Certain Circumstances

Chapter 15

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Jacob Black was in so much trouble.

Ever since Bella had been admitted into the hospital, Draco has been steadily ignoring him. Its been two days since Max's funeral and Jacob hadn't even been able to see neither hide nor hair of his blond imprint.

It was late afternoon and Jacob was moping at the diner across the Florist store. He saw Neville and Luna busy at work, arranging products and helping customers. There had been a steady flow of customers ever since it opened about a week ago, the colorful flowers and beautiful arrangements made the store a popular source for decorations in the town.

Suddenly, Jacob spotted the familiar Lamborghini and his heart sped up. Is Draco finally going to show himself? To see that beautiful white blond hair, so silky and shines in the light, the refined face with all the sharp angles and soft skin. His beautiful gray eyes. that tall lean body. The graceful posture, that heart stopping smirk.

Draco was like an angel. A terrifyingly beautiful angel.

Jacob watched as the passenger side opened and out stepped out Princess. He still couldn't believe that the entire family were considered Royalty back in their world. And apparently the short stuff was Wizarding Royalty. The Royal of all royals. Today she was wearing a long dress and her hair was plaited. She made her way to the trunk of the car and pulled out several plastic bags.

The driver's door opened and Jacob's breath got stuck in his throat. Draco stepped onto the pavement wearing a form fitting shirt and tight jeans, blonde hair shining under the light sun.

"Rie, let me get that." Draco offered, holding out a hand for the shorter girl.

"I'm fine, just open the door for me." Harriette grunted in effort.

"You're so stubborn." Draco complained and obediently went to the front door of the store.

Jacob watched the interaction between the two. He watched as Draco opened the door wide opened and led the smaller girl in with a hand on the small of her back. He observed the casual touches and bright smile. He watched as the four of them chatted familiarly. They said they had been adopted into Harriette's family. But that chick doesn't really act like a princess now does she?

She was gentle, kind and calm. But Jacob could still remember when she had brought Remus to introduce them to his cold arrogance, the terrifying anger, the electrifying atmosphere. Now he watched as she helped with the grunt work, watch as she laughed out loud. It didn't seem like a princess like thing to do. But who was he to judge? But what really got him seething was when Harriette walked Draco to his car, shared a quick kiss before Draco shut the door and left, revving his engine.

Harriette waving towards the rapidly disappearing car with a gentle smile. And chills went down his spine when the same polite smile was directed at him. Green met black and Harriette stared at Jacob, as if she were judging something. She seemed to have made up her mind and Jacob startled when Harriette made her way to the diner. A determined look on her face.

One iced melon drink later, Harriette had her elbows resting on the table, chin resting on interlocked fingers and a forced polite smile on her face.

Jacob could feel the sweat forming on his brow. He clenched his fingers around his glass of coke. Which was unfortunately no longer cold nor gassy.

"So, tell me more about yourself Jacob." Green eyes boring into Jacob's own in an intense stare. No longer smiling, the face was terrifyingly calm.

"What's going on?" Jacob asked, he couldn't help but flinch at the sound of nervous fear in his voice.

"I know about your bond with my Draco. So, it will only be polite to formally introduce yourself to the head of the family. Isn't it?" Harry questioned casually, fingers calmly stirring the drink with the straw.

"W-what?" Jacob stuttered.

"You have a bond with Draco, yes?" Jacob could only nod.

"Since I am head of the family, shouldn't you, as a potential suitor for one of my family members, formally introduce yourself? It's only proper after all." Harry drawled.

"R-right. Um, My name's Jacob Black and I'm 16. I'm an Alpha wolf with my own pack."

"Is that all?" Harry asked, an eyebrow arched. Face perfectly calm as if uninterested. Alpha at 16, impressive.

"Is there anything else I should say?"

"Hm, lets start..." Harry mocked pondered, "by telling me more about this bond between my brother and you." Jacob paled.

"Um, well, It's kinda like, since I've imprinted on Draco, I'm unconditionally bound to him for the rest of my life." Harry gasped. A magical bonding?

"This is involuntary? You can't choose who you imprint on?" Harry demanded. Flashes of the Tournament racing through his mind.

"No, I mean, the imprintee is usually the one that's perfect for us. We're each other's perfect match." Jacob tried to explain.

"What do you mean by that?" Harry asked, still shocked. Draco was in a magical bond with an involuntary second party?

"It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like... gravity moves... suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here anymore, he does... You become whatever he needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend." Jacob tried to express the overwhelming rightness of the situation. Tried to explain how Draco was the center of his world now.

"But, you don't love Draco? You never meant to be magical bounded to him? It was all out of your control? You don't want to this?" Harry questioned rapidly.

"W-what? I-I mean, I can't love him immediately, we've only just met. I don't know about your bonds but Imprinting is like finding the perfect person for you. Your soul mate. You can't choose your imprint, it's like they know that your imprint is your perfect match. It's not a matter if I want to or not. I-I just want to be near him. He's... my world now." Jacob finished lamely.

Harry stared at the boy in front of him. So young. Only 16? To be magically bonded to somebody else almost twice his age. Scratch that, Draco was twice Jacob's age right now. To be magically bonded against your wishes was madness.

"I would like it if you were to come to dinner tomorrow. It seems you and Draco have a lot to talk about." Harry sighed. Jacob gulped uneasily.

"Now," Harry started with another terrifyingly polite smile, chin resting on interlocked fingers again. "The second order of business." Jacob shifted uneasily in his seat.

"What on Earth possessed you to hide a highly dangerous Dark Arts book underneath a pile of dirty laundry." Jacob hanged his head in shame.

"You do realize, since your father does not have the active shifter gene, had he read that book he could be the one in Bella's place right now?" An angry glare was sent the young boy's way. Jacob paled at the thought. It could have been his dad in the hospital right now?

"I-I'm so sorry." Jacob couldn't look at the girl in the eye. He could have almost killed his dad? What kind of idiot was he?

"I'm glad you understand, we have already told you the risks of taking the books out of the Manor, and you agreed to keep it out of reach from normal humans. I hope you understand how dangerous some of the books can be." Harry prodded, he felt a little bad for making Jacob look so crestfallen.

"I-I didn't think that, Bella would come over. She was supposed to be grounded by charlie. And dad doesn't usually go in my room like that." Jacob mumbled.

"Well, forget about it. I just hope that you son't be as foolish ever again." Harry waved a hand to dismiss the conversation. "Now, thirdly. I have something very important to tell you. This is super important in your path to be Draco's mate." Harry leaned in closer whispering conspiratorially. Jacob leaned in closer as well, it was quite a sight, such a large body hunched over the plastic table. And opposite him was a girl have his size.

"Someone very important to Draco and I are coming to Forks for a visit within the week." Jacob gulped. Who could it possibly be? "Now, I know what you're thinking. Who could it possibly be?" Harry gave Jacob a knowing look. "Well, to answer that question I'll give you a couple of clues." Jacob nodded mutely.

"He's very close to Draco. Draco listens to him and practically worships the ground he walked on when he was still a kid. Draco would never do anything against this guy. But this guy is also wrapped around Draco's pinky ever since he was but a babe. Can you guess who it is?" A sly smirk on his lips.

"An old mentor? His brother?" Jacob suggested nervously

"Even better. His father." Harry took great delight in watching the tan skin pale in fear.

"Lucy when are we leaving?" Khaos whined as he floated through Lucius' office walls.

"In 4 days." Lucius answered without even looking up from his documents. Anson from the Department of International Floo Transport was threatening to sue Hinksley from the Apparation License Department for stealing his personal work. And Lucius as head of Magical Law Enforcement had to look into the case beforehand.

"Whhhhyyyyyy." Khaos pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. Floating lazily in front of the blond man.

"Because I have work. I can't just drop all my responsibilities and go on holiday whenever it suits me." Lucius grounded out. there was still that problem with the Japanese Ambassador who was accused of molesting a bar witch.

"But you've done it before..." Khaos smirked, making various odds and ends in the room float with a wave of a hand.

"That was years ago! You promised you wouldn't bring it up!" Lucius slammed his hands down onto the table with a loud smack.

"Hahahaha! I'm going to tell the entire Department!" Khaos laughed, finally getting a rise out of the normally stoic man.

"Stop it right there you little irritant! You promised! I'm not going to bring you to Harry if you tell anyone!" Lucius threatened. He did not need Khaos to cause trouble when he was swamped in as he was right now.

"What! That's a lie!" Khaos pointed an accusing finger at the irritated blond.

"It's not! I'd do it and you know it." Lucius crossed his own arms in a show of his rarely brought out stubborn streak.

"I hate you Lucy!" Khaos screamed as he started to throw one of his tantrums.

"Khaos! Wait!" Lucius called in an attempt to evade the mayhem that would definitely occur should Khaos have his way. Hands dropping down to his sides.

"What do you want now!" Khaos shouted, his arms raised in anger.

"I-I apologize. It was uncalled for. I'll make it up to you, How bout we go there a day early? We'll surprise Harry." Lucius gave a weak smile. that's it, calm down now little ghostie. No need to destroy my pretty and expensive office now is there?

"Really?" Khaos lowered his arms.


"OH! I love you!" Khaos crowed and he spun in circles around the room.

"Now leave me be." Lucius made shooing motions with his hands.

"Alright, bye Lucy."

"Stupid Harry and his stupid need to give nicknames..." And now he had to do his work twice as fast so that the two could leave a day early.

The family was having dinner and Harry was in a particularly happy mood after freaking out the young shapeshifter. Draco was still a nervous wreck, thinking about his father. Sirius and Remus were talking with each other, and by Sirius' blush Harry hoped they remembered to put up a silencing spell around their rooms.

Severus was also in a good mood, his experiments were coming along successfully. A couple more months and maybe Harry would finally have the body he should have had. His smug aura made the rest of his family happy for him.

Fred and George were retelling Harry tales of their day. How the store should be more than ready for business by opening day. Harry was genuinely very happy for them. He listened to the chatter around him while keeping up his own with Luna. Neville was inputting his own thoughts on running a store with the twins.

"Oh Merlin! Harry!" Hermione squealed as she clutched the letter in her arms.

"What? What's wrong?" Harry asked. It didn't seem to be bad news with the way she was squealing happily.

"Mcgonagall has offered me the position for Charms Professor!" Hermione exclaimed happily thrusting the letter in Harry's chest. Obviously wanting him to read it. Harry read through the letter and was smiling for his friend. Being offered a position to teach at Hogwarts certainly worth celebrating.


At Hogwarts...

In England...

Away from him...

Leaving him behind...

The rest of the family were eagerly waiting for their chance to read the letter, save the elder members ( not counting Sirius, Godric knows that man is still a child at heart ) who knew they would eventually get a chance to read it when the fuss had died down.

Fred snatched the letter from Harry as soon he was done with it. Harry faced his sister, "So when are you leaving?" Harry tried to smile, and only a sad lift of his lips to show for his efforts. The family quietened down. It finally hit them through the haze of good news, Hermione would be leaving them.

"I-I, I don't know. But, I don't want to leave you..." Hermione stuttered. Leaving Harry? Her brother? Could she really bare to leave him behind while she focused on her career?

"I think you should go and write back to Minerva. I'll be in my room." Harry replied, voice soft and barely above a whisper. The room was unnatural quiet. Everyone understood that Harry would not take being left behind well. But Hermione was offered an opportunity to work and teach at Hogwarts. They knew that Hermione wouldn't be rejecting the opportunity. It had been something that Hermione had always wanted to work at Hogwarts. Imparting her knowledge to future generations.

"Harry, I should- Harry isn't-" Hermione flustered getting up to go after Harry.

"Leave it Mione." Neville spoke up. Halting the woman in her tracks.

"Neville, I- Harry-He-" Hermione looked like she was about to cry. She had made Harry upset again...

"I'll go. Just stay here Hermione. I'm proud of you for getting the job. Congratulations" A bright smile and a pat to the shoulder and Neville was off to find his brother.

He left the dining room with a bright smile, assuring that he would talk to Harry, soothing an irate blond Slytherin and worried Potions Master, gave a quick wave and ducked out to the hallway. He cast a Point-Me charm and watched as the wand spun theatrically in the air before pointing towards a staircase that led to the rooftop, the observatory that either Luna or Harry used to observe the stars.

Harry stared at the night sky. He knew that his family would never be with him forever, but for Hermione to leave him. So soon. It was a though blow to the face. It hit him that his family would be leaving him, sooner or later, whether he wanted it or not, they would all leave him.

Harry, who would live forever, as expected of the Master of Death, would not have his family around him forever. He could not even join them in the afterlife. Everybody he has ever known or ever will know will one day die. Even Jacob who was a shapeshifter who would stay immortal while he continued shifting, would die one day. Even Edward and the rest of the Cullens would one day die. Yes they were immortal but, they were not indestructible.

Who knew? One day when they least expected it, vampires would be exposed and they would be hunted down as soon as their identities were discovered. Humans just weren't allowed to know of other species simply because majority of them would not be able to handle such information without wanting to retaliate. Either Humans and Magicals would go to war, or either would end up extinct.

And Harry would be the only one who would survive the mayhem.

"Hey Harry." Neville called out from the door.

The observatory was a large dome with a glass roof. There were shelves upon shelves of Astronomy books and Divination books. Palmistry and the reading of tea leaves. Nothing like the phony that Trelawney had been. There were numerous black boards with star charts pinned onto them.

In the center of the room, was a large circular carpet with recliners and comfy lounge chairs.

Harry was laying on one of them, hair lying limp to the side, green eyes blank, and body slack. Neville had expected to see tears and a body racked with sobs. But to see the almost catatonic state of his first love hurt more than he imagined.

Pretty Perfect Angelic Lovely Harry. The first person who Neville had loved. The first person that he had let go. Neville who had had a crush on the Savior since his years in Hogwarts, he couldn't really remember when he had started his crush on the green eyed boy but he remembered when he had given up hope on ever getting together.

But we won't get into that now.

Neville had been in love with Harry, maybe for most of his life. But he knew Harry was never meant to be his. No matter how much he wanted it to be. The sleepless nights that he spent in silence gazing at the grounds with his fellow Gryff, the self-hating tears wiped away by the sleeves of the disgusting over-sized sweaters that Harry had been forced to wear. The gentle smiles and bright green eyes that shone brighter than any of his plants. He had worked hard trying to cultivate his plants to shine the same color as those beautiful shining gems.

But nothing could compare to Harry.

The boy who loved everyone, who was hurt so badly and broken almost beyond repair.

Every time Harry was in the Hospital wing, Neville would slip in and leave a flower in the vase on every bedside table. He had never told the small boy it was him, but Harry would always give him an especially bright smile at
Neville every time he was released. Neville knew that Harry knew it was he who had given the flowers. No words were needed between them. It had always been like that with them.

It was like that now that Neville was in love with somebody else. A certain redheaded half demon they had met in Japan. Even though Neville had been jealous and confused when the two men that he loved had started going out, he had been relieved when eventually, the two mutually split after dating for 3 months.

Neville had continuously exchanged letters with the half demon till this day, keeping each other up to date with their current affairs. The redhead was planning a trip to visit soon. Neville inwardly smiled, if he came, the rest of the gang were likely to follow soon after. It would be a hectic time when the entire gang got together.

"Nev, I'm scared." Harry whispered. The soft voice carried all the way to the door. The hollow echo made Neville shiver.

"I'm here for you Harry." Whether you know it or not. I was always there for you. Only you.

Neville made his way to the lounge chair and curled up around Harry from behind. Spooning the shorter male from behind. They spent the night in each others arms. Neither needing words for them to understand each other. Neville loved Harry in a way that he had never expected, Harry was practically his twin. Like Fred and George, they were each others other half of their soul.

They weren't such things as having only one soul mate. You can't just form one unbreakable bond in your entire lifespan. What would happen if the other died before you? So it had been Neville's theory that a person could have more than one soul mate and more were being formed everyday. And Harry of course had agreed to Neville's idea. If I wasn't soul mates with all these people I don't think I could have withstand all of them at the same time. Harry had snorted when Neville asked what had made the green eyed boy believe in Neville's theory so readily. The answer had made Neville chuckle.

Like Fred and George, Neville and Harry were inseparable and their minds were very alike. While the twins finished each other's sentences as a proof of their bond, Neville and Harry communicated without words, body language and eye contact being their words and language.

While Edward Cullen had good reason to fear Severus' and Draco's wrath, none could stand in the way of Neville's ire when it concerned Harry. Draco was the first line of defense. If you passed Draco's inspections you would go through Severus. Severus would test your worth and then it came to Luna. If she found you acceptable, you would go through the last hurdle. the Master Herbologist Neville Evans.

Ultimately, Neville's word carried as much weight as Hermione's did, Harry's sister in all but blood, but Neville was the voice of Reason while Hermione was the voice of Logic.

Soon, Harry and Neville dozed off sleeping under the cover of the night sky.

Sam Uley stared at the twitchy and nervous Alpha in front of him. Jacob was waiting for somebody to pick him up from the Rez to bring him for dinner with the Potter-Black-Evans family. The boy had borrowed one of Sam's dress shirts and wore form fitting trousers and even wore nice shoes. The fact that he had imprinted on a male had Sam reeling but it was Jacob's soul mate. Even if it was uncomfortable to know that Jacob would be with a guy for the rest of his life, Sam had no choice but to let it be.

He just didn't want them in his pack.

Don't get him wrong, he had nothing against homosexuals. Its just that, he wasn't comfortable hearing thoughts about how hot one of his boys were while running a patrol.

Or even how Jared thought about how supposedly sexy his imprint is.

He didn't need those images thank you very much.

And soon the Spyder's wheels crunched the gravel in front of Billy Black's house and out stepped someone that completely floored Sam.

Remus Lupin stood with the grace and dignity of a true wolf.

He closed the door with a snap then made his way to the two alphas. Sam watched as Remus did a full sweep on observing the other Alpha.

"I'm Sam. Sam Uley." Sam greeted, arm out for a handshake. He was greeted with a firm grip and polite smile.

"Remus Lupin."

Jacob hopped to his feet and nervously stood in front of Remus. He gave a nervous chuckle and tugged at his shirt collar. Remus observed the boy and nodded in approval. Yes, Draco did appreciate someone with a muscular stature. One of the reasons why Harry and the blond had not worked out. Harry simply could not form any muscle mass. His body was small and lean. Muscles were compact and tense, good for bursts of speed and prolonged fights.

"Come, lets go." Remus gestured to the car and the two made their way with a quick wave to Sam. Soon Sam was just staring at the dust cloud that was settling on the driveway.

"Good luck Jacob." Sam whispered.

End Chapter 15!

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