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Theresa was really sad. Sad because Jay hadn't noticed the three millimetres of hair that had been snipped off her flowing locks in her latest haircut.

"Why doesn't he like me?" She moaned existentially, crying alone in her bedroom. "Life is unfair!"

Just then, Neil wandered past. He saw that she was crying and exclaimed that they had to go to the mall, because shopping was surely the only thing that could cheer her up. Theresa agreed and they went off to the mall together.

As they walked towards the mall, they saw Jay… and a mysterious girl whom neither of them had seen before. She was ridiculously pretty, with long blonde hair and honey-toned highlights and gorgeously red lips and deep blue eyes, the colour of the ocean/sky/a really deep shade of blue. She looked a little bit like Taylor Swift/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Lawrence/the author. She was wearing a short pink dress with a sweetheart neckline and a gold bust that showed off her really tanned skin and HUGE… personality.

Jay looked smitten. Theresa cried some more and ran back to the dorm. Neil walked towards Jay and the mysteriously hot girl, because he found her rather attractive. So attractive that he stopped thinking about himself.

"Hi Jay!" He winked at the girl. "Hi!"

The girl blushed, smiling. "Hi," she replied. Her voice was like melted chocolate with everything cute like kittens and unicorns.

"This is Mary-Sue," Jay explained, unable to take his eyes off the girl. "She's just moved to New Olympia. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father abandoned her when she was just a month old. She's a world class gymnast/model/equestrian/actress/singer/model and she's our age. Also she is single." Both boys sighed while Mary-Sue giggled. Her giggle was breathtaking, like a subliminal mountain.

"It's nice to meet you!" She said in her melted-chocolate-and-kittens-and-unicorns voice. "I'm just so happy to get away from my deeply tragic past!"

Neil and Jay accompanied her for the rest of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Theresa cried alone in her room again. She did this for the entire afternoon. Once her tear-ducts had been depleted, she turned on her radio. A song came on, a corny pop-song that described exactly how she felt. It was by Taylor Swift/The Beetles/One Direction/Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus, and Theresa sang it to herself. Funnily enough, it didn't make her feel any better.

She left her room and wandered down the hall. She saw that Archie was in his room, because it was his bedroom and it wasn't abnormal for him to be in it. He was writing poetry because it's very canon.

"What are you writing, Archie?" because she wanted to be polite, even though they weren't all that close as friends.

"Poetry," he explained seriously, because he was a VERY open person. "Do you want me to read it aloud?"

Without waiting for a response, he launched into an epic poem. It went something like this;

"I love Atlanta.

I love her more than Santa.

I love her more than Fanta.

Gosh this poem is good for useless banter.

If you don't like this poem you're a hater.

Yes that was an eye-rhyme, it's poetic

And it's the only technique I know, it's pathetic.

So yeah I wish Atlanta would go out with me.

It would make me really happy."

The poem brought a tear to Theresa's much abused tear-ducts. She cried happy tears, exclaiming how good the poem was. Archie cried too, because he was overcome by all of his feelings for Atlanta. He then looked very seriously at Theresa, his tears suddenly forgotten.

"Atlanta and I have been together for three days," he said very solemnly. "And I know we're perpetually fifteen/sixteen but I want to propose to her."

Theresa gasped.

The author gasped.

The gang gasped.

Mary-Sue gasped, the sound of air floating across a beautiful canyon filled with cute things like kittens and unicorns.

The gods gasped.

The whole world gasped.

"Really?!" Theresa exclaimed, the rhetorical question bringing more tears to her emerald eyes. "That's so romantic Archie! When are you going to ask her?"

"Well, I don't have any source of income, but I have booked a restaurant/cruise ship/plane/holiday in an exotic location. I will ask her then!"

Just then, there was a noise downstairs. The two wandered down, wondering who could it be, despite the fact that only eight people ever came to the dorm. As they stepped down the stairs, they saw who was in the living room. It was… Mary-Sue!

"Hi," she said, smiling a glorious smile that was even brighter than Neil's. Archie nearly fainted in pure amazement. Theresa nearly cried again.

Jay and Neil walked through the door too. Not actually through the door, but through the open doorway. "We wanted to show her where we live," Jay said dreamily, his eyes glued to Mary-Sue. "And we have something to tell you, when the others arrive home."

In a matter of seconds, Atlanta, Herry and Odie arrived at the dorm extremely conveniently. Jay beamed at all of them and launched into a long exposition.

"Mary-Sue is a descendant of Marius-Sues, an obscure figure in Greek Mythology that has likely been made up by the author. We've been to the school and Hera says that she must join the team because there is a new prophecy/the Oracle got it wrong/she has nowhere else to live/reasons. There is also a really handy spare bedroom, because every house in this city has eight bedrooms. She will fit in with the gang because she has superpowers. Is everyone cool with this? Excellent."

Theresa cried, and Atlanta joined in. All the boys just sighed.

Mary-Sue giggled, a breathy sound that caused the majority of the gang to pass out due to pure amazement at the gorgeous sound.

"I'm so happy to be here!" She said in her sing-song voice. "It'll be so good to escape my terribly tragic past!"

Theresa cried again.


So, I know it wasn't really good but the idea came to me in a dream and I just had to write it down. And because I wrote it down, I had to publish it!

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