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Once upon a time in a land named Fiore, lived a beautiful young woman. Her name you ask? Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia. Yes a Heartfilia! A member of the grand Heartfilia clan, a rarity I know! The Heartfilia's were practically royalty in Fiore. They owned most of the land in Fiore and were the richest family in the country. In fact some people even addressed the young girl as "Princess" though she begged them not to. Lucy was a rather simple girl despite her lavish upbringing. Her dear mother had died when Lucy was a very tender age, but Lucy never forgot her mother's kindness and charity to the people of the land. For Layla Heartfilia had been a mere peasant before she was courted by Lucy's father, Jude, and never had taken their riches for granted, she did her best to ensure that Lucy would be of the same mind early in the child's life.

That having been said, Lucy took the little of her mother's teachings that she had, to heart. She was renowned for being one of the kindest maidens in Fiore and that with her dowry made her the perfect catch, among power and money hungry men. Though her physical assets were also a help! However, having been scorned by her bitter father for years after her mother's death, Lucy refused to acknowledge any suitors who came for her hand. She rebelled in the only way she knew how. Stubbornness and downright disrespect of all or any of her father's wishes eventually caused not only her reputation to fall, but Jude to simply give up after a while and ignore Lucy altogether.

A couple years went by, and at first Lucy found her solitude to be comforting and restful, until one day on her 17th birthday, her father became very ill and finally called for her to come see him once more. With the man's last dying breath he condemned her to a lifetime held in a single castle in the outermost forests of Fiore, doomed to stay unless she accept a worthy suitor to marry. A suitor deemed worthy after defeating the menacing creature guarding the territory surrounding said lonesome castle. Then and only then would the powerful spell binding her inheritance and herself to the castle and its forest, be broken. Only then would Lucy Heartfilia be free.


And as the story goes, there also lived a young man in the magical land of Fiore. A man brought up as a Dragon-slayer, wild as they come. He lived in the forest with a small blue feline companion named Happy, in a hut made by his own hands after his foster father had disappeared one fateful day. A man driven with passion, as a fire-dragon is apt to be—passionate; he searched Fiore up and down for his Dragon father. His search was a failure except for one reason; he met a guild and a girl. A girl named Lisanna. And the man's name you must be dying to know? Natsu Dragneel.

Despite Natsu's trauma of being abandoned by his father, Natsu was a cheerful person. He grew close with the guild Fairy Tail and even joined it himself! However, as all happiness is bound to do; it ended swiftly when the boy turned 15 and his beloved friend, Lisanna died. Natsu changed into a dark; fighting, conniving mage and left Fairy Tail to "find his own path" and soon, once a hero, became a terror. A Dragon in mourning is a horror to behold and though Fairy Tail never disowned their beloved Nakama, he'd never come home when asked. Eventually, the people forgot their loving nickname for their ex-hero "Salamander" and could only see a menace, a Beast.

On the man's 18th birthday, his rampage was ended as he was caught by the powerful witch Porlyusica. The witch condemned him to the life of a true monster. As punishment for his drawn out mourning period, and immature actions, Porlyusica turned him into a real Dragon. Natsu was to never return to his human form again and with his dying breath guard the castle and it's inhabitant, in the outskirts of Fiore. Doomed unless he was to ever find love again, a feat he deemed impossible, the Dragon wept. The spell viciously binding him to the disserted forest, wings or not, he was caged. It was said the neighboring villages would quake with the Dragons crooning late at night.

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