on Alice's right, while Rosalie sat on Jasper's other side which obviously meant that Emmett was on Rosalie's right just next to Edward. Leaving the seat next to Edward's empty. They had all not bothered to grab any lunch except for Alice and Emmett, and they immediately began playing with their food. Edward subconsciously glanced periodically towards to doors leading out of the cafeteria for any sign of the raven haired angel.

"The new girl doesn't smell like food." Jasper whispered.

Rosalie sniffed delicately. "It's true." She added as if admitting so was the most disgusting thing she could ever do. Edward raised a brow at them before thinking about himself. It was true, the girl smelt like the sky and nature at the same time, a weird if not impossible scent.

"I wonder why," Alice mused softly.

"We passed by her on our way to Physics. She looked at us as if we were going to pounce on her before calming down and giving a small smile before leaving." Rosalie explained.

"She was wary of us at first before she felt calm before she left us." Jasper added.

"Well I want her to be my friend." Alice demanded hotly.

Jasper and Rosalie were about to argue with her before Alice held up a hand.

"I've seen it. She's going to make everyone in this family a better person. She will be a wonderful addition to the family. And you will all love her. No matter what you say now, she already knows our secret. The Volturi will never hurt her because of it, and you will all thank me one day for making you open your eyes." Alice added indignantly. Like as if she could not believe that the family could be against this poor girl.

"Well, I guess its wonderful that at least one person from this family loves me." Said a soft voice with a drawl. Standing behind Alice was the girl that had been on everybody's mind, how had she managed to sneak up on them like that, Harriette Lilian Potter-Black.

She stood with her hands behind her back.

"Harriette!" Alice squealed happily, pulling the shorter girl down to the empty seat between her and Edward. "Hello Alley Cat." Harriette greeted the girl with her new nickname. Alice smiled warmly at the green eyed teen.

"Let me introduce you to the family, this is my beloved, Jasper Whitlock-Hale." Gesturing to the stoic blonde on her right. Jasper let out a small nod. Harry stared into his topaz eyes for a moment. They were seizing each other up. Jasper could sense her being wary around him even if she was comfortable around Alice. And when he looked into her eyes, he could see that they held the same things Jasper's had shown when he had first met Alice all those years , loss, despair, hopelessness, hurt, but she also had courage, wit, charm, and maybe, was that a flicker of recognition in her eyes? He finally realized that she too had been through a war, just like he had if not something disturbingly close.

Harriette reached into her bag and pulled out a sweet wrapped in a metallic red wrapper. "Here, try one. You look like you could use a little pick me up."

Jasper hesitantly reached for the sweet after a nod of approval from his wife and placed the candy in his mouth. Imagine his surprise when instead of the regular scratchy and dry taste of ash he was expecting, his mouth was filled with the taste of the blood of his favorite animal, a mustang. His eyes widened and he stared at the short girl in front of him.

"What is this?" he asked her incredulously.

Harriette smiled a shy smile. "Candy of course. From where I come from, they are called Blood pops. I'll be more than happy to get you some more." She explained vaguely.

Alice smile another warm smile, and hurried with the introductions so that Harriette would not be troubled by uncomfortable questions from the family. She wanted Harriette to like them dammit and nobody was going to stop her! Alice gestured to the tall blonde next to the awed Jasper.

"This is my sister, Rosalie Lilian Hale." Harriette looked into the topaz eyes of the vain yet protective blonde. "Hello, we have the same middle name." Harriette greeted politely, Rosalie sneered lightly at the girl. "You remind me of someone I know." Harriette added vaguely. Thinking of a certain pale blonde haired git, with the same smile she gave when she reached the table.

She really was beautiful, just as beautiful as any vampire could be. Rosalie felt a little jealous at the thought.

"If it helps, I think that your hair is simply lovely. I wish I could get my hair to behave as wonderfully as yours." Harriette added as a passing comment. It was true, Rosalie thought to herself. This girl's hair was more suited to tumble down in messy waves rather than Rosalie's own perfectly arranged gentle waves. Rosalie simply nodded gracefully at the comment preening herself and adjusting her already perfectly placed hair that she had earlier that morning tied into a loose knot at the the base of her neck.

Harry smiled knowingly. Exactly like Malfoy.

"This is my brother Emmett McCarty-Cullen." Alice pointed to the largest of all the vampires at the table.

Emmett looked straight into Harriette's green eyes, giving her a wide welcoming grin. Making the much smaller girl give a shy smile back, as she took in the sight of the largest member of their coven.

"I'm sure you are a half-giant. You are simple too huge to not be one." She teased.

Emmett gave a rather loud guffaw and grinned "I like you Tiny!" He exclaimed happily.

Harriette gave a mock frown. "I am not tiny, as you put it. You are all just ridiculously large." She said with a slight huff. Earning a small smile from everyone at the table. Even Rosalie could not hide the small quirk of her lips at the raven's comment.

"And of course you know Edward." Alice added with a sly smile.

Edward narrowed his eyes, she was hiding something.

"Of course, we had Biology together." Harriette replied with a smirk of her own.

Edward simply nodded in reply, he was still embarrassed that he had called her a fair lady. If Emmett knew of this Edward would never be able to live it down. Edward observed the two black haired girls smirking slyly at each either.

"Where are you from Harriette?" Rosalie asked, curious.

"Well, I was born in London. But I have been attending a boarding school in Scotland for quite a while." Harriette replied with practiced ease, at the rather intrusive and sudden question. Like she had already had many people asking her the same question. She probably has, what with all these gossip mongers at the school.

"Are you living with anyone? Or are you here alone?" Jasper asked.

Edward was surprised usually Jasper never talked unless spoken to with anyone outside the family. But he supposed Jasper wanted to make sure the number of possible threats to their family. He could see Rosalie nodding agreeing with the question her 'twin' had given.

" I came with my surrogate family." She answered vaguely. Not explaining how many people were there or even the gender. She knew how to hide information if there was no reason to reveal anything.

"You can all call me Harry if you like. Harriette is such a mouthful." She added with a small smile.

"Lets cut to the chase, shall we?" Rosalie abruptly said with a soft voice.

"How do you know what we are." She whispered in an even softer voice, she even leaned closer to the table as if they were discussing a conspiracy theory.

Harriette, no Harry, leaned across the table as well and rested her elbows while cupping her face with her palms, "Well, you lot aren't trying hard at keeping your identities a secret really. One look into Eddie's eyes and I could have gathered what you were quite easily. You just have to know what to look for really." She answered with an amused smile.

"How did you know what to look for then." Jasper too leaned towards the center of the round table.

"Well, if one goes to a school, one generally learns new things, do you not?" She answered vaguely with mischief in her eyes.

Jasper was about to question her further when a loud male voice suddenly called out "Harriette!" from across the cafeteria.

Harry's head immediately whipped towards the general direction of the voice. A tall 6'2" blonde, who looked to be in his mid-twenties, with a lanky build stomped (gracefully, mind you) towards their table. He had high cheek bones, and a sharp long nose, pointed chin and pale thin lips that were pulled in a scowl. Grey eyes shone with displeasure as he walked through the noisy cafeteria, where most if not all the students were staring at him. His entire demeanor practically screamed aristocrat.

And Edward pouted inwardly when he realized that he could not read this man's mind as well. Where are all these people coming from? Are they selling Mind Reader Repellent that Edward was not aware about?

Harry immediately stood up when she caught sight of the blonde and hurried him over to a different, unoccupied Edward's mind supplied unhelpfully, table where they proceeded to sit next to each other, faces close, arms touching and hunched over as if they were sharing a secret nobody else knew of.

How dare he get so close to Harry! Edward growled to inwardly to himself. He however did not realize that he had let a soft growl slip, which normal humans would be unable to catch, but of course his family with the supernatural hearing could hear as clear as day.

And when the blonde was about to open his mouth to no doubt let Harry know what he was doing here, when he was clearly not a student, when Harry raised a hand and shook her head with a serious look in her eyes. She glanced at our table quickly which prompted the man to do the same. The man stared at us, like we were a rare species of animal that needed to be scrutinized before his grey eyes widened rather comically in shock, and slight fear. Yes you should fear us pretty boy. Edward thought rather angrily at the blond man to himself. A smug look on his face. His 'siblings' were torn between watching Harry, with the mysterious blonde man or Edward who was showing amusing reactions to the close proximity that were between the two mysterious entities.

"What on Earth have you been doing Rie! We told you to call between each class! Sirius is barking mad with worry!" The blonde whispered rather agitatedly.

"I have told you all time and time again I will not be able to spend every free minute I have calling home!" Harry huffed softly while crossing her arms across her chest

. "But you know we worry." The man whispered softly.

Harry'e eyes softened and she reached across to hug the man, so that he leaned rather awkwardly over as his head rested against her chest. The beating of her heart seemed to soothe him somewhat as his body relaxed from pent up tension.

"Besides, I have sent many text messages to you on your phone while between classes, Darling." Harry whispered gently into his ear as she ran her fingers through his shoulder length blonde hair.

"You do realize that most of the people in the house are not as technologically literate as you and Granger?" He replied snidely.

Edward's hands clenched into tight fists. Why would Harry call that man a stupid nickname like darling, Edward should be the one Harry gives all the romantic nicknames too! Edward then realized his current train of thought was simply in appropriate since he had only met Harry today. Alice gave him a knowing smile.

"Are you telling me that my darling little ferret has finally found something he does not excel in?" Harry teased with a playful smile.

NO! Smile at me, not at that unknown man! Edward thought furiously, forgetting that he wasn't suppose to think such thoughts in the first place.

"Whatever." The blonde huffed rather childishly before sitting up properly.

He wore a beige blazer with a black turtle neck, neatly pressed white dress pants and a black pair of Dyna boat shoes. "Have you eaten yet Rie? Sirius will have your head if he finds out you are not eating." The man asked nonchalantly.

"I was just about to, if you hadn't stormed into the cafeteria like a hippo." Harry retorted, with which the man angrily whispered that he had not been anything like a hippo, while fishing for something in her bag. She took out a square lunch box and placed it on the table.

"Here you can share my lunch." and handed the blonde an extra pair of chopsticks.

Harry shouldn't share anything with this man! Only Edward was allowed to share with Harry!

The grey eyed man moaned in despair. "You know I hate using chopsticks, Rie!" He complained.

Harry smirked, a scarily similar one that reminded him of Rosalie, "Exactly why I packed a Japanese bentou."

The man stared at Harry, his mouth agape.

"You knew I was going to be here?" he asked incredulously.A blond brow arched.

"But of course, one does not simply go about one's day without preparing for all possible outcomes." Harry replied smartly.

The man gave a groan of despair and he hesitantly tried to use the chopsticks to pick up the food which Harry brought with her. Mumbling to himself how Rie shouldn't spend so much time with Granger. Edward narrowed his eyes, Who was this Granger person that this interfering blond man keeps mentioning. Is this Granger person after his Harry to? Edward immediately looked shocked when he realized that he had referred Harry as his.

Meanwhile, Harry had opened her container to reveal, a simple meal of rolled eggs, fried chicken and plain rice with sesame seeds.

"Now, do tell, how did you get into the school?" Harry questioned while picking her food, equally dividing it into two portions. Yes, Edward was curious to know as well.

"I simply informed the lady at the desk that you have forgotten your medication." The blonde replied easily.

Harry rolled her eyes. "But I don't have any medication." She added after she ate some of her food.

"Yes, I know that. But nobody else does, now do they?" he replied as he took a rather clumsy bite of the food.

He gave an appreciative moan. "I could almost forgive you for making me worry because this." He said with a charming smile.

"Because of what, darling?" Harry asked.

"Your delicious cooking of course." The blonde replied while elegantly attempting to place more mouthful of apparently home cooked food by Harry, Oh how Edward wanted to strangle the blonde.

"Darling I cook for you and the family everyday." She exclaimed.

The blond simply gave a noncommittal grunt as he continued to eat.

The vampires spent the rest of their lunch break observing the two people in the table next to them. Apparently Harry had forgotten about their existence entirely since her attention was constantly called upon by the blond man. And for some reason, that just didn't sit well with Edward. Alice simply giggled, while Jasper stared exasperatedly at his brother. The emotions this vampire went through in the past five minutes were exhausting!


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