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Outside Anko's apartment.

'Puppy eyes no jutsu!'

"All you have to do is ask, Anko-chan. And when did you learn that? I thought Moegi was the only who knew that technique."

"What are you talking about, that technique's been around almost as long as ninja have. It's an S-Rank interrogation technique."

Naruto face faulted. Anko laughed.

"Okay, for that technique, you ride back fireman style tonight?"

"Fireman sty c?"


Naruto fished his keys out his pocket while Anko was pounding with her fists on his back. He walked into his apartment still packing Anko over his shoulder, much to her dismay.

"Someone could have seen my ass, you prick!"

"A. I was holding your trench coat and B. How many times do I have to tell you? NO one can see me when I'm moving like that."

When Naruto put Anko down, he could clearly see a look of defeat on her face with a smidgeon of pout.

"Hey look at it this way. You don't even get dizzy anymore." He said smiling at her in the Naruto 'position' ?.

'Sure is hard to stay pissed with that smile on his face.' Anko stretches her arms, shuts off all the lights and walks down the hallway swaying her hips on purpose. Naruto just watches her move from side to side with his eyes wide open. He walks into the room to see Anko had already taken her trench coat off and was loosening the straps to her weapon holsters. Naruto grabbed a tshirt for her and threw it on the bed. He grabbed a fresh pair of boxers and went to the bathroom to change. Walking back into his room to grab a set of pajama pants. He started to open the drawer and when he went to grab them when he had his hands shoved to the side and watched another hand close it. He looked up to see Anko in one of him tshirts, but not the one he picked out, this was one was shorter, probably from when he was younger. It didn't even reach her midriff, and below all he could see was a pair of dark purple panties. He barely kept his jaw shut.

"Anko, are you even comfortable wearing that?"

She smiled sweetly. "Yeah, I took my bra off and this shirt is pretty stretchy, and my underwear is very comfortable, I can barely even tell it's there." She turned her lower torso around to show exactly why she could barely tell they were there. In the back all that was there was a barely visible purple triangle that sat at the top of the crack of her ass. After that, if there was any other part of her underwear, you couldn't see it because her round shapely ass covered it.

Naruto's face flushed uncontrollably. He didn't know she was fighting back a blush too. 'Damn. I love his chest, and look at those legs. His ass is gorgeous too. What a body. I better calm down, this shirt is stretchy and all, but it's also really thin.'

She grabbed a shoulder reassuringly. "It's not a big deal, Naruto. I'm in my underwear and you are in yours, so just calm down and crawl into bed with me, I'm tired. Kurenai dragged my ass all over town today."

"I'm not exactly sure you can call that underwear, Anko-chan. It's two triangles attached by a piece of string."

Now she grabbed both of his shoulders and shook lightly. "Just chill out already. Your shirts are comfortable, but the smaller ones are much more comfortable for me. My thong is really comfortable too, as I'm sure your boxers are for you. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't here last night, you wouldn't have worn those pants, would you?"

Naruto just shrugged. "You're right about that. Deal then. I just didn't want you think I was staring at you like some pervert."

Anko shrugged as well. "We're together Naruto. I don't care if you stare. I mean let's face the facts, this IS one hot ass." She said while turning back around and pointing.

Naruto face faulted. Anko laughed.

"HAHA! See, all calmed down now?" Naruto nodded.

"Okay then. Let's go to bed." She said while stretching her arms above her head.

She pulled back the sheets and climbed into bed. Closely behind, Naruto crawled in as well and rested his arm around her stomach. He kissed her on the back of the head. "Goodnight Anko-chan." She merely just rubbed her head back and forth against his face and said goodnight as well. Anko could feel his chest on her back and loved the feeling but realized that his hips were nowhere near hers. She smiled and backed into him. Naruto didn't say a word; he was too busy trying to ignore the feeling of Anko's bare ass against his pelvis. He eventually figured it out before he embarrassed himself. Silently sighing in relief, he extracted his revenge. He moved his arm up from her stomach and rested it right beneath her breasts. Anko suppressed a gasp, inwardly musing at the fact that he got her back. Slowly after their game resulted in a draw, they both fell asleep.

Morning ? 10:00 AM

Anko woke up first this time with a rather annoying pressure against her lower back bending downwards to where the top of her legs met. Confused she softly lifted the sheets to see what was bothering her this morning. What she saw almost made her eyes fly out her head. It was Naruto. Naruto at 100 bent in what was probably an uncomfortable way. She looked at his face and saw his eyes were still closed and he was breathing at a steady pace, signaling he was still asleep. Once she was done burning the image in her mind, she decided to get out of bed. Her position was a bit difficult to escape but she was pretty sure she could pull it off. She lifted his arm lightly and rested it where her upper body used to be. Now was the difficult part. She knew if she moved her lower body too quick he would definitely wake up from the bed moving. However, if she moved too slow, the friction she'd cause against him it might arouse him out his sleep, as well if it rubbed against her in the 'wrong' spot, she might say something to wake him up. She slowly stretched her legs forward rigidly and moved the rest of her body at the same time, not just her back. Sighing inwardly she got off the bed. She went to walk out of the room, but quickly returned and lifted the sheet up again. It had completely spring boarded and all of it was outside of his boxers now, via the slit in the middle for easy access. Setting the sheet down she crept out of the room shaking her head.

Naruto woke up about half an hour after Anko did. He stretched his arms over his head and went to take care of business. Afterwards he walked out into his living room to see Anko sitting on his sofa bed leaning against the arm of it with her legs stretched out running the length of the couch.

"Morning, Anko-chan."

Anko tilted her head to the side smiling gently. "Good morning, Naru-kun."

"Want some breakfast?" Naruto said while rubbing his eyes still trying to get the sleep out of them.

"Screw breakfast, we can go grab lunch later. Come over here and watch some TV with me."

Naruto just shrugged. He wasn't a big fan of cooking anyway; he just did it for her. He walked over to the sofa. She leaned forward and scooted up a little so he could get in behind her. He brought his leg to the other side of the sofa and sat down, encasing her with his own legs. She leaned back against chest while he brought his arms forward around her stomach. She started flipping through the channels. Settling on some stupid new cartoon about an annoying kid trying to be a ninja, they sat there in peace, occasionally cracking a joke at how the kid would end every sentence with '-ttebayo!'

Two hours later they both yawned and stretched. Deciding to get dressed, they both left the apartment and headed to Ichiraku's. Naruto had 10 bowls of pork miso ramen. Anko only ordered 1 bowl. After sipping the first batch of noodles, she ordered 9 more. Naruto finished first, but Anko was a sore loser and stated that the only reason he won was because he had a 5 noodle head start. Both satisfied with their meal, they patted their stomachs and exhaled a little.

"About time for the game. How are you going to ride today?" Naruto asked.

"How big is her window again, I'm rarely in there and I can't remember how big it is"

Naruto stretches his arms in a vertical and horizontal fashion showing her roughly how big it is. Satisfied, Anko nods.

"Okay then, good. Today I'm going to ride on top of your shoulders."

Naruto started to laugh and knelt down allowing Anko to get on top of his shoulders.


"Hey, what's up Tsunade-chan, I've got another sucker to play with us. Ugh. Not on the top of my head, Anko-chan."

"Then set me down so I can hit you in the ribs."

Naruto knelt down so Anko could get off of his shoulders. Tsunade sweat-dropped.

"Alright, let me get Jiraiya."

By this time in Konoha, every ninja and citizen knew of the infamous 'Jiraiya Call', so no one was afraid of this empty threat. However there was one person who would never take the chance of it actually coming true, so he always came.

"Jiraiya! If you don't get your ass in here right now I'm shutting down every hot spring in Konoha!" Tsunade raises up a hand and lowers 5 fingers down until she reaches her last digit.

Jiraiya appeared in a swirl of leaves panting hard. Naruto and Anko face faulted.

"I'm here. I'm here. Wheeze. What can I do for you, oh great Tsunade-sama?" Jiraiya said while kneeling down and keeping his head down as low as he could.

Tsunade started laughing her ass off while Naruto and Anko face faulted again.

"Works every time. Hey Jiraiya, we've got another player, flip me the deck."

Jiraiya got off his knees looking embarrassed and slightly pissed. He tossed the desk at Tsunade and pulled up a seat. Jiraiya summoned gamakichi, Tsunade summoned tatsutan and Naruto summoned gamatatsu. As per custom of the 'secret' card game, Anko was given the choice of either 5 card draw or Texas hold em'. Shizune opened the door and heard the sound of cards shuffling. She didn't even try to go in. Sweat dropping, she took the stack of papers back down to her desk. Anko was a much better player then Shizune and Sakura, but Naruto still ended up winning a few hours later. Having quite a few hours left before everyone was supposed to meet up, Anko told Naruto to go to the Forest and she would follow in a second.

"I have to talk to Tsunade-same for minute, Naru-kun. I'll be there quick, okay?" She said a bit apprehensively confusing Naruto a little bit, but he just shrugged it off and left in a trail of yellow.

Tsunade quirked up an eyebrow at Anko. "What can I do for you, Anko?"

"I need to know if there's some sort of technique that could be used cfor cprotection." Anko said barely able to keep her eyes looking at Tsunade.

"What is that supposed to mean? There are all sorts of techniques you can use for cohhhh." Tsunade said.

"I plan on telling Naru-kun something tonight, and well, if it leads somewhere I'd like to know if there was a way. You're the best medic there is, so I figured you were the person to ask."

Tsunade put her elbows on the desk and set her hands under her chin.

"There is a contraceptive technique that women have been using for years, but before I show you, you're going to have to tell me what you're going to say, he's like my little brother and he's the only reason I'm even in this village. He means a lot to me. If I see him hurt, I can't promise I won't kill someone, got it?"

Apparently Orochimaru and Naruto weren't the only people who scared her. Another sannin did as well. She shook off her fear; and with a determined look on her face she spoke up.

"I love him. It's just that simple. I could sit here and tell you every reason why, but it would take a while and it doesn't change the way I feel. I love him."

Tsunade narrowed her eyes to look into Anko's. Seeing no sign of deception, she smiled.

"You're lucky, you know? He may be a knucklehead every once in a while, but even when he was younger he was one of the best males I've ever known. If I were younger, you wouldn't be standing here. I wish you luck, he's got a lot of love to give, and I see the way he is around you. I've never seen him so happy, or you for that matter. Now here are the hand signs, once you perform it, just hover your hand over your navel for a second or two. It can be done before or after, even up to one day later. I made this version myself. Dismissed." Tsunade proclaims while pounding her chest chuckling.

Anko sweat-drops.

"Thank you, Tsunade-sama" and with that, Anko leaves in a hurricane of leaves with a giant smile on her face.

Forest of Death

Naruto is leaning up against a branch with one knee pulled up.

"Hello, Anko-chan." Just then 'Hurrican Anko' decides to show up.

"Hello, Naru-kun." She says

"You must be in a good mood. You only use that much power when you're happy."

"I am. Naru-kun there's something I need to tell you. I figured this would be the best place to do it."

Naruto was slightly confused for a moment but did not show it. He knew what was coming, he just didn't know if it was what he wanted to hear, or what he dreaded. He wasn't going to wait, he would say it and wait for her reaction. He'd much rather tell her now lest he not have the guts to do it if she shot him down before he could get it off his chest. He started walking up to her, slowly closing the gap between the two. Naruto grabbed both of Anko's hands and squeezed them gently. She looked up into his eyes to see a look of absolute certainty.

"Mitarashi Anko. I love you."

She smiled at him and started to tear up. Wiping the side of her eye with her shoulder she looked right back up at him, never letting go of his hands.

"You have to ruin everything, don't you? That's what I came here to tell you, Namikaze Naruto." And with that she dropped his hands and jumped up into his chest throwing her arms around his neck and resting her head on his shoulder.

"I love you." She whispered into his ear.

They stood there in the forest like this for what seemed like forever. Her dangling from his neck while he was holding her waist firmly.

She let go of his neck and backed up a little bit. "I want you."

He was about to say the exact same thing back when he figured out what she meant. His face went stoic and he looked her straight in the eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"More so than I've been about anything in my life. I want you. Only you, forever."

"A beautiful woman once told me great minds think alike." Naruto said with a small smile.

Anko's face softened. "Sounds like a smart girl."

Naruto walked up to Anko looked at her for a moment and then laid a soft kiss on her mouth. They kept it at chaste kisses for a while, not wanting to rush anything. Naruto grabbed the back of her head and let her hair go, wrapping her tie around his wrist, like he always did. He began massaging her hair and then used his other hand to grab her waist before she grabbed his hand and put it in her trench coat and cupped his hand around her ass. Picking up on the hint, he started to grip and release her through her skirt. She gasped and pushed her mouth into his demanding entry. He obliged and opened his mouth. He went to stick his tongue into her mouth, but was fought back into his own by hers. She started to circle his tongue. Naruto never liked being pleased as much as he liked pleasing her. He took his hand and started to make rotations from cheek to cheek fluctuating between soft and hard pressure, occasionally grabbing and releasing her and grazing the tips of his fingers across her upper thighs that rest below her skirt. She moaned deeply into his mouth giving him the time he needed to push her tongue back into her mouth. She realized her mistake, but it was too late, he now had her mouth, her head and body. As if reading her mind, he brought his hands up and slid off her trench coat laying it neatly to the side.

"Anko, I'll be right back." Before she could complain he was back with a rolled up futon that she thinks he had gotten from inside the tower. He unrolled the futon close to the back of the tree.

'Isn't he going a little fast? This isn't like him at all. I don't mind, but this wasn't what I was expecting.'

He led her by the hands to stand on top of the futon. He turned her around and brought her back with him and he stood against the back of the tree.

'What's he doing. I thought he was going to lay me down, now were leaning against the tree standing on top of the futon. What's going onnnnnnnnnn cthat'll teach me for doubting him.'

While Anko was thinking Naruto had started kissing all around her neck, slowly. Painstakingly slow to be precise. He had licked the back of both ears this time and blew on them. She quivered and hung her head, almost as if he had blew her head down. He held her close wrapping his arm across her shoulders. While still kissing her neck in random places, constantly surprising her not knowing where they were going to be next, he used his free hand to start massaging her stomach. Starting with small circles and moving to larger ones, he started to move his hand from side to side, alternating between drawing circles and running his fingers up her sides. She would moan occasionally and jerk back into Naruto. Surprising her and pleasing her to no end, he started to get a little bold, knowing she didn't care. He brought his hand from her sides and with one finger he put it on her shirt and started to trace the bottom of her ribs right underneath her breasts, he continued this movement back and forth, changing direction after moving one way for too long. Out to in on one rib, in to out on the other. Her mind was racing, thoughts clouded by ecstasy at the sensual tickling. After feeling her shivers getting closer and closer together he took his forefinger off her ribs. She stopped moaning for a second, and then picked up louder when she felt he had changed his style. He replaced his forefinger and started using two fingers with his free hand. He was now using his thumb and pinky to tickle her ribs in a closing and opening motion. She moaned louder and stiffened up when he moved to the other rib to continue his work. Her breath became stressed. He removed his hand and put it on her back starting at her ass, he ran his hand up with his middle finger slightly pressed into the slight crease of her skirt, picking up speed he brought his hand all the way up her back running his finger on every single bone in her spine, pressing harder when he got farther up to her shirt to keep the same amount of pressure. She started shaking and then he grabbed her ass one more time pulling his fingers in while applying pressure through her skirt.


She had been slouching before, but now she was complete dead weight. Naruto sat her down with him, letting her rest on the comfortable futon with her back still resting on his chest as she was trying to breathe. He kissed the back of her head and started to run his hand through her hair in a soothing manner.

'Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. That's what the futon was for, he knew I wasn't going to be able to stand and he wanted me to sit on something comfortable. He is simply amazing. This sounds demanding, but I knew he'd make me cum before we had sex.'

Before she could come down from her high, she felt him start to knead her breasts through her shirt. She gasped loud. "What are you doing?" she panted

He smiled sheepishly. "I'm not done yet."

She looked back at him slack jawed. Before she could even comprehend, she had started to lift her shirt over her head. She then unclasped the front of her strapless bra and set it off to the side with her shirt and trench coat. She gasped and bit her lip when she felt him start to cup her breasts gently. He started to run smooth cupping gestures along her breasts. He took one hand tickled the underside of her left breast causing her to laugh a little bit through her teeth. He continued his slow teasing of her before he took both of his forefingers and started to slowly spiral his fingers toward her nipples. Right as he reached her areola's she opened her mouth and moaned deep into the forest. He pulled his fingers back only to hear her moan turn into a feral growl, before she could turn around and protest he stuck both of his fingers into his mouth and coated them heavily with saliva. She turned back just to watch his fingers return to her. His wet fingers circled her areolas getting just close enough to knick her nipples from every side. She started breathing heavily again and lurched forward every time he got close to touching her nipples.

"Please! Just touch my nipples, rub them, do whatever, just do something please!"

"As you wish, Anko-hime"

At her behest, he stuck his fingers back in his mouth and started gently rolling his fingers around her nipples directly. He started rolling them between his fingers increasing and decreasing pressure while using the other free fingers to cup her breasts. She was quickly losing her cool again. She hadn't recovered from her last orgasm and was still extremely sensitive. It didn't help that he really seemed to know what he was doing. He could feel sweat starting to run down her chest. He took one finger and pinched it hard while he pushed the other one back down inside her breast. She threw her chest out and started panting. With her back off his chest he started to nibble on her earlobe. Continuing the assault on her breasts he moves from her earlobe down her neck. She's losing it and she knows it. He licks a trail down to her collarbone and starts to suck, knick and kiss. That was it.


'Pant. Pant. Pant. I'm going to pass out. Wait, what is he doing now?'

Naruto picked up a topless Anko by her waist and turned her around so she was facing him, legs hanging lazily at his side. He smiled at her and the laid a chaste kiss on her lips. He pulled back and laid his forehead on hers. She was breathing hard into his face, but she couldn't calm down, and he didn't care. Sweat was pouring off of her face and her chest just kept swelling up and down. The wind was breezing by them keeping her nipples hard even after that much stimulation. Naruto took his forehead away from and lifted her up a little so he could cross his legs so she could sit directly on his lap giving her some height on him. Naruto looks Anko in the face.

"Ready for round 3, Anko-hime?"

"WHAT! Naru-kun I can't take anymore! Just let me , ahhhhh c"

Her added height had allowed him to be able to descend upon her chest. Taking one breast in his hand, he starts barely stroking the top of her nipple. Touching, just barely. Despite her request, she started moaning and shaking again as Naruto placed her nipple in his mouth and started circling it and running it vertically and horizontally, throwing her mind out of control. Never repeating the same pattern twice, she grabbed the back of his neck and forced his mouth further down onto her breast. Her grip was almost painful, but Naruto wasn't complaining. Much to her disappointment, he pulled his head out of her grip and removed his mouth from her breast. Her breathing slowed down cthen he came close and blew sharply on her nipple. She grabbed his back and almost tore his jacket off as she threw her head back and tried to moan, but no sound came out, only a struggled grunt. He took his hand off her other breast and gave it the same treatment while his hand did the same. She started to slowly grind against his lap trying to feel more and more. She pulled his head up from her breasts and shoved her tongue into his mouth darting it around erratically. Naruto took his other hand now and occupied the now lonely breast. He just kept kneading and massaging her while sucking on her tongue that had long went limp a while ago. She had stopped grinding too, she just sat their shaking tearing a hole into is jacket. He continued these actions. Knowing she just needed one more foreign nudge, he took one hand off her breast and slid it into her skirt and guided his finger forward starting at her asshole and gliding towards her folds and resting on her clit. She pulled his jacket in two almost falling backwards now not holding anything. Her body wracked and convulsed, over and over and over again.


'Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant.'

Naruto took off his shirt and pulled it over her head to try and stop her shivering. It was loose enough so not to cling to her body drenched in sweat. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a bear hug. Rubbing her back down, open palmed. They were literally sitting in a pool of her juices. Naruto loved the smell. He couldn't get enough; it was like a drug. After she stopped shivering and quaking he pulled her shoulders back and looked down into her eyes. She looked up but couldn't focus. She could only see Blonde and blue.

"Anko, I'll be right back." She tried to ask but he had just made it back. Over his shoulder was another futon.

He pulled her up and supported Anko by putting an arm underneath her shoulder. He then rolled out the futon on top of the original. He didn't want her lying down in a puddle for what he was about to do to finish up the night. He could see she didn't have any gas left in the tank, but this shouldn't take long if he did it right.

"Naru-kun, what are you doing? I don't think I can right now."

"Shhh, Anko-hime, it's not what you think. Could you lay down?"

"Pant. Pant. Okay Naru-kun."

Anko tried her best to lie down but ended up falling on weak knees. Naruto put his hand on her lower back and laid her head down while he hooked her under the knees and laid her flat on her back. She was about to pass out when she felt Naruto lowering her skirt and the now destroyed thong. He picked up her calves up and slid them off putting them with the rest of her clothes. He started backing up till his face was above her pussy and then he lay down on his stomach. She didn't have time to tell him not to. She had been tingling all night and was probably so sensitive right now it would hurt her. He was aware of how sensitive she was, so before he did anything, he took a finger and lightly scooped up some of her and coated his tongue with it, rolling it around his tongue so he could get rid of all the friction he could.

'What is he doing now? Is he drinking me, god that's hot. Why did he have me lie down then? Wait a minute, he didn't drink it, he's rolling it around in his mouth?'

Naruto slowly lowers his head down to Anko. With a slick tongue he could lick her clit without worrying about hurting her. Very lightly, he takes his honey tongue and barely drags his tongue across the top of the bundle of nerves. Anko rockets off the futon screaming. Naruto grabs her hips to hold her down. The coat around his tongue gone, he takes another finger to her lips and gets some more to cover his lips. He coats another finger and places it near her asshole not touching it to surprise her yet. He lowers down to her clit again, and slowly cups it with his mouth covered in her thick cum. She shoots back up again moaning about to pull his head away when he shoves his pinky finger into her anus to just past the first knuckle. She growls and rips a chunk out of the futon before pulling Naruto up by his hair and slamming her mouth into his. She tries to open her mouth to kiss, but she can't. Naruto removes his pinky finger and she grips his head tighter pulling him to the side so she can throw her head over his shoulder and scream. She shakes violently and can't stop. She squirted all over of the mattress. She finally stopped screaming and let her death grip on Naruto's head go. Supported by nothing but her chin hanging over Naruto's shoulder, she continues to heave uncontrollably. Gaining a little strength, she wraps her arms around Naruto's waist lightly. She keeps heaving and blowing hot breath down Naruto's bare back. Naruto just keeps his arms at his side waiting for her. This was the knockout. It probably was after the first one, or maybe even the second, but he wanted to treat her to every possible pleasure he could think of. Her breath starts to begin regulating and her heaving had slowed, but her heart was still beating a million times a minute. Now Naruto brought his arms up, one circling her waist and the other petting her hair. Her heartbeat started to slow down when he was stroking her head. With her vision starting to blur, she chokes out one word.

" csleep c"

Naruto sped off to his house and let himself in. He walked down the hall and tucked Anko into his bed still wearing nothing but his shirt. After he solved that problem, he flew back to grab all of her clothes and burn the futons. Cradling the clothes in his arms, he disappeared in a trail of yellow back to his home. He folded all of her clothes as neatly as he could in the corner by the bed. Looking at his watch, he still had some time before the guys were going to leave. He wasn't planning on staying, but he would show up to say Anko and him weren't coming. He put on a shirt and headed off to pound down some bowls of ramen, before talking to the guys.

20 bowls of ramen. Then later at the Dango Stop 9:30 PM

"Hey guys, I just came by to say Anko isn't feeling very well tonight, so I'm going to head back and take care of her."

Everyone lifted an eyebrow, but before they could mock/question him.


"Suuuuuuuure." Is all Asuma had to say.

Kakashi just giggled perversely which got him a hit upside the head by Kurenai.


The 3 of them sweat-dropped.

Next morning at Naruto's apartment 10:30 AM

Anko wakes up to the smell of food being cooked. She tries to clear her throat, but finds it really hoarse. Looking around trying to figure out where she is, she sees her clothes folded in a corner and a glass of water on the nightstand with a note attached. 'You'll probably want this, Anko-chan.' She grabs the glass of water and downs it like it's the nectar of the gods.

"Ah! Much better, my voice is still hoarse though." Suddenly she looks down and sees her wearing nothing but Naruto's shirt from last night.

'Oh my god! I remember. I passed out. My pussy is completely numb. No wonder my voice is gone. I was screaming for about 2 hours.'

Anko gets up off the bed and walks down the hallway towards the kitchen to greet her walking, talking orgasm machine.

"Good morning, Anko-chan. Did you sleep well?" He smiled warmly.

"Yes I did. I slept VERY well. I slept EXTREMELY well. Although, I'm not exactly sure you can call passing out in a forest after being rocked 4 times without a break sleeping."

Naruto assumed the 'position' ?.

Anko pulls Naruto down by his neck and kisses him. She bites his lower lip and reaches down with her hand and grips his dick firmly. He grunts lightly closing his eyes. She pulls her teeth off his lip and loosens her grip on him. She strokes him once and lets him go. She points down to her still bare pussy and says.

"When I get feeling back down here, that's mine. Are we clear?" She says with a serious look on her face.

"Why doesn't this sound like a question?" Naruto said.

"Because it isn't. Now get me my breakfast. I've got some serious bragging to do today." She states thumping her chest.

"You know I normally don't give a shit about anything, but don't you think we should have SOME secrets?" he asked with a sweat-drop above his head.

"Yeah, I do. Not this, though. I'm not going to walk down the streets with a megaphone or anything. I'll just probably track down Kurenai. She knows everything else anyways."

Naruto face faults and Anko laughs. He walks over to the table and divides up the food between the two. They exchange small talk with each other for a while. Naruto goes to grab the plates, but Anko picks them up instead and walks over to the sink and starts to wash them.

"You don't have to do that you know."

"I know, but I figure it's the least I can do after last night. You sure know how to make a girl feel wanted, Naru-kun." She blushed.

Naruto walks over to her and wraps his arms around her waist resting his head on her shoulder. Anko finishes washing the dishes and turns around, kissing him on the cheek. She heads back to the room to put on whatever was salvageable.

"Alright, I'm going to head out. Love you, Naru-kun"

"I love you too Anko-chan, poker later on?"

She nods and hops out the window turning to blow him a kiss.

Ichiraku's ? Noon

Naruto walks into the ramen stand and sits down next to Jiraiya. Naruto orders a bottle of sake. Pouring a dish, he slides it down to Jiraiya who catches it with expert precision.

"I told her I loved her last night."

"That's good Naruto. I'd ask what her answer was, but I don't have to, do I?"

"Nope. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I knew she felt the same way, but I couldn't help but think there might be a reason she wouldn't feel the same way." He says while taking another chug and sliding another dish down to Jiraiya.

Jiraiya ruffled his hair a little bit. "You've gotten smart Naruto, but you can still be a little dense. I'm sure she had the same thoughts running through her head. Soooo, did anything happen?"

Naruto face faulted.

"I should kill you, but for your information, yes, some things did occur."

Jiraiya burst into tears and started to hug Naruto. "You truly are a wonderful student, Naruto! You have made me proud to be your sensei."

Naruto sweat-dropped. "So we down for cards later, Jiraiya-sensei?"

Jiraiya nodded and disappeared in a swirl of leaves to continue his 'research'.

Naruto ordered a few bowls of ramen and finished them. Thanking Teuchi he dropped some bills and decided on just walking to Tsunade's tower, rather than flashing in.

Dango Stop ? Noon

"I knew I'd find you here, Kurenai." Anko says while pulling up a seat across from her ordering a set of dango.

"So are you feeling better today Anko? Naruto dropped by last night saying you were sick and that he had to head back home to take care of you." Kurenai said with an obvious amount of curiosity behind it.

Anko smiled from ear to ear. "Oh, he took care of me last night alright."

Kurenai sweat-dropped. This is what she thought. "So did you take my advice?"

"Hell no. I went to track him down and found him exactly where I thought he would be. Lying up against our tree in the Forest of Death. Sorry, but that whole candles and flower petals shit just isn't up our ally. Thanks though."

Kurenai face faulted.

"No, that's okay, don't worry about it. You two definitely aren't a typical couple. So did anything happen?"

"Yeah, a lot happened. I hate to get all mushy, but right as I was about to tell him that I loved him, he came up and grabbed my hands. He looked down at me with those blue eyes of his and told me first. I couldn't contain myself. I jumped into his arms and told him I loved him too." She said while looking through Kurenai and apparently everything else.

"I'm happy for you, Anko. It's been frustrating for all of us to sit back and watch you deny yourself happiness."

"I don't know why you thought that. I was happy with my life the way things were. That's one of the reasons I love Naruto. He has never thought I was some damsel in distress. He just happened to walk into my life and neither of us cared why. He thought that me trying to kill him was hilarious. I intimidated every man, and that's the way I liked it. He just laughed at me. At first I was pissed, but after a while, it was just natural between us. We both knew each other enough to just play without having to 'pour our souls out' or 'cry our eyes out on each others shoulder'." Anko said mocking movies and romance novels.

Kurenai sweat-dropped.

"I don't know Naruto all that well, but why I am not surprised you guys are perfect for each other is a mystery to me."

"Hell if I know why you don't. I just know we are. I'm only sad that it took us so long to find each other."

Kurenai started to grin from ear to ear.

"You told me he took care of you last night. Was the sex good?"

Anko started to laugh her ass off. "We didn't have sex last night. I passed out. From the attention he was giving me, I'm pretty sure he didn't even WANT to have sex last night."

Kurenai eyed her curiously. "What are you talking about? No man denies sex when the opportunity arises. Am I missing something?"

Anko continues to laugh trying to talk at the same time. "I may not have any experience Kurenai, but that was the last thought on his mind."

Kurenai raises an eyebrow.

"Can't you realize how hoarse my voice is today, Kurenai? He worked me over four times last night without stalling or giving me a chance to stop him. Trust me, after the first time; I wanted to call it quits. I didn't have enough time before he went back to town on me."

Kurenai's jaw dropped.

"How did he do that? I've never had four orgasms in one whole day, let alone a night. I can't even get myself off four times in one night."

Anko stopped laughing. "Most of it I can barely remember. He started to go for one of his normal routines when I took his hand and led it to my ass, with my skirt still on. I didn't know I had awoken a silent beast. I screamed for about a solid two hours. The first time, he got me with my shirt still on, only grazing my ribs and kissing my neck. The second time he took my shirt off while I threw my bra to the side. He teased and tickled me until I begged him to touch me, he fondled me and as I got comfortable. He surprised me by nibbling my ear and sucking on my neck. The third time he propped me up on his legs and started sucking my breasts. I pulled him up to my mouth to stop him, but he kept fondling me. I started to calm down before he pinched me and ran his middle finger from my ass to my clit. I lost it, again. He laid me down and I almost fell asleep until he pulled my skirt and thong off. I was way too sensitive to be touched. I thought he would hurt me. That was until he coated his tongue with my OWN cum, effectively turning it to silk. He licked my clit once and it blew my mind. He then covered his lips with myself and sucked on it. I almost blacked out, but he stuck his pinky into my ass and that finished me off. I blew up. Literally. I squirted Kurenai. I shot like a fountain everywhere. I couldn't even see or breathe and just held my head on his shoulder. He ran his fingers through my hair for a while and I blacked out."

Kurenai blushed and almost fainted after hearing all of this.

"No way. You're j-j-joking right?"

"Kurenai, I can't feel anything between my legs right now. It's all numb."

"Okay, now I really am going to take him from you, Asuma only licks me so he can fuck me. I got wet just listening to you."

Anko waved her finger in the front of her face. "Nope. He belongs to me, forever. I belong to him as well. Even without the pleasure of last night, it changes nothing about the way I feel about him."

Just outside of the Dango Stop on a roof nearby, a blonde ninja smiles and disappears on a trail of yellow.

Later on at the Hokage's Tower

Anko appears in a typhoon of leaves out front of Tsunade's office doors. The ANBU waved her by and Anko knocked on the door. Hearing nothing, she knocks again. Anko looks at the ANBU only to see them hanging their heads with a sweat-drop. She takes the hint. Opening up the door, she walks up to the desk and sits down on a chair. Smiling lightly she exclaims.

"Hokage-sama, Jiraiya-sama is trying to take your sake!"

Tsunade flings her head up immediately looking around with dazed eyes looking for the pervert. Baffled, she opens up the Hokage's secret drawer to find her sake in good condition. She closes the drawer and sees Anko sitting across her desk with her arms folded across her chest.

"It's a little bit early for our game, Anko. I was trying to sleep."

Anko sweat-drops.

"I'm sorry Hokage-sama, I just thought you'd like to dish about Naruto for a while. I know he's like your little brother, but I think you'd like to hear how your 'little brother' has grown up."

Anko retells the story to Tsunade. The Hokage couldn't help but get a little wet as well, after hearing about her 'little brother'.

Just then Jiraiya and Naruto arrived. Tsunade looked at Naruto. She looked at his hands and mouth. Merely a second later, Tsunade rocketed back in her chair knocking herself out by a massive nosebleed. Jiraiya went to pick up Tsunade while Naruto lifted an eyebrow at Anko. She smiled with an evil grin. Jiraiya shook her by the shoulders to wake her up, allowing him to watch her breasts fly around uncontrollably while being able to use the excuse as waking her up, bypassing the beat down he should have received. Tsunade regains her composure to start the game, but realized she couldn't look Naruto in the face without getting a nosebleed. Naruto once again ended up winning. This game took a little longer as gamakichi went on a run for a while. Nodding at Jiraiya and Tsunade, Anko jumped on Naruto's back.


As soon as Naruto left, Tsunade flew back again in a massive nosebleed. Jiraiya started shaking her shoulders again while giggling perversely, but she wasn't unconscious. Seeing him eyeing her tits. She sent him sailing towards the North Gates.

Dango Stop ? 8:00 PM

The two walked to the booth with Anko still hanging on his back like a monkey. Naruto knelt to let her down, but she still hung there on his back. Sighing in defeat he just sat himself on the booth while she still clung to him. With Anko behind him, Naruto's ass was barely sitting on the cushion making it hard for him to get comfortable. Before everybody started talking and drinking, Kurenai looked at Naruto's hands, then back up at his face focusing on his mouth. She repeated this process for a while before passing out with blood shooting out her nose. Anko had to hold back a laugh. Naruto slapped his forehead while sighing.

Asuma looked over at Kurenai who had a dreamy look on her face, a trickle of blood remaining on her nose. "Ha. She must be thinking of me."

Once again, Anko had to hold back from laughing. 'If only he knew. I might have to kill her for fantasizing about him though '


Anko turned her head to the side and spoke under her breath. "More like tries too."

The booth ordered a few rounds of sake and was just chatting up a storm. Kurenai had regained consciousness and was trying desperately not to look at Naruto. Anko was stretching with her arms above her head and leaned backwards to booth 11 clearly trying to scare the shit out of the girls; which she was succeeding in. She never even had to let her snakes manifest. Guy had reverted into quiet drunk mode. Kakashi had turned into a chatterbox. Asuma was chain smoking. And Genma and Kotetsu were floating in limbo somewhere outside of the plot. While Naruto was asking Kakashi about how he could talk so much without inhaling or exhaling. Anko smirked and signaled to Kurenai. She looked up at her friend in a confused manner wondering why she hadn't said anything. Anko smirked again and made sure she watched her arm wrap around Naruto's torso and disappear beneath the table. A second later Naruto spit out his sake all over the table. Everyone but Kurenai eyed him with a strange look on their faces. Kurenai's eyes almost bulged out her head knowing exactly what Anko was doing.

"Unnn csorry guys csake cmust have cwent down cwrong pipe." Naruto said while flushing. He knew he couldn't say anything to Anko, so just tried to bear with it. Everyone was satisfied with his answer, so they went back to their separate conversations. Kurenai was looking at Anko's face and then at her elbow to see it pivoting and bending. Kurenai was trying to get her to stop without saying anything. Anko just mouthed silently at her 'Just paying him back.' Kurenai slapped her forehead and went back to drinking and trying to hide Asuma's cigarettes. This went on for a about thiry minutes before Naruto unceremoniously fell off the booth and slid underneath the table. Still underneath the table, Naruto turned his head around to look at Anko and bear his teeth at her. Anko just laughed.

"You sure you haven't been drinking too much, Naru-kun? That was pretty clumsy of you to fall down the booth like that."

He just picked himself off the ground and climbed back up to the booth, accidentally hitting his head on the table on his way up. He made sure to pull himself up only enough to still be able to hide his pelvis below the table. Rubbing the top of his head and smiling at the surprised people at his booth. He just kept smiling while occasionally looking at Anko who he had now pushed to the side batting her hands away when they got too close.

"You're probably right, Anko-chan. Ha. Clumsy me."

Kurenai face faulted. She mouthed to Anko, 'did he?'

Anko shook her head. 'I don't think so. I guess his legendary stamina isn't just in fights.' she smiled evilly.

Kurenai passed out, blood rocketing out of her nose.

Asuma put out a cigarette before looking over at her. "Well, it looks like she can't help but be thinking about the 'Super-Special Asuma' techniques."

Everyone at the table sweat-droped.

"Who said I was fantasizing about you?" Kurenai said looking at Asuma with two tissues sticking out of her nose, then looking over at Naruto.

Anko couldn't help but let a snake peek its head out of her left sleeve, visible only to Kurenai. Now it was her turn to start laughing. Anko pulled the snake back not even knowing she had let one slip.

Asuma spoke up. "Alright guys, it's probably time to call it a night. Want to come over Kurenai?" He said winking at her. She elbowed him in the gut and slid out of the booth and started walking away.

"Humph. You wish."

The rest filed out in order except for Naruto who was still sitting down. Kakashi asked.

"Aren't you coming, Naruto?"

"Oh yeah, yeah. I just need a second, head's still hurting a little, trying to recover before I get up. Wouldn't want to get a head ache." He said while rubbing his head.

Anko started laughing. "Oh don't worry about it Naru-kun, getting up shouldn't be a problem for you."

Kurenai who had just reached the exit could still hear Anko and proceeded to face fault. Naruto finished rubbing his head and slid out of the booth.

"Ah, much better. You ready, Anko-chan?" He said, grimace completely gone from his face.

"Yeah Naru-kun, let's head home." With that, she jumped into his arms and the two of them left with a crack.

Naruto's Apartment

As soon as they shut, the door, Naruto threw Anko's trench coat off and began kissing her passionately, holding her body and drawing his body to hers. Anko pulled back a little and looked at him in the face.

"You're not upset?"

"No, how could I be Anko-chan? It felt great, and it was hilarious watching Kurenai's eyes almost pop out of her head. Ha." He said with a look of mischief on his face. Anko smiled back at him and grabbed the side of his face and gave him a light kiss on his lips.

"Well I was kind of hoping for more of a reaction that that, but I guess I'll just to have to be satisfied with you spitting your sake out, so I guess I'll to just have be pleased with that." She said with a defeated look on her face.

"Oh no, you won't be satisfied with just that. I know you can't feel anything between your legs, but you never said anything about your breasts not being able to feel anything." Naruto said while pushing her onto the couch pulling her shirt off her head and taking her bra off. Naruto knelt down onto the ground. He grabbed one of breasts and took it into his mouth. Anko just relaxed against the couch and started to inhale deeply resting her hands on his shoulders.

"Oh. Naru-kun, that's the spot. Just get up on the couch rest against the end of the couch." She said with barely a whisper.

Naruto released her breast, got up and propped himself against the end of the couch. Anko slid down and straddled his above, resting on his lower chest. She leaned forward over Naruto's head leaving her breasts hanging near his face. He took her breast in his mouth again and started to slowly suckle her nipple eliciting a small sigh of relief and a smile on her face. She reached behind her back and unzipped his pants. Pulling his flaccid penis from his pants she started to rub up and down trying to get him at full attention. He groaned into Anko's breast causing it to vibrate a little. She gasped a little, but kept up until she could feel him rising quickly. Once he was in the air like a flagpole, she grabbed the base and started stroking up and down while spinning her hand back and forth. He pulled from her breast with an audible pop.

"Unnn, that feels so damn good Anko-hime." He said quickly before switching breasts and placed a hand around the other. Naruto started flicking his tongue across her erect nipple. Now it was Anko's turn to stop and moan. Gathering her senses, she enjoyed the pleasure and returned back to her task. He was even harder now and Anko could barely wrap her whole hand around his cock. It kept twitching and once she got to the top she felt some pre-cum at the tip of his head. Pulling her breasts away from Naruto, much to her and Naruto's dismay, she circled her forefinger around his head making his dick twitch a little. She gathered the bead, and licked it off her finger. Naruto eyed her passionately.

"That's hot, Anko-hime, want to share it with me?"

She was a tiny bit shocked, but it also turned her on too, she wanted to taste herself as well. She lifted herself back so she could reach his mouth. Naruto grabbed Anko by the back and pushed her body down onto his getting a loud exhale from her with her nipples pressed against his chest. She parted her mouth and so did he before they even met in the middle. He licked the tip of her tongue taking his pre cum into his mouth. Smacking his lips, he could taste the bitterness but also it's silky texture and the way it almost changed to a little sweet as it spread over his tongue.

"Not bad, if I do say so myself." He smiled inches away from her mouth.

"I was hoping I could get it in perfume." Anko smiled back.

Without another word they went back to engulfing each other's mouth. They continued to make out for an hour or so while Naruto would move a little every once in a while to make Anko moan into his mouth feeling her nipples once again rub against his chest. After their make out session, both got up feeling a little dizzy after closing their eyes for so long. They both made their way down the hall and shed the clothes down to their skivvies. Crawling into bed, Naruto faced the other way tonight and went to sleep with Anko's arms wrapped around his waist and her breasts pushed up against his back and a leg flung over one his.

Next morning

She woke up the next morning before him again. Lazily opening her eyes, she used her other hand to wipe her eyes. Curious, she looked under his sheets again to see him rock hard, pushed out his boxers because it just couldn't hold it in without snapping the elastic. Giggling she lowered her arm down and started stroking him. Anko could hear him grunt and pushed himself against her hand. She kept holding back her laugh because she could tell he was still sleeping. Or so she thought c

"You know Anko-chan, all you had to do was ask."

Anko jumped a little bit letting go of him immediately. Naruto started to laugh. He turned around and looked at her and stopped laughing. He kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Good morning, Anko-chan."

She said with a smile on her face. "Good morning, Naru-kun."

'This is so nice. I should just get rid of my apartment; I haven't been there at all. I never knew waking up could be this wonderful.'

'This is so nice. I should ask her to move in with me. I'll never get tired of waking up next to her.'

"I know this is rather sudden Anko, but would you like to move in with me? I know it's not all that big, but c" Anko put her finger on his lips to cut him off.

"A beautiful woman once told a handsome man that great minds think alike. Plus, it's got everything we need. I'm going to go turn in my keys today."

Naruto smiled and kissed her on the lips. They both just lay there in bed exchanging small kisses for a while before both decided to get up. Anko got up first and went to the bathroom. As she came out, she could see Naruto starting to pull out some pans.

"Nah, let's just go to Ichiraku's to get some ramen, Naru-kun."

Naruto smiled. "Okay Anko-chan, that sounds good right about now."

"It always sounds good to you, ramen freak."

Naruto cupped his hand around an ear and replied. "I'm sorry. What was that, dango freak?"

They both started laughing and left his apartment.

Street outside Naruto's apartment

Naruto and Anko walked down the street holding hands. Every once a while, the very few of the villagers that didn't like the two would cast pitiful stares at the couple. Anko slipped a few snakes through her sleeves that were pointed at the ground while Naruto would just flash his eyes red.


They both entered into an eating contest once again. Naruto ? 12 bowls. Anko ? 11 and a half bowls. He told her 'nice try' while laughing, until he got elbowed that is. They parted ways. Naruto to the tower, Anko to drop her keys off and cancel the contract.

Hokage Tower

"Good morning, Tsunade-chan!" He said smiling a toothy grin.

"I'm not sure I'll ever get used to you calling me that. You sure seem to be in a good mood today. Did you get laid last night or something?"

Naruto face faulted.

"No! You don't have to know about my sex life. I just came by to say that Anko is moving in with me." He said still smiling from this morning.

"Well I may not need to know about your sex life, but Anko's just going to tell me anyways. From what she told me, she's pretty lucky. Hell, I might just make it an S-class mission to get the details. So I heard you're swinging a Louisville slugger."

Naruto face faulted.

"I don't really want to hear that coming from you, plus how the hell would I know? I figure I'm average." Naruto said while blushing.

"Only one way to find to find out. SHIZUNE! GRAB SOME NURSES AND GET UP HERE STAT!"

"Alright, Tsunade-sama. I'll be right there."

Naruto was confused as to what was going on. Before he could ask, Shizune came in with four nurses. Tsunade cleared off her desk and the nurses set him down on it. They held his arms and legs down. Naruto was looking around at the nurses and Shizune. Tsunade went through a few hand seals and her hands glowed green. She started at Naruto's navel and scanned down his torso. She roved her hands past his pelvis. All the nurses gasped and passed out. Shizune's nose exploded blood everywhere and she fell down. Before she started, Tsunade had already stuffed her nose with tissue so she was still conscious. She unconsciously licked her lips and kept staring.

"Is there anything wrong with me Tsunade-chan?" This snapped her out of her daze and she cancelled her technique.

She sat down in her seat, gesturing for Naruto to sit down as well. She cleared her throat. "No Naruto, you're fine. Oh, and by the way, you are NOT average, not by a long shot. Just make sure you don't kill her with that." She said while pointing.

Naruto finally understood what happened and a vein appeared on his forehead. He bunched up his fist. "Was that really necessary? Do you know embarrassing that just was?"

"It shouldn't be, you just knocked out 5 women. Now calm down before I tell Jiraiya so he can use it for his 'research'."

Naruto sweat-dropped. "Well at least you won for once, Tsunade-chan."

Tsunade smiled as she removed the tissue from her nose. She had the ANBU escort the nurses and Shizune out just as Anko and Jiraiya arrived.

Dango Stop ? 8:00 PM

The night went by as usual, except Anko picked Naruto up out of his cushion as the sake arrived and they both left in a swirl of leaves. 3 of them were about to say something before Kurenai held up her hand and said "Don't worry, they just didn't want to drink tonight." Kakashi started to giggle before Kurenai smashed him into the table. Asuma attempted to laugh but got sent to 'Yaoi Yaoi Paradise.'

"YOSH! NARUTO IS GOING TO BE EMBRACED BY THE FLAMEFUL ACTIONS OF THE NIGHT! HE WILL FINALLY EXPERIENCE c" Kurenai then sent Guy into a genjutsu where he had to shop for clothes and couldn't find any green spandex, than it shifted into a world with Lee wearing a facemask reading a book saying 'What was that?'

With one knocked out and two others curled up into a ball on the floor, Kurenai sighed and decided to go see if she could track down Tsunade and spy on Naruto. She found Tsunade sleeping on her desk. She woke her up with the only kind way she could think of. She cast a genjutsu showing her that she was winning the lottery surrounded by a pile of sake bottles. Tsunade in her mind knew this was too good to be true. She woke up confirming her thoughts. Needless to say, she wasn't mad officially making this the ONLY way to wake the Hokage up without having to incur some sort of wrath. Kurenai opened one eye worriedly to look at the Hokage and saw she wasn't mad. She exhaled heavily.

"To what do I the owe the honor of the genjutsu mistress of Konoha?"

"Well, you see Anko told me she cancelled the contract on her apartment and moved in with Naruto today. She had a real large smile on her face. Not the usual 'scary Anko' smile, but the 'Naruto' smile we've all been seeing for a while now. Tonight when we met up like we usually do, as soon as our sake arrived, Anko grabbed Naruto and left in a swirl of leaves with a massive gust. She's only done that when she's really happy. So I just kind of figured, Anko plus Naruto, same apartment, really happy; well I'm sure you can piece the two together."

"Oh, I see why you're here. You want to go spy on them, or more specifically Naruto, don't you?"

Kurenai nods while blushing.

"I can understand that. I ran a 'medical exam' on Naruto today, and if it happens, she's going to be walking bow legged for a while. I only saw him flaccid for obvious reasons, but if he's anything like I think he is, he's going to tear her in two. I want to see it too. Let's go."

Tsunade and Kurenai arrive at a roof across from Naruto's living room window. Sensing something wrong, Tsunade grabs what appears to be a piece of air. She knows exactly who it is and sends him flying towards Wave.

Naruto's Apartment

A flash of leaves and the two appear in the center of his living room.

"Didn't you want to hang out tonight with everyone, Anko-chan?"

"No, I didn't. I want to hang out with you Naru-kun. You and only you tonight." She said looking into his eyes.

Naruto looked back into her eyes and saw love, desire and determination. He walked up to her and grabbed her by the hips. He lowered himself to her face and kissed her on the lips. Anko pulled herself closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed like this for a while before opening their mouths and started to slowly invade each other. Pulling, massaging and nipping each other, they slowly moved their heads side to side. After inhaling and exhaling to the side of each others mouths for a long time while taking each other on, they finally had to pull back to get a full breath. Exhaling heavily they stared into each other's eyes. Naruto leaned forward and down. He reached her neck and started kissing her while slipping her trench coat off. Anko unzipped jacket and took it off of him. After holding her neck to the side for his lips to caress, she moaned once more and pulled back. She took her hair-tie off letting it flow down. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and undershirt and lifted it over his head. They returned to frenching each other while Anko rubbed her hands up and down his chest. Naruto was purring into her mouth while never losing pace on her mouth. She stopped moving her hands and pulled back from Naruto. He still had his grip on her hips as she crossed her arms to remove her shirt. He took one of his hands and looped two fingers, one above, and the other below; he flicked the 'S' shaped hook off it's loop letting her bra fall to the ground. They then went back to kissing each other again. Anko wrapped her arms around his waist and started to run her hands up and down his muscular back, gripping his shoulders when she reached there. Without pulling back, Naruto withdrew his hands from her hips and slipped them in between the two of them and cupped her breasts. Anko took her mouth from Naruto's and leaned her head over his shoulder pulling only her chest back so he could reach in further. With her head over his shoulder he started to kiss the back of her neck while moving his hands in farther. He slid most of his hand on the underside of her breasts while using his index fingers to move around her areolas a bit and circle the sides of her nipples following with tapping the tips and applying pressure. She let go of his shoulders and grabbed his ass pulling him against her. Her moaning became louder and her exhales beginning to get erratic. He slowed his movements on her breasts to a frustrating pace and moved from the underside to rotate his hands all around them, never taking his finger off her nipples. She started to quiver and grabbed his ass tightly trying to hold on. He took his lips from the back of her neck and started to run his teeth across the side of ear downwards and then back up her neck. That was it. Her upper body almost fell back limply before Naruto grabbed her.

Roof across Naruto's apartment

Tsunade and Kurenai sat there with their jaws on the floor.

"You've got to be kidding me, right? He just made her cum by fondling her tits and kissing her neck! She almost fell over!" Kurenai exclaimed.

Tsunade was just as surprised. "He's a pro. A natural. I've never even heard about anything like this. I'll be honest; I didn't believe half the shit Anko told me. I'm a believer now."

Kurenai couldn't help but gasp. "The worst part is that they're just starting."

Tsunade nodded. "I'm not sure whether I'm happy or jealous."

They both nodded and jumped to the other side of his apartment as Anko led Naruto to their bedroom by his hand interlacing their fingers together.

Naruto and Anko's bedroom

"That was wonderful Naru-kun." She said with a dreamy look on her face.

Naruto turned his head to the side obviously embarrassed. "I'm glad, Anko-hime. I want this to be special."

Anko smiled and than she looked at him harshly with narrowed eyes. "Take it off. Everything. Now."

He looked at her with an affirming look. She nodded and he took his pants and his boxers off.

"Lay down."

Naruto got onto his bed with his back propped against the wall. He had a nervous look on his face as he saw Anko crawl on the bed on all fours in an animalistic manner. She softened the look on her face looking at him.

"Just calm down Naru-kun. I want to make you feel good too. I love you."

After he heard Anko, Naruto let the tension in his shoulders go and rested his arms from stiff to fluid on his sides. She approached slowly and looked down at a fully erect Naruto. She had felt it on her back and held it in her hands before, but this was the first time she had seen it fully. She stared for a few seconds. Anko then wrapped her hand on the base and lowered her head down. Licking the head in circles a few times, she pulled back and collected saliva in her mouth. After she felt she was properly prepared she stretched her mouth and took his head into her mouth. Licking the underside of the head, she could feel him moving slightly. Pulling back, she brought her mouth down again and took more into her mouth. She bobbed her mouth as far as she could while she started stroking him below to cover the ground she couldn't reach. Moving up and down slowly, she continued to salivate his cock and stroke while she took a break a few times. He was fully coated in his pre cum and her spit. She dove down as far she could take it before he hit the back of her throat. She held herself there for a few seconds stroking him from beneath. She rose up again licking her tongue around him from one side to the other. Naruto had started to clench the side of his bed and grunted through his teeth keeping his eyes shut tightly. She kept up her movement, slowing down and speeding up at random intervals. Anko pulled back to breathe and stroked all of him. He had let his clutch loose and lost the tension on his eyelids. She smiled and dove right back onto his cock, much to his surprise. She bobbed as fast as she could grabbing his dick hard and brought her mouth up sucking tightly and lowering down licking in circles. She kept this up and started to get tired with an ache in her neck. As she was about to give up, then she felt him thrust just a little into her mouth. She smiled with his cock still inside her mouth. She buried him into her throat and sang, vibrating him. After this, she cupped his balls and started rolling them between her fingers. He threw his head back denting the wall moaning into the air. She pulled back and started to run her tongue underneath his head moving fast then slow. He kept moaning and gripping the bed as she held his balls and licked his head and sucked the top. Naruto couldn't hold back anymore. He warned her.

"Anko cpull back cI'm going cto c"

She smiled. Anko put her mouth onto his head sucking and licking at the same time. She took the hand she was stroking him with and ran her finger around the border of his balls. His whole body stiffened, his sack withdrew in and his dick throbbed without his consent as he burst into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh! Ankoooooooo!"

He filled her mouth with streams and streams of thick cream. She swallowed, swallowed and swallowed. She managed to keep up with his thrusts and cum until he fell back down to the bed. She pulled back and stroked him to get the rest. A little more poured out and ran down his shaft. She licked it up and stuck her tongue out at Naruto. He pulled her all the way up and enveloped her mouth into his own. They shared cum between each other's mouths before swallowing a little bit between the two of them. Looking down between her thighs, she saw a still massively erect Naruto.

'He just blew into my mouth like a fire hose and it didn't even go down for a second? I was just joking about his stamina, but this is unbelievable! I blew him for a solid half an hour and he's still good to go?'

Naruto looked into her face with a sparkle in his eyes, showing no sign of exhaustion.

"Anko-hime, that was incredible. Do you want to go to bed? I don't mind."

She just looked at him with her eyes bulged. She rolled her head around cracking all the bones in her neck.

"No Naru-kun. I want you inside of me. I don't want to go to bed."

Opposite roof of Naruto's apartment

"Do you see the size of that? He's a horse! She just took him to town for thirty minutes! She's going to need a chiropractor. How is he still awake! He's still hard as a rock too! I can't get Asuma to drink me and I don't know if I would want to taste myself, but Naruto and Anko just spit into each other before swallowing at the same time. I'm getting even more hot. This isn't fair!" Kurenai gasped.

Tsunade wasn't fairing much better. "I can't believe this. She's screwed. If it took her that long to blow him, no matter how tight she is, it's going to be a rough night. I may be old, but I'm starting to lose my cool. They even shared his cum together. I don't know why, but that is so hot. This isn't fair."

Naruto's bedroom

"Could you give me a second, Anko-hime? There's something I need to take care of that I just became aware of."

Anko looked at him still with an ache in her neck and said, "You'll just be a second right Naru-kun?"

He nodded. Crack!

Opposite roof of Naruto's apartment

"You know what's really not fair. Seeing your girlfriend's friend and my older sister peeping on us like Jiraiya. I guess it's my fault for not drawing the curtains."

Both of them spun around like a top and gasped looking at Naruto completely naked.

"I love you Tsunade-chan. You are a great friend to Anko-chan, Kurenai. However, if you two don't leave right now. I WILL kill you. Just be glad I'm not going to say anything to Anko-chan. Trust me, she'd be a lot slower tearing you two apart then I would. As far as I'm concerned this conversation never happened. Now leave."

Before they could apologize Naruto left in a flash.

Naruto and Anko's bedroom

"What was that Naru-kun?"

"It was nothing. I just forgot to lock the door. Wouldn't want anyone busting in on us, would we?"

Anko just laughed. "Who gives a shit? If anyone does, we can just kill them or charge them for watching a show."

Naruto laughs back. "I guess you're right." Naruto lies right up next to her looking at her eyes. "Now where we're we, Anko-hime?"

Anko looks sort of nervous for a moment looking to the side before whipping her head back around. "I want you in me, Naru-kun."

"Are you sure Anko-hime? It's going to hurt your first time. I don't want you to regret anything."

"You think I'm a virgin, Naru-kun?"

Naruto cups her chin and kisses her lightly. "There's a reason were together Anko-hime. Do you really think I bought into that whole 'sadistic sex-queen' act? You pushed people away just like me. I used to do the same thing by acting like an idiot."

She starts to tear up. Wiping them from both of her eyes, she pulls him into a deep kiss. "I never regret anything when I'm with you Naru-kun."

Anko rolls onto her back and spreads her legs. She guides Naruto right to her entrance. Still holding onto him, she looks at his face.

"Don't worry Anko-hime. I won't do anything until you tell me to." He said with a concerned look on his face.

Slowly she pulled him to her inner lips. Immediately encountering resistance she looks up at Naruto. "Slowly, please."

Naruto looks down to her and slowly strokes her hair, never moving from her position. "Anko-hime, I'm going to lean down right now. Put your teeth on my shoulder. I don't want to see you biting your lip. I can see you getting ready to do it right now."

She went to say something but he hushed her lips and pulled her head to his shoulder. With a little defiance still in her, she only places her head on his shoulder. He strokes himself a little to coat himself as much pre cum he has. After gathering all he could. He takes a finger and runs it up her slit causing her to shiver. Taking that finger, he runs it around his head. Satisfied that he's lubed up as best he could, he places himself at her entrance again. Using one hand to hold her head on his shoulder, he uses his other the guide himself into her slowly. She groans and bites down on his shoulder to silence her self. Groaning a little himself, he slips his head into her causing her lips to close around him. She lets up on his shoulder for a bit until he slowly slides into her. She clamps down again stifling a deep grunt. He reaches her hymen and speaks up.

"Anko-hime. Do you still want me in you? After I break this, it's never going to be there again." He says looking at his shoulder.

She pulls her mouth away enough just so he can hear her. "Don't make me say it again, Naru-kun. I love you. Only you. Forever."

Nodding his head he places her teeth back into his aching shoulder. In one stroke he shoves himself into her as hard as he can. She bites clean through the skin on his shoulder screaming and drawing blood. Naruto lie above her completely motionless. He feels her loosen up slightly then contract again. This continues on for quite a long while before she pulls her teeth from his shoulder coated in blood. She looks at his shoulder and feels her teeth and looks him in the face.

"I'm sorry Naru-kun. I didn't mean to hurt you." She says concerned.

"I didn't mean to hurt you either, Anko-hime." He licks her teeth clean of his blood so she wouldn't feel bad. He then points her eyes down to the bed. She sees a little blood seeping out of her.

"We can stop now. It's still going to hurt for a while. The only difference will be that you will be able to stretch a little easier now. If you can't, I'm going to pull out with or without your consent. If you do want to calm down, I can help though."

Still grimacing a little, she tries to smile at him. "Just stay here please."

"Alright Anko-hime. This should help a little."

Naruto pulls one of his hands off the wall, licks his finger and starts to rub her clit lightly. Anko moans a little and bucks her hips. She's still hurting but the stimulation of her clit is drowning out a little pain. He licks his finger again and rubs circles around her clit. Anko's mind is split between pain and pleasure and she doesn't know what she wants. Feeling Naruto inside her as her pussy clenches and lets loose of his dick, while at the same time he's massaging her clit; her mind is set She wraps her legs around his waist.

"Please, Naru-kun."

"Okay, Anko-hime."

He starts to rub her clit a little more vigorously while he pulls his mouth down to hers. Before he kisses her, he pulls back slightly and pumps slowly at the back of her walls, inch out, inch in. She screams and moans at the same time. He slows down his tempo and circles her clit again as he lowers to kiss her. She rams her tongue into his mouth and starts to suck on it. He let's go of her tongue and slides his into her mouth to rub her canines and lick the roof of her mouth. She moans into his mouth as he speeds his finger around her a clit a little more. While he's keeping her occupied with his tongue and finger, he pulls back two inches now. She bites his tongue slightly before letting it go as he stops and returns to one inch at a time. This continues for hours before he can get half of himself in and out her. She was still hurting, but he was making it easier for her, moving slow enough for her to adjust bit by bit. He backs down to three inch thrusts at her back walls picking up speed and tonguing her mouth relentlessly. She pulls her head from his mouth and throws it back, almost hitting the wall screaming. Right after she starts screaming, Naruto takes the time to pinch her clit. She damn near flies off the bed throwing herself into his chest wrapping her arms him and clawing straight down his back, easily drawing blood. Pressured liquid blew out from around Naruto's cock. After her body stopped racking she fell back to the bed only to be caught with Naruto's arms supporting her from behind. Holding her until she comes back to reality, he tells her not to move as he slides out. She tugs tightly against him stifling a scream as he pulls out as quickly as he can. Knowing there was no way to put new sheets on the bed, he waits for her to go to sleep, which was not very long. He picks her up as lightly as possible. Carrying her out to the living room, he balances her on one arm while pulling out the sofa bed. He brings her down with him and pulls the sheets over them both. He rolls onto his side facing her and kisses her cheek. Laying one arm on her stomach, he drifts off to sleep.

Next morning

Anko wakes up to the familiar smell of eggs and hash browns. She rolls around to see that she's lying on Naruto's sofa bed. Confused and extremely sore she asks.

"Naruto, what am I doing on the sofa bed? Did you sleep out here too?"

Naruto turned around to face Anko. Assuming the 'position' ? he smiles "Good morning Anko-chan. Yes, we slept out here last night. You kind of squirted last night after I tried to finish dulling the pain. I tried to make you feel as good as you could before putting you to sleep. I'm sure you didn't want us sleeping in soaked sheets so I brought us out here. I'm sure your still probably hurting and I apologize, but it shouldn't be as painful next time."

Anko raised an eyebrow.

'He's right. I still hurt, but it's nothing compared to last night. Even if I was hurting, he made sure I had an orgasm to dull the pain so I could sleep it off. He took hours to make sure I got used to him. Well, at least part of him. He didn't even cum once. He was too busy taking care of me. I bit a hole through his shoulder and pulled skin off his back, and he never said a word. It isn't exactly the way I pictured my first time, but he did treat me exactly like I dreamt he would.'

"Hello Anko-chan; is there anyone in there?" Naruto said while waving his hand in her face.

"Oh yeah, yeah. Listen Naru-kun; I really want to thank you for last night. You probably don't believe me, but it was the best night of my life." She said with a weak smile, a tear threatening to fall from her eye.

Naruto turned down the stove and walked over to her. He sat beside her and wiped the tear away. Hugging her, he spoke into her ear.

"It was the best night of my life too, Anko-hime. You don't need to thank me, I just hope next time you can enjoy yourself. I'm sorry it had to be that way. Regardless of whatever book you read, or movie you watch, that's the way it is for everybody."

"Naru-kun, I've been wondering for a while now; you know everything to say and do. Weren't you a virgin too until last night?"

"Yes Anko-chan, last night was my first. However, my older sister is a doctor and my sensei is a pervert. After a few years you pick things up, even if you don't want to :cough: Jiraiya :cough: That and I listen to your body. Even if you're still feeling great, when I feel you get comfortable, I move to another spot on your body while making sure to keep focus on the original place as well. I can feel when you're near the edge, so I stop temporarily to throw you off your concentration and return harder to a place I know you love and another I haven't explored yet."

Anko smiled. Naruto turned the burners back up; a few minutes later he walked over to the table and split their food up. Anko smiled at Naruto and went to get up. She stood up, or tried to at least. She wobbled for a minute before being caught by Naruto.

"Don't worry, after breakfast, I'll take you to see Tsunade-chan. She'll fix you right up. We have to come up with a good cover story though." He said while rubbing his chin.

Anko may be sore, but this didn't make her any less Anko. She grinned evilly. "Who said anything about making up a cover story? We kick everyone out of the office and tell her you popped me like a water balloon last night."

Naruto face faulted.

"I'm pretty sure I can't change your mind, and considering I have to take you there or else it'll take you all day to get there, I'll just have to live." Naruto lied convincingly, knowing damn well Tsunade would already know when they showed up.

Anko started laughing. "Well then let's hurry up and eat breakfast. After she heals me, I've got to go tell Kurenai you snapped me like a wishbone."

Naruto face faulted. Anko kept laughing.

Hokage's Tower

Naruto appeared at Tsunade's office in a flash of yellow holding Anko bridal style. Anko smiled at Tsunade with a cheeky grin.

"Hokage-sama, I'd like to ask you for a favor if that's alright. You being the best doctor, I figured you could fix a few muscles of mine." She asked.

Tsunade smiled inwardly. "Sure, just let me know where they are and I'll take a look." Wearing her best professional face.

Anko grinned and pointed at her pelvis. "Here."

Tsunade sweat-dropped and told her to prop her feet on her desk. She couldn't, so Naruto had to lift her legs up while she squinted a little. Tsunade when through two hand seals and her hands glowed green. She moved her hands up from her knees up slowly. Once she reached her thighs she saw tension. She laid her hands there for a while before moving back up. Reaching her intersection she saw massive overstretching. She had to keep her hands here for a long time to set the muscles as they naturally would. Anko felt the soreness leaving her lower legs and smiled. Tsunade moved up past where her hymen used to be and set those muscles as well.

Tsunade coughed to clear her throat. "Well it's pretty obvious why you're here Anko, but there are a few things I saw that surprised me. Except for your hymen being gone, there were no signs of unnatural bleeding and although you muscles were definitely stretched, your inner walls showed no signs of tearing."

Anko smiled sweetly. "Well, you can thank Naru-kun over here for that. He sat there with me for hours on his hands starting at the back of me, pulling back a little at a time extremely slowly. When he'd move farther back, he'd kiss me and rub my clit so I couldn't feel it as much. He kept doing this forever until I got used to it as much we could in one night. After he decided it was enough for me, he pulled back to small strokes that were comfortable to me by then, assaulted my mouth and pinched my clit. I exploded all around his cock, completely soaking our sheets. My sweet lover here waiting for me to go to sleep then took us both out to sleep on his sofa bed."

Naruto sweat-dropped

"Did you have to tell her EVERYTHING?" he said with an outward sigh.

"Yes, I did. I'm no professional or anything, but I can't imagine an easier or less painful way than that to go about it." Anko said crossing her newly healed legs putting her hands behind her head.

"Well, I am a professional, and you're right. It's never roses and fluffs a girl's first time. Naruto here did everything by the book, you just had a case of severe muscle exhaustion, and none of them were torn. You're lucky; most guys just go for the goal without making sure everything is okay first. Healing stretched muscles is easy; ruptured walls and torn muscles are not. You should be perfectly fine now. Dismissed. Naruto you stay."

Anko stands up perfectly lax, walks around and jumps up and down a little bit testing her muscles. "Wow. Thank you Hokage-sama. Talk to you later, Naru-kun. And I'll see you tonight." She says the last part under her breath before disappearing in a typhoon of leaves.

Tsunade walks back over to her chair and sits down crossing her arms across her chest. "I'd like to say I'm surprised Naruto, but you've always been the most gentle and caring man I've ever met. You handled that exactly the way every man should. I can't tell you how many times I've had to fix torn muscles. You even made her squirt at the end so she could go to sleep."

Naruto assumes the 'position' ? "I just didn't want her to hurt anymore then she had to. Sleeping it off was the best thing I could think of without having to wake you up to fix her. Oh, and sorry for being so harsh last night, but it was both our first time. I wanted it to be special even if I knew she wasn't going to end up enjoying herself that much."

Tsunade waved her hands in the front of her face. "Not a problem, it was a low blow on our part. It's a good thing you found us. The two of us most likely would have started crying seeing how you treated her like a princess. I could get away, but Anko would have skinned Kurenai alive and made her into a wallet. Haha."

Naruto sweat-dropped.

"Okay, so I guess I'll see you later at the poker game. Now get the hell out of here before I hug the shit out of you or give you another 'medical exam'."

Naruto gulped and left. Crack!


"So I heard Anko moved in with you? Anything happen last night, eh tiger?" Jiraiya said sliding a dish down.

Naruto caught it and downed it. "You know, I should kill you for that. In fact, you'll like this. I caught Tsunade and Kurenai last night outside of my window. I made it clear that Hokage or not I would kill her and Kurenai. Being the wonderful teammate she is, she told me this morning that before they started peeping that someone was there before them. She wouldn't say whom, but it appears that I just might have to kill someone else as well. You wouldn't happen to know who that was, would you sensei?"

Jiraiaya gulped audibly and shook his head.

"But yes, things did happen. I know it's not the way she planned it, but peoples first times aren't the way you write it in your books, Jiraiya-sensei."

He slid another dish down to Naruto. "I don't know if I'll get used to you calling me that, but you're right. My teammate is a medic, and despite what you think, I took a girl's first time slow as well. But come on though, how many people would buy my books if I put those details in?" he caught Naruto's dish.

"Good point sensei. We down this afternoon? I'll start with only 5 chips again." He asks.

"You got it Naruto, thanks to us, the nations are peaceful. It's not like we have anything better to do. My next book is being edited, so I got time to kill before I have to start my 'research' again." They tip their glasses, down them and drop bills. Jiraiya leaves in a swirl. Naruto leaves in yellow.

Dango Stop

"So how was last night, Anko-chaaan?" Kurenai says with a Cheshire cat smile on her face.

Anko laughs. "My, my, Kurenai. What ever could you mean? Maybe we were just really tired and wanted to get some shut eye."

Kurenai starts laughing. "Oh come on, with the look on your face and the way you took off out of here practically screamed 'Night guys. I've got some serious fucking to do.' Question is, if you were telling the truth about Naruto; how are you still walking?"

Anko smiles softly and retells last night's story and their meeting with Tsunade this morning.

"Whoa. My first was nothing like that. I was screaming and tearing up in my eyes. He just thought I was in ecstasy, the moron. I didn't want to hurt his pride, so I didn't say anything. I broke up with him a week later. Naruto didn't even want to cum either? That reminds me, Tsunade told me that you're supposed to go on an S-rank mission to the other side of the world, indefinitely."

Anko laughs maniacally. "A little jealous are we, Kurenai? Well, it was not fun at all last night until he made me pass out, AGAIN. Tsunade said because of the way he treated me last night that I should be good to go. Considering how I'm not hurting anymore, I think it's time for round two tonight. Well maybe one night I'll charge you an entrance fee and let you take notes for the 'Super Asuma' techniques cNOT! If I ever caught anybody during our time alone with each other, I'd skin them alive and make a wallet out of them."

Kurenai gulped silently.

'For some reason, I completely believe her. I'm glad Naruto warned us last night.'

"Haha, between you two? I'd feel bad for anyone who tries something stupid like that. Between you and him, there wouldn't be enough left to fill a paper bag."

Anko took a fist and pounded her chest, looking at the roof. "Damn straight."

Just then Naruto arrived in a flash.

"How are you feeling, Anko-chan? Ready to go?"

"Perfect Naru-kun, fit as a whistle; tip top shape." She says holding onto her raised, flexed bicep.

Naruto laughs. "Okay, glad to hear it, hop on, my hime." He bends down leaning forward and picks her up by the back of the knees letting her throw her arms around his neck.

She blushes lightly than points ahead and says. "Onward!"


'Did she just blush? Oh never mind, time to go. I'm really horny right now; maybe I can get Asuma to last for a minute or two and I can masturbate in his bathroom after. Sigh. I'm sure Tsunade and I are on a list of women waiting for Naruto. Not those two though. They're perfect. Sigh.' Kurenai disappears in a swirl of leaves.

Hokage's Tower

The players arrived, and the summons were called. Tsunade shuffled the cards and dealt out 7 hands. Anko pushed hers back. Tsunade looks at her with a confused look on her face.

"Aren't you going to play today Anko?"

Anko nodded and hopped onto Naruto's lap in his chair. "We'll be playing together today, if you two don't mind."

Figuring this would help their chances, the summons and their summoners agree. For the most part, the first half of the game went just like it always did; Naruto plundering everyone's chips. However the tides started to turn for everyone else shortly thereafter, rather unfairly at Naruto's expense. At this point, every other hand dealt, Anko would grind her ass into Naruto silencing him so she could pick how many cards to exchange. This did not go unnoticed by everyone at the table, but no one spoke up because they started to win all their chips back. After things started to look bad for Naruto and Anko, she stopped grinding. Naruto smiled evilly at everyone on the table. A few hours later, they had won. Tsunade pounded her fist lightly enough as not to shatter the table.

"I could have sworn you were on our side for a while, Anko!"

Anko started to laugh. "I figured it was more fun this way. The game lasted longer, you guys got most of your chips back, and then Naruto took them all again. Personally I thought it was hilarious."

The other players face faulted.

'That and it was really hot. I could feel his cock get hard between my skirt, and I got wet dry humping it. This is definitely the way to play poker.'

"Alright guys, it's been fun but we've got our nightly meeting to attend to at the Dango Stop. Adios." Anko grabbed Naruto's shoulders and left with leaves flying around.

"I may be the legendary sucker, but I got money that says they're not going anywhere near the Dango Stop."

Jiraiya nods. "Only one way to find out. I don't feel like getting slaughtered by Naruto, so I suggest we just go to the Dango Stop to see if they show up."

Tsunade agreed and they both left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto's Apartment

"Haha. How did I know we weren't going there? By the way, that was probably the best game of poker I've ever had. Only problem now is that I'm hard." Naruto smiled.

Anko licked her lips. "Well, I'm soaking, but I don't think either of those is a problem at all."

Naruto smiled as they both went back to his room and took each other's clothes off. They started kissing each other holding their bodies together, Naruto's cock angling down Anko's stomach and rubbing her. They both gasped at the contact and soon they fell onto their bed sideways. Anko rolled Naruto on his back and straddled his upper torso. She bent down and started kissing him again. After a while of toying with each other's mouths Anko started rubbing her ass back on him pushing his dick back as it slid from the back of her ass and between her moist lips. Moaning into each other's mouth. She pulled back while holding him down by his shoulders. She took her hands off his shoulders and placed them on either side of his hips. Pushing herself up from his chest using the bed as leverage, she hovered above him. Seeing her having both her arms occupied, he grabs the base of himself to keep it in the same place. He looks into her eyes and she simply nods. Lowering herself down, she rubs herself in a small circle on his head to make sure it's lubricated. She passes his head still having to put pressure on it to get him to start sliding in. Hearing a wet pop as her lips wrap back around him, she exhales heavily lowering her head. After a moment she starts sliding down him again slowly. As she continues to lower herself, she pauses for moment to pull back up a little before returning to the same spot and keeps going down. Naruto could feel her wrapped around tightly. Anko slides down a little more; stopping, she inhales sharply and drops herself down on him hard. Screaming and moaning at the same time, she finally released the breath she's been holding all this time. She falls down onto his chest breathing rapidly.

"Are you okay, Anko-hime?"

Panting she responds. "Yeah, the hurt's gone. You're just huge, give me a second."

Naruto starts petting her back with both of hands. With one hand he tickles the top of her ass crack making her giggle a little bit into his chest. Regaining her breath, she pushes off his bed again and brings her knees forward so they're in front of her body. Taking a deep breath, she pulls up and goes back down with half his length slowly. She stops at his base again and pulls back up and down again a little faster. She starts to moan with a deep low voice as she starts to up it to a medium tempo. She pulls her hands behind her shoulder and rests them back down on the bed. Sitting there she pants and moans. Anko pulls herself up a little higher and rams herself hard against him at a backwards angle. She screams a little and does it again; over and over. Happy with the length, she pulls back and picks up speed fast, throwing her head back moaning loudly. At first it was a deep long moan, but as she kept riding him, it turned into a higher pitched slow moan. Slowing down and picking up speed randomly, her voice ends up turning into a light squeal. Stopping completely, she pulls her back forward again. Breathing hard, she changes her angle. Lying down on his chest, she grabs him by the shoulders and pries his mouth open so she can kiss him. They lie like this before Anko starts to ride him up and down again. As Anko takes more length into her, she has to pull her mouth off Naruto's and moans into his shoulder. She starts to pick up speed up and down, up and down. Anko slows herself down and then moves up only a small length and brings it down quickly rolling her hips forward to stimulate her clit. She grabs onto Naruto and repeats the process until the squeal returns and she's stopped riding him and just keeps rolling her clit on his chest. Naruto can tell she's starting to get frustrated, so he grabs her ass tightly causing her eyes to open and make her gasp. Even though she was already down on him, he starts to thrust what he can from his position while she continues to push and pull her clit forward and back against him. Her breath becomes ragged as he mini-thrusts into her. Prying another one of her palms off his shoulder, he sticks his hand to her chest with the small room he had. He grabs one of her aching nipples and tweaks it forwards and backwards. He twists once and then pinches hard. She ceases movement and screams into his chest for what sounded like a lifetime. Soon he finds his hips and thighs being coated lightly with her liquids. She starts to return to the universe and lifts her head took look at him with glazed over eyes. He smiles at her, and while still inside he grabs on to her shoulders and flips them around. Anko looks at him when a revelation strikes her.

'He never came. I can still feel him throbbing in me. I wanted to do all the work this time, but he ends up getting the credit again. He even warned me this morning how he always gets me off, but if I can't tell what he's going to do, I can't avoid it. Not like I'm thinking all that clearly right now anyways. I don't even know what 2 + 2 is. Ohhhh god god c'

Naruto props Anko slightly against the wall, picks her legs up by the ankles and spreads her legs in the air. He pulls himself halfway out and slams himself back into her. She gasps with her eyes wide open. He then pulls him three quarters out and slams into her. This time she moans opening her mouth in a huge 'O' shape. He leaves himself there for a moment before he pulls his cock all the way out except for his head. Starting off slow the first inch, he slams back into her again causing her to scream at the top of her lungs with a catch in her throat. Letting her rest for a moment; he then pulls halfway out again and starts thrusting at a medium pace in and out. He keeps the same pace and length until her moans start to get louder again. He picks up the pace a little bit. She's still moaning until he decides to take her legs by the ankles and pull them together still raised in the air causing her to tighten up harder then she has all night. She starts to scream as he keeps thrusting into her at an increasingly quicker pace. She grabs his back with her nails trying to hold on. Keeping the pace he starts to hit her harder thrusting his hips all the way in and rolling a bit. He slows his pace but hits her even harder and rolls his hips in complete circles when he imbeds into her. Anko's eyes roll into the back of her head and she uses her hands to grab as much of his lower torso as she could and tried to pull him in further, but her hands are shaking. She blows up inside launching her juices when Naruto pulls out, spaying onto his lower chest. Naruto lowered her legs to the bed. Anko could only lay with her back against the wall, arms completely limp and legs motionless, minus a twitch every other minute. Naruto smiled at her and bent down to kiss her on the lips lightly. Her eyes snapped forward at that moment. She tried to keep him there for a deep kiss, but the hand she put on the back of his head slid down his shoulder. He pecked her and then started to pull back from the front of the bed. He got off the bed and knelt down on the floor. He reached forward and pulled her legs toward his head, having hers drop from the wall unceremoniously to the pillows. He pulled her until her legs and part of her ass were hanging off the front of their bed.

"What are you doing, Naru-kun? I'm beat up and tired." She said weakly staring at the ceiling.

"I'm just making sure you get cleaned up, Anko-hime." He said with an evil grin.

"You've got to be kidding me." Anko lifted her head up to look at his face.

"No, I'm not. Don't worry, this won't take long."

"You are amazing, Naru-kun." She said as she laid her head back down with a dreamy smile on her face, eyes barely open.

Being at head level all Naruto had to do was lean his face closer. Starting with her inner thighs, he began to lick from the bottom to the top of her left thigh; it sent shivers up Anko's spine. He repeated this action on her right leaving only a light layer of his own saliva. He then put his hands on Anko's hips holding her down. He set his tongue right below her anus (A/N She's perfectly clean down there, so don't anybody say anything about her getting a UTI.) where some of her cum had trickled down to. She shook violently as he ran it from the crack of her ass all the way all the way up to her clit. After that, he licked her outer lips clean. When Anko had thought he was done, he slipped a finger into her and fished the rest of her cum out. Her head snapped up to look at Naruto cleaning his finger with his mouth. She lay back ready for him to bring her back to the bed and go to sleep, she gasped as he slipped one finger, then two back into her. Anko started to moan as he pumped into her back and forth. Feeling bliss take her back over, she decided to just stay still and moan as he fingered her. It felt great, so she had nothing to say. Her body reacted severely as she moaned heavily when on his was back out he curled his two fingers back into a 'C' shape and dragged back slowly. He straightened out his fingers and pulled out only to dive back in and continued the same process for what she thought was eternity. She started shaking and then it happened. He put his mouth over her clit and sucked on it releasing with an audible pop. Her eyes opened from a half a closed state to wide open as she pulled her body up as much as she could with Naruto holding half of it down. She stretched her legs out stiffly on both sides of Naruto's head and grabbed his head shoving it down. Taking this as motivation, Naruto increased his pace on fingering her, slowing it down drastically on his way back with his two fingers. Anko tried to say or scream something but her voice was caught in the back of her throat. He looked up with his eyes never stopping his actions; he could see the look on her face. Naruto sped up his fingers even more and sucked her clit once before removing his lips and started to trace and flick the top. She couldn't take it and had another orgasm. Anko fell back down onto the bed, tears in her eyes; she blacked out. He pulled his fingers out finally and really did get the last of her cum; licking himself clean, he smiled broadly. Naruto stood up and picked Anko's limp body up and went back out to living room where they would end up sleeping again for the second straight night.

Next day

Anko smelt the familiar scent and propped herself up on her elbows knowing damn straight she was on the sofa bed again. Naruto had heard the squeak of the bedsprings and turned around smiling at Anko.

"You know, I should probably replace that sofa with another bed, Anko-chan."

"No need, it's pretty comfortable when you pass out before you can go to sleep on it." She told him while she smiled back.

"Breakfast will be ready in a bit, but I'm not sure if you call it that. It's one in the afternoon." Naruto said turning his back returning to cooking.

Anko looked around the room trying to find a clock. Sure enough, it was one. "I'd say I'm surprised, but after last night I can believe it."

Never turning around Naruto added his two cents. "Neither am I. You were incredible, absolutely amazing. I'm glad you got to have fun last night."

Anko's eyes bulged out. "Fun! You call that fun! I passed out again, Naru-kun! Fun isn't exactly the word I would use to describe it. I rode you like a bike for an hour. You almost split me apart like a piece of string cheese before pulling me back together like a pair of scissors, and to top it all off you pretended to clean me before giving me another mind shattering orgasm! Fun! Ha! I think I'd use Euphoric. Last night made me feel like everything else we've done was child's play!"

Naruto put all of the food on one dish, than he walked over to the bed and handed it to Anko. "You need this more than I do. I grabbed some ramen from Ichiraku's earlier. When you finish, I'll take you over to Tsunade's."

Anko's stomach growled and she smirked a little bit. "Okay."

Hokage's Tower

Naruto let Anko down and she wobbled over to Tsunade.

"Hokage-sama, I was wondering if you could help me with something. You see I kind of jumped off something really high this morning and didn't land so well." She smiled at her evilly.

Tsunade laughed out loud. "Okay. Can you prop your legs up on my desk?"

Anko shook her head.

Tsunade kept laughing. "Okay then, Naruto grab the other chair, pick up Anko's waist and let her lay back on the chairs."

She walked up with green hands to try and look at the damage Naruto caused. Blood started trickling down her nose. She obviously wasn't there to see, but by the way she was stretched out and how her uterus had been shifted, (A/N I know a woman's uterus can't be moved. If someone's hung, he'd just hurt the woman and would end up bruising her, but it's my story. So I can kind of half way make shit up.) ; She knew that Anko had been pounded pretty hard last night. Wiping her nose on her sleeve, she spoke.

"Well, I can kind of half way fix this Anko. You're not damaged or anything bad, but Naruto must given it to you pretty good, because I can just take away a little bit of the soreness. You'll walk fine, but until you get used to him, you're going to have to walk with your legs slightly apart. Nobody will notice unless you tell them, if that's any consolation. However, this is going to cost you." Tsunade said with an 'Anko' like smile.

Anko picked up on right away and started laughing. Naruto hadn't until Anko started laughing. He hung his head, drew up a seat with a sweat-drop over his head.

Anko told Tsunade what happened with so much detail you'd swear they were watching a video, Tsunade passed out with a fountain of blood shooting out her nose. Anko laughed her ass off before telling Naruto she wanted to find Kurenai. Naruto sighed and kissed her lips before saying goodbye. Anko said she would join them at poker. Naruto just stuck around waiting for Tsunade to wake up. She woke up and put tissues in her nose. Even after that though, when she looked at his eyes, the tissues shot out and she passed out again. Naruto face faulted. Once Tsunade had regained consciousness again, she was too woozy from blood loss to faint again. Now they just sat there chit-chatting until Jiraiya and Anko showed up.

Dango Stop

Anko walked in to see Kurenai finishing off the rest off her food and standing up to leave, grabbing some money to leave on the table. Anko 'walked' up to say hi to Kurenai. She looked over at Anko watching her 'walk' to her table. Kurenai raised an eyebrow.

"Considering your legs and the smile on your face, I'm going to assume you had a good night. We missed you guys last night. I thought one of you would show up and make up a lame excuse, but when neither of you did; I couldn't stop anyone from assuming something. I hope you don't care. If you two show up tonight, you're going to get a good razzing."

Anko leaned her head back and cackled. "You've known me long enough to know I don't give a shit. I was giving him a hand job the other night for crying out loud. Sure, it was under the table, but if everyone saw it, I wouldn't care. There's another reason I love Naru-kun. He may have slid off the table, but if anyone saw, the words 'I don't give a fuck' would have slipped out his mouth almost as quick as mine."

Kurenai face faulted.

"So not the typical couple. Nice to see a little wobble there Anko-chaaan, feel like sharing? I'm curious to see how the rookies handled themselves."

Anko told her slowly and emphasized almost every word she spoke to pay her back for mocking them. Everybody knows that Kurenai is well reserved and level headed. Only a few minutes into the story, Kurenai was hanging onto every word for dear life. After Anko had finished her story, she could see Kurenai had her hands under the table almost the entire time. Anko pointed it out and Kurenai denied everything until Anko put her hands up spreading them out to a certain amount. Kurenai then shot out of her seat spilling blood everywhere. Anko looked over the table and saw a certain moist Kurenai. Anko simply sat back in the seat waiting for her friend to wake up. Shortly thereafter Kurenai picked herself off the floor coughing to clear her throat and trying to imply seriousness. This is the time Anko had been waiting for. Seemingly out of nowhere for Kurenai; Anko started laughing her ass off.

"I guess you think we're not too bad for 'rookies', eh? Don't say you don't, I could see your wet panties when you fell down on the ground. Not very ladylike if you ask me."

Kurenai flushed.

"Okay, fine. That story was better than any novel I've read or any porno Asuma TRIED to get me to watch. Are you happy now?"

"Yes, I am. That's what you get for mocking me." Anko grinned.

"Three times, and he never got off once?"

"Nope, from what I can tell he wasn't even close. I feel so selfish. Except for that blowjob I gave him the other day that almost broke my neck, I've never seen him cum. The great thing is that he's so happy when he makes ME happy. It's like he doesn't even care. I do feel selfish, which when dealing with anything other than him has never bothered me my entire life. When he smiles at me, my heart flutters. If you EVER repeat any of this I WILL kill you. We don't care about a lot of things. Our sex life, even if he tries to play fox I know him like the back of my hand. He doesn't care, he thinks it's funny and I love to brag. Our love life is a completely different story. That's for us and us only. He may not know it, but he tells Jiraiya and I tell you. We trust you two unconditionally. That doesn't mean I won't kill you, and Naru-kun surpassed Jiraiya a few years ago, so he can kill him. I know that Jiraiya is a pervert, but if Naru-kun trusts him about us, I trust him. Oh another thing. Naru-kun doesn't know that I know, but I knew you were all there. The only reason I haven't done anything is because you're my friend. Plus Tsunade and Jiraiya are like his parents."

Kurenai's jay dropped.

"I'm sorry Anko. I'd love to give you some elaborate reason why, but I don't have one."

"Don't worry about it. As far as I'm considered it's old news. Plus I figure he said he'd kill you both. I may have not heard it, but I didn't buy his 'door locked' story. He looked a little frustrated. I've seen his flash so many times that I knew he went a lot farther then his door. I'll see you tonight, Kurenai. I've got a poker game to go to."

Kurenai sweat dropped. 'How can she be so calm after finding out we peeped on her? That's Anko for you. I was kind of scared there for a while.'

Hokage's Tower

"Well, it looks you finally won tonight Tsunade-chan." Naruto smiled.

"Don't smile Naruto, she cheated. Didn't you see those aces in her sleeve?" Jiraiya said while crying.

"Oh, guess I didn't notice. I already got lucky last night. I just plum forgot." Naruto grinned.

Tsunade and Jiraiya sweat-dropped. Anko just threw her head back and started laughing as Naruto leaned over. He grabbed her by the waist. Crack!

"He may have grown up and learned respect. He still got that attitude from his father, though."

Tsunade just nodded

Dango Stop ? 8:01 PM

Instead of walking in, Naruto just flashed into an open cushion with Anko on his lap.

"Hey what's up guys, sorry we missed you last night. He was too busy fucking my brains out." Anko said with a deadpan look on her face.

Everyone at the table face faulted.

"It's funny you say that. We were all making jokes about that last night, but I didn't really think it was true. We all just planned on teasing you guys." ?Asuma


"Here I was thinking my knuckleheaded student would never get laid." ?Kakashi

Kurenai sweat-dropped.

"I'm sorry Kakashi, I didn't mean to disappoint you. So everybody want some sake?"

The table nodded and once again Guy ended up being the waiter He arrived with the jug of sake and empty dishes. Everyone reached for their own dish. Once the bottle arrived at their side of the table, Anko leaned forward to pour two dishes. In a very slight and almost invisible yellow, Naruto never moved from his place. In reality he unzipped his pants, pulled Anko's skirt up and moved her thong to the side inserting him into her before she had started to move back. Anko flushed deep red and dropped the dishes, shattering the porcelain. Thinking on her toes she disguised her moan with a fake sneeze. Anko apologized and asked Guy to get two more dishes. Anko held her place trying to get used to his size again until Guy returned with the extra dishes. She poured the dishes with slightly shaking hands, almost spilling the sake. She put the dishes down in front of themselves on the table before hanging her head, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she slowly pushed her way down. Anko sneeze-moaned again. Desperately trying to get rid of the flush on her face she spoke in a struggled tone.

"Must be csomeone talking cabout cme. Ha cha."

Everybody raised an eyebrow at her for a while before starting back up the teasing again. Kurenai sitting next to them had seen the whole thing. Not Naruto's flash, but within a millisecond, Anko had been resting and leaning forward to being penetrated right before her eyes. Staring directly at Naruto's dick merely a few feet away made her eyes bulge. Naruto had pulled down her skirt quickly after, so in case someone looked they wouldn't suspect anything.

Anko had managed to rid the red of her face, for now.

"Thank you for pouring my sake, Anko-chan. I appreciate it. I swear you spoil me." He said smiling as he leaned forward angling himself forwards against her inner walls.

Anko sneezed again. She grabbed her dish and downed it fast and poured herself another, downing that one as well. She exhaled.

"Woooh! Nothing like some sake after a long day, right guys?" she said trying to blame the red on her face on alcohol.

They looked at her for a moment. Reminding themselves that this was just normal Anko, they downed theirs and poured another. A few drinks later, Naruto had kept leaning forward to grab his drink. She had sneezed a lot. Finally Naruto spoke up.

"You sound sick, Anko-chan, let me check your temperature." He said as he hoisted his hips into her further and put his hand on her forehead.

She actually did moan this time. "I'm sorry guys, she's burning up. I think she overdid the drinking." He said as he pushed her clit down through her panties. She tried her best, but she still moaned, but she covered it as best she could while pouring down Naruto's pants.

"Don't worry Anko-chan, I'll get you an ice pack. Goodnight guys." Crack!

"Man those two really don't know how to hold their liquor." Three of the jounin said.

Kurenai face faulted. 'Idiots. She just came right on his pants. Maybe it's just because I knew, but that sneeze wasn't fooling me.'

Naruto's Apartment

Anko and Naruto appeared in a flash still on a sitting position on Naruto's sofa. Anko was panting and still soaking a little bit of Naruto's pants.

"I guess you owe me a pair of pants, Anko-hime."

Anko growled a little bit before pulling herself off him causing both to gasp. She turned around and kissed him the lips softly. She smiled at him.

"Eye for an eye, I assume?"

Naruto nodded and pecked her on the lips. "I flipped the mattress and changed the sheets, so we can actually sleep in an ACTUAL bed tonight. Want to go to bed?"

"That sounds great, Naru-kun. I'm still sore from last night and we haven't held each other for a while." Anko said with a sweet smile.

They walked back to his bedroom and stripped off all of their clothes and got into their bed. Anko curled herself into his chest throwing a leg over his. He grabbed her lower back and pulled her into him. They both fell asleep in each other's arms.

Next morning

Naruto felt her chest rising and falling into his at a steady pace. He went to get up to make some food for them when he felt her hand tighten on his back.

"Fuck breakfast Naru-kun Just stay here. I want to go back to sleep and I know you do too. So put your hand back above my ass and go to sleep."

Naruto simply kissed her on the top of her head and she moved in a little closer in response. A few hours later they both stretched their arms above their heads. Getting up to go to the bathroom respectively, after they finished; they looked at each other's eyes and nodded. Naruto brought her back to the bed and he laid flat on his back. She crawled up onto him and rested her head onto this chest, fingers of both her hands lying slightly behind his shoulders. He pulled the sheets back over them and wrapped both of his arms around her lower back. They stayed in bed all day, skipping breakfast, lunch and their poker game. Eight rolled around and they looked at the clock. They looked at each and shook their heads. Anko put her hand behind her and grabbed Naruto. He gasped a little while she stroked him until he was hard. Not one willing to deny his lover he put his hands on her breasts and started fondling her until her nipples were hard. She pushed her chest forward a little begging him to continue. Anko now had a fully erect cock in her hand and let it go so it could slide in between her ass and rub againt asshole and the lowest part of her pussy. She pushed her chest out a little farther so she could lean back far enough to grab his balls while gliding her ass back and forth on his cock. They both started moaning. Naruto moaned while having his balls gripped and the friction of his dick between her legs. Anko moaned while her nipples were being toyed with and his dick sliding against her making slight contact with her asshole and the rest of him sliding between her legs. Anko brought her hand from his balls and felt the tip of his head moist. Naruto was starting to get his abs moist as well from Anko. Suddenly stopping their movement, they looked at each other.

"Naru-kun, I want you to do something for me."

"Anything Anko-hime."

"I want you to fuck me any way you want or need to cum inside me. I want it. I need it."

"Well, I don't know Anko-hime, it kind of takes me a while."

"I don't care. I've been sleeping all day, you didn't know, but this is why I wanted to. I know I can't keep up with you until I'm more used to it, but I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, anywhere you want until you fill me up. I'm not going to be selfish anymore. You are not here to serve me."

"I don't think that at all, Anko-hime. I love seeing you happy."

"That's not what I'm talking about. Do you think I don't know that? I can see it in your face everyday, every night. Please listen to me. I love you."

" cOkay cbut if I'm hurting you for even ONE second, I'm done for the night, no matter what you say."

'Shit. I can guarantee this is at least going to hurt a little. No! I'm tired of this shit. If I can't pull up the bootstraps now, it'll never be fair to either of us. Bite your tongue. Bite your lip Anko! Scratch and claw, that doesn't bother him at all.'

"Deal. Now please, fuck me Naru-kun." She says with a sad look on her face aimed at him.

Naruto just shakes his head with his eyes closed and head hung trying to rid himself of any images of him hurting her just so he can get his rocks off. Naruto lays her on her back in a position they had been in the other night. This night though, he never spread her legs at all. He kept her legs snapped shut and slipped into her tight flesh like embrace all of him at once. She gasped loudly and he could feel her tighten around him. He didn't move slow or adjust. He pulled out all the way each time and slammed into her faster and faster. She lost it after a few minutes and clenched down him like a press. After he felt her loosen after her first orgasm, he pulled her hips down and her body off the wall, her head landing softly flat onto the bed. He let go of her hips and picked her waist up, her ass slightly floating above the bed placing her pussy in almost vertical position. He wrapped both her arms underneath her waist keeping her in place. This position surprised her; she didn't know what he was going to do to her. He leaned his body forward with his arms pulled back to support this spot. Without use of his hands he slowly moved down so he could align with her. He slipped his head past and pushed himself at a curved angle stimulating the bottom of his head all the way in by brushing her walls. She immediately put her hands up grabbing his hips starting to moan his name. She couldn't believe it. His cock was only hitting the backside of her walls but the pressure was so much harder. Anko knew what was happening to her now. He's using her in a vertical spot so he could press his head into her all the way through instead of just when he pulled out when she was propped up. She was going crazy though, he was putting a lot of pressure into her, but as he slammed into her, he slowed down at the last moment. She was confused until she realized every time he buried all of himself into her, his lower chest would touch her clit. She kept moaning his name over and over again. He was even starting to tighten up at this point, but the sensitivity of his lower head was starting to go numb. He was losing the build up. He needed to do something fast, so he kept pumping keeping at least pressure on the top of his head. He sped up and started rubbing her clit vigorously so she could get off before he moved her again. She clawed into his side and screamed liquefying the sides of his cock. Seeing this as his chance. He withdrew his arms and spun her onto her stomach with himself still buried into her. He groaned as her skin rotated against his entire self still being crushed from the aftershock of her orgasm. Getting feeling back in his arms, he picked her up by the hips and asked her if she could support herself with her arms off the bed. She nodded looking back at him. She lifted herself off the bed weak from her last orgasm, but she was damned to give up. He put his hands in front of her legs grabbing the sides, resting his fingers against her pelvic bone. He pulled back as far he could and buried himself into her. Anko was almost rocked off her arms as she felt him move into her. He pulled back again and slammed harder this time. He picked his speed up rapidly burying himself waist deep while pulling his thighs slightly up to get all of him inside of her. Anko's head was spinning. He was so much farther inside her she couldn't believe it. She knew she'd taken him all in when she was on top, but this was more. He was getting harder inside her than he has before. It was by sheer will power that she was still on her arms, he was slamming into her so fast she couldn't keep up. Naruto was thrusting and pulling her hips back into him at the same time. Anko was starting to get really sore, but she had to have him release. It occurred to her; he had once told her that he got her off when she had gotten comfortable but was still moaning. Naruto was grunting as loud as she's ever heard him but it seemed to be at steady note. She placed one her arms in the center of her chest right under her neck and reached back with the other and started squeezing and flicking her clit without him noticing. She started to moan louder then she already was. She could feel him pump faster now hearing her getting louder and clamping down a little tighter against him. She started pushing back with his thrusts before he could pull her back causing a harder thrust. His balls slapped and swung to the top of her lips. She was losing it and she could hear him start to get a little sloppy with his thrusts. She took over most of his work and before she knew it, Anko couldn't feel his balls smacking against her anymore meaning they were pulling back. In a last ditch effort she ran a finger over the top of her clit and pinched herself hard. She threw her head back and screamed losing balance on her arms falling face first into the bed but not before she felt Naruto shoot load after load into her, spilling outside of her. It hit everywhere inside of her. And massaged all of her in a thick mess; shooting forward and rolling back hitting her G-spot on the way out. Before her first was done, she clenched down again harder and screamed into their bed, losing her voice, turning into a mere squeak and then a few words escaping between high pitched silence. She sprayed all around him, shivering at every touch and sensation around her. For his part, Naruto had moaned Anko's name into the night, almost growling. Exhausted, he slumped forward onto Anko's back still inside her, dick twitching, being sucked clean from her insides. Naruto fell over onto his side; sliding out of Anko, breathing heavily. Anko still had her face on the bed with her ass sticking out in the air. She opened her eyes finally and collapsed near Naruto. Both of them breathing harshly, hearts beating like a hummingbird just stared into each other's eyes.

"That cwasn't cfair Naru-kun c"

"What are cyou ctalking cabout?"

"I cgot you conce cand you cstill got cme cfour times."

"Ha cha cI guess cI cdid c"

"Shut cup and cget us cto the csofa."

"Just give me ca csecond cI think cyou bruised cmy cock c"

"Ha cha cserves you cright."

After panting profusely, Naruto somehow manages to limp over to Anko and pick her up with wobbly arms. Anko uses a few hand signs and circles her navel. Barely making it down the hallway, he almost falls down on the sofa with Anko in his arms. Anko clumsily gets behind Naruto and hugs him close. Both tired, they fall asleep on the sofa bed horizontally not even bothering to grab the sheets to cover their naked sweat covered bodies.

Next morning

They both wake up at the same and find themselves cold from the dried sweat from the night before. Groggily wiping their eyes, they turn right ways on the bed. Naruto pulls the sheets over the both of them and they rapidly pass out again, Naruto to the top of her head, Anko the crook of his neck. A couple of hours later, Anko raised her head to look at the clock. Naruto clutched her shoulder and pulled her back into his neck. Naruto wakes up a few hours later and finds his clock. Anko bites his chest and growls. Both of them look outside and see the moon coming up. They were hungry, but it was just not worth leaving the bed. Shrugging, they grab each other, kiss lightly on the lips and rest back down in their same spots.

Next morning

Naruto wakes up to hear banging on his door. He gets up, wipes the sleep from his eyes and answers his door quite angrily.

"What? It's kind of early and some people are trying to sleep." He says before realizing it's Tsunade

Tsunade's eyes travel down his chest, to his navel, finally resting at his pelvis. She drops her jaw and just stares. Naruto is completely oblivious.

"You might want to take a picture Hokage-sama, it will last you longer. Hell, after the past few weeks, I'm about to tattoo 'Property of Anko' on it." Anko grins.

Naruto finally understands the situation and dashes down the hallway to throw some clothes on. Anko, with the sheets still pulled up past her chest just starts laughing.

Naruto returns to see Tsunade wiping the blood from her nose onto her sleeve.

Pretending nothing ever happened, she speaks up. "Where have you guys been? Two days without poker, two days without drinking with your friends. These were my questions until a minute ago."

Naruto assumes the 'position' ? "Haha. I bet."

"One day of rest led to an all night fuck-a-thon Hokage-sama. Naru-kun over here is ridiculously difficult to get off, so I had to have him beat me up all night. We've been asleep for a solid day and my entire body STILL hurts. He plowed me like a snow mobile for I don't even know how long. I finally got him though. My Naru-kun shot like a fire-hose. I got some revenge though, I'm pretty sure I bruised his cock pretty good." She says bluntly.

Tsunade proceeds to face fault.

Picking herself back up and brushing the dust off, she pulls up one of table seats to the bed next to Anko. "Details."

Naruto sweat-drops

"First you've got to go find Kurenai, I'm tired and I don't feel like repeating myself. And after I get your sorry asses out of here, Naru-kun and myself are going back to sleep. Aren't we?"

"Hell yeah we are Anko-chan. Only reason I'm wearing these clothes is because Tsunade-chan is here. You know what, screw the clothes. She saw me a second ago, and then of course there was the 'medical exam'. I'm stripping. These are downright uncomfortable." Naruto tosses his clothes off and crawls back into bed with Anko turning on his side next to her, and propping one side of his body with his elbow.

"What medical exam, Naru-kun?" She asked.

"Oh nothing. Tsunade-chan just wanted to make sure I was 'okay' as she put it at the time. She did this by having Shizune and four nurses hold me down on her desk, so she could scan me from my stomach to my knees." He started to laugh his ass off at the thought of his girlfriend tearing them apart.

"Okay, now I really am going to tattoo your dick, Naru-kun." She growled at Tsunade.

Tsunade started to wave her hands in front of her in defense before Anko stopped growling and started to stroke her chin. "Where am I going to find that much ink though?"

Tsunade face faulted again.

Quickly changing the subject before she had to make a beeline out of their apartment she said. "Okay, let me get her so we can dish."

"Sounds good to me. Do me a favor though and stop eyeing my boyfriend's cock Hokage-sama." She said with a downright frightening smile on her face bearing her teeth and closing her eyes sweetly.

Tsunade gulps, snaps her finger and four ANBU show up; giving them their orders they reappear holding onto Kurenai. She snapped her fingers again and they disappeared as fast as they appeared.

"What's going on Hokage-sama, did I do something? Oh god, this place reeks of sex." Kurenai said confused before she realized where she was. Turning her head around and checking the place out, she finally looks down to see Tsunade in a chair next to a bed that had what she had to guess was a naked Anko and Naruto laying down with the sheets covering them.

"No, I just came by to see if these two were okay. I found them in bed here and I decided to ask Anko about their recent sexcapades." She said deadpanned.

Kurenai face faulted. Naruto and Anko laughed their asses off.

Anko retold the story pulling dry erase boards out of seemingly nowhere to set on an easel by the bed. She started to place timestamps on the side. After that, she drew intricate diagrams with arrows in certain patterns as she pointed at certain places with a metal pointing stick. After she was done explaining, she retracted the pointing stick.

Tsunade and Kurenai's jaws were hanging from their mouths. Once Anko got to the end and said 'multiple', they both flew back off their chairs passing out from a nosebleed. Anko and Naruto laughed rolling around on the bed holding their sides. Once they woke up and stuffed tissues in their nose, Anko pointed towards the door. Getting the hint, they both got up from the seats and walked out of their apartment. Kurenai opened the door back up and popped her head in.

"And buy some candles or air conditioner for crying out loud." She managed to get out before the two started throwing things at the door.

"I guess we're just naturals." Anko said

"I don't know, but I don't care either. Now come over here. I want to go to sleep Anko-hime." She smiled and pecked him on the lips before scooting over to ball herself up into his body. They both went back to sleep.

Outside their Apartment

Kurenai was walking down the street quickly heading towards the direction of her apartment. She saw Asuma turn the corner. She grabbed the collar of his shirt pulling down, and threw her tongue into his mouth. After a minute or so, she let him go leaving him a bit woozy and confused. She opened a pouch in his jacket and pulled out his cigarettes. Popping one out and breaking a match off his book, she put the two in her pocket and walked past him not saying a word. About 10 minutes after getting to her apartment you could find Kurenai stark naked on her bed and lighting up a cigarette. She inhaled deeply, and then exhaled tilting her head back to blow the smoke up. She laughed a little.


Walking in the opposite direction trying to get back to her office, Tsunade was almost stomping. Getting closer, she saw the back of Asuma's head. Walking fast she got in front of him and stopped. Before he could say anything she grabbed his collar, lifted him off the ground and pushed him into a wall causing a slight crack to form from the top and bottom. She opened a pouch up on his jacket and pulled out a cigarette, stuffing into it her pocket, she broke off a match off the book and put that into her pocket too. She released the grip on his collar and turned back around to stomp back to her office. Asuma slid down the wall and landed on his ass. 'What the hell is going on today?' he thought. Tsunade walked in the tower and before Shizune could hand her any paperwork, she put her hand up, palm facing the paperwork. She stopped stomping and walked up the stairs to her office. Relieving the ANBU of their guard duty today with a quick sweep of her hand she opened the doors and unceremoniously slammed them shut and wedged a chair underneath the handles to keep them that way. About 10 minutes later, you could see Tsunade with her shirt pulled to the side of her breasts. Her bare legs were spread eagle on top of the desk with her pants hanging off only one foot. She lit up the cigarette and inhaled deeply. Looking up at the ceiling she exhaled. She started to chuckle.


Naruto and Anko's apartment

Still in deep slumber, Anko's nose twitched a bit and she sneezed.

Next morning

The two finally crawled out bed and stretched forwards and backwards cracking a few vertebrae. They rolled their heads from side to side, cracking more bones. Naruto and Anko grabbed a few dozen glasses of water and exhaled a deep "Ahhhhh."

"Alright, I'm going to cook as much as I possibly can, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be even close to enough. My stomach is killing me. Where are we heading after the appetizer?" Naruto said hastily grabbing things from the refrigerator.

"Whatever is the closest. Someone's going out of business today." Anko said with a laugh.

Naruto finished rather quickly and spread the mountain of food between each other. Without a single word, they started to devour the food sitting on the chairs still naked as the day they were born. Much to their displeasure, after the food was gone, they had to put clothes back on so they could go outside and finally put away some serious food.

Dango Stop

Naruto and Anko walked into the Dango Stop with drool falling from the sides of their mouths. Placing a ridiculous order as they sat down at a table, they took the napkins and stuffed down them down their shirts. Kurenai walked in to see the two of them looking like Pavlov's dogs.

"Hey what's up guys? I see you two finally decided to get out of your apartment."

They only nodded as the food was brought to their table, plates being supported by two waiters. Kurenai face faulted.

"Haven't you guys eaten at all?"

With food already in their mouths they looked up quickly and shook their heads. Kurenai face faulted again. She went up to order some dango, but once she reached the counter, a waiter placed a 'Closed' sign by the register. A sweat drop formed over her head and she left to find somewhere else to eat, leaving the wolves to their kill. After they had demolished a record amount of dango they leaned back in their chairs and rubbed their slightly bloated stomachs.

"There we go. That's what I'm talking about. So what do we do now? I've pretty much lost track of time." Anko said while picking her teeth.

"Same here. We can stop by the office and see if it's time for cards yet. Either that or I could take you back to our apartment and play 'poker'." He smiled sheepishly.

"Whoa, hold on there slugger. I still feel like a rag doll."

Naruto started to laugh. "That's okay, I'm still pretty sore too. I think I should have Tsunade check on me for real this time."

"Hell no, you're just going to heal up the old fashioned way. It'll give me time, and that pervert keeps her hands away from you."

Naruto stopped laughing and smiled. "You got it, Anko-chan."

"Thank you Naru-kun, now let's go check it out. I'm hopping on, giddy up!"

Naruto sweat-dropped. Crack!

Hokage's office

"Well I see you guy's decided to get off your asses today." Jiraiya said leaning up against a wall.

Naruto assumed the 'position' ?

Anko decided to finish for him. "Well you see, we kind of got lost on the road of life."

Jiraiya and Tsunade face faulted. Naruto and Anko laughed.

"Alright whipper snappers, pull up a seat. I've steam rolled the pervert over here for the past few days. It's time for you to lose Naruto." Tsunade said honestly believing her own words.

Anko decided to give Jiraiya some ammunition as payback. "I'm sorry, Hokage-sama. I heard you say pervert, but you never said if it was you or him."

Tsunade flushed and Jiraiya looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"What's that supposed to mean, Anko? This is the famous pervert punisher you're talking about." Jiraiya pointed at Tsunade.

"Oh is that so? Take a look at her face right now and ask her about the 'medical exam' she gave my boyfriend the other day." She said using over exaggerated bunny ear quotations.

Tsunade was trying to desperately to rid herself of the tint, but after Anko brought up the 'medical exam' again, a trickle of blood started to run down her nose.

"Haha! You have got to be kidding me! After pounding me relentlessly for the last 30 years, you've finally turned to the dark side, Tsunade. Well, how does it feel? You liked it didn't you? At least I'm an author." Jiraiya laughed holding onto his sides.

Tsunade wanted to hit him; really, really hard. But he was right. She may be a loose cannon, but she was no hypocrite.

"Don't go comparing myself to you, Jiraiya! It was a one time thing, okay!" She yelled using nowhere near the force she usually does.

"If I'm not mistaken, Hokage-sama; counting this morning, it's twice." Anko said innocently.

"Oh really? Tsunade; I never would have guessed, this is priceless!" Jiraiya kept laughing.

"Well, if we're going to start getting technical about it. Last week would make it three times, Tsunade-chan." Said Naruto angling his head slightly upward imitating a thinking position.

Jiraiya slid off the wall and started rolling around on the ground.

"God damn it, Jiraiya! Get up. It's in the past now, get over it. It's not THAT funny. Can we just play now?" She said, trying to calm the situation down.

Jiraiya stood up suppressing his laughs while wiping tears away from the corner of his eyes. "Okay, I guess you're right. My silence does come at a cost though. I don't want you or your female ANBU bothering my research for a week, okay?"

She just gave off a loud humph and started dealing.

Dango Stop 8:00 PM

"Well it sure is nice of you two to join us tonight. What happened, did you break the bed or something?" Asuma said before getting a slap upside the head by Kurenai.

Kakashi was crying. "My student!" he said while trying to reach across the table only to keep having Naruto push his head away.

"YOSH! THEIR YOUTH BURNS! THIS TIME IT MIGHT ONLY BE AT THEIR HIPS, BUT IT IS STILL YOUTHFUL!" Guy tried to continue until he saw Anko's snakes hovering way too close to his face for his comfort.

The night went by like they usually have in the past. Drinks being passed around, stories told; constant razzing of Naruto and Anko. This continued until they all got up to walk out. Asuma suddenly remembered something.

"Kurenai, why did you take one of my cigarettes earlier?"

Everyone stopped to look at Kurenai, all of them knew how much she hated them.

"You must be drunk, Asuma-kun, you know how much I hate cigarettes." Kurenai said trying to suck up to get him to shut his mouth.

"Oh, don't try that on me. I'm not drunk, and kissing my ass isn't getting you out of this one. The funny thing is, after that little fiasco, Tsunade threw me into a wall and stole one too."

Naruto and Anko put one and one together and started laughing.

"We're surrounded by perverts, Anko-chan."

"Tell me about it, Naru-kun. I'm feeling better now, let's go give them another reason to light up again."


The two left Kurenai alone with the others to try and desperately dig herself out of a hole. 'Shit. I don't regret it though. I needed that to come back down to earth after fantasizing. Bitch.'

Naruto and Anko returned to their apartment feeling buzzed and a little frisky. Anko took his jacket off and threw his shirts into the corner. She dragged her nails down his chest drawing a little blood. Naruto gasped, leaning his head back a little. He pulled Anko into him and started kissing her out of a sense of need. As he was occupying her mouth, Anko slipped her trench coat off and pulled back so she could pull her shirt and bra off. He went back in for her mouth and felt her nipples push into his chest causing her to moan weakly to the side his mouth. They kicked their sandals off and pulled each other's pants off, flinging them with their feet to the corner of the living room. Clad only in underwear below the waist, Anko and Naruto started fighting for dominance. Naruto ended up getting pinned against a wall opposite his refrigerator. Anko grabbed his hands and put them above his head. She kept the invasion on his mouth and started to slowly rub her body against him from top to bottom. Naruto moved his head to the side and moaned. Trying to get his hands free, Anko slipped her knee in between his legs and pushed her pelvis against his semi-erect dick. He stopped trying to free himself as his hands feel limp against hers grunting into the air. Anko herself let a moan escape her lips as she pushed a little harder against him, letting her head rest on his upper body while she breathed softly. Somehow keeping her iron grip on his wrists, she brought her head back and started to suck and bite on his upper chest. Naruto grunted and pushed himself against her, causing her to bite a little harder on him and sigh through her mouth on his chest. Pulling her head back, she licked around the teeth marks she had just left on his chest. Trying to stand on her tippy toes to get to the side of his neck, she moaned when she felt the friction against her. This loosened the bind she had on his hands and he immediately pulled them free to cup the bottom of her ass so she could reach his neck. She gasped as she felt him grab her. Gathering her cool, she started to lick a small circle around his neck causing him to shiver. She looped one more time before she sunk her teeth in right between it. He grunted and leaned his head to the other side while grabbing onto her a little tighter and pulling her in further. She cried out a little and pushed against him harder putting his ass right back onto the wall again. She dragged her front teeth down to his collarbone and started sucking, pulling back to kiss it afterwards. Laying butterfly kisses on his collarbone, she sucked his skin as hard as she could and pulled back holding a little skin with her teeth before letting go. He grunted and threw his head back against the wall, while bucking his hips to the side. As he rubbed beneath her to the side she gasped and pulled back a little. Naruto turned her around and picked her up by her ass into the air and held her against the wall. She moaned and let out an eep as she was hoisted into the air. Wrapping her legs around his upper torso, Anko watched with lust filled eyes as Naruto took one of her breasts into his mouth. Slowly sucking, he narrowed his lips further inward to the center of her breast stopping at her areola to lick circles around the goose bumps that had formed there. She dropped her head and let a feral moan leave her mouth. Anko grabbed the back of his head holding onto his hair and pushed him, trying to get more pressure on her breast. Naruto ran laps of her inside his mouth for what Anko thought was forever. She started to breathe harshly and he finally wrapped his lips around her nipple and let go with a smack. She moaned and picked her head back up. He then tilted his head to provide the other breast with the same treatment. Anko shifted slightly to make it easier for him to get to. He continued where he left off of at on the other breast. Without teasing, he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked sharply and then let it go. She began to lose herself and started moaning in rhythm with his suck and release. He let go of her nipple and started to flick it back and forth. She put a death grip on his head and started to shake. He went back to sucking, only in shorter intervals and when he'd pull back he'd graze the sides of her nipples with his teeth, gripping softly when he got to the top. Anko had begun breathing harsh a few moments ago, and his teeth weren't helping at all. Her breath started to mix between gasps and moans irregularly as she pushed his face in even further, almost painfully tight to her chest. Naruto decided to finish her off and bit the base of her nipple and circled the top with his tongue rapidly, flicking at times. She screamed and her legs squeezed the air out of his lungs clamping tightly around him. Her cum slid down his chest as her hands let go of his head and lay on the back of his shoulders and her legs went limp, hanging in the air with Naruto still supporting her against the wall. He set her down and pulled her into a hug.

"I swear this never gets old, Naru-kun."

Naruto ran his fingers through her hair for a moment. He let her go from the hug and pulled his boxers off letting himself swing fully. He reached down Anko's side tickling her sides until he reached the hem of her thong. He slid them down her legs and she stepped out of them. She placed her lips on his and they made out a while before Naruto picked her up again by the ass and pinned her against the wall, a little lower this time.

"Anko-hime, my hands are kind of busy right now, can you lift me and guide me into you?"

"Sure thing, Naru-kun."

Anko reached down between his arms and grabbed his dick. She could feel it throbbing in her hand; it excited her to no end and it felt like all of her energy was back. She smiled and angled it up as Naruto started to lower her down to him. Anko moaned as she felt Naruto slide into her.

"Damn you're pussy is so tight, Anko-hime."

'Take a note. Talking dirty turns me on. End of note.'

"Bring me down lower, Naru-kun. I need your huge dick."

'Take a note. Talking dirty turns me on. End of note.'

Naruto slowly pulled her down making her moan and growl, giving her pleasure and frustration at the same time. He was gritting his teeth trying to stretch her out. Once she was brought halfway down, Naruto thrust his hips up into her as hard as he could. She lurched forward smashing her lips into his as she grabbed his shoulders holding on for dear life. He started to bend his knees withdrawing slow and thrusting hard, keeping her stationary with his arms. She kept her mouth on his, no tongue, just sucking and biting on his lower lip while screaming and moaning. He started to move faster and she started throwing herself down on holding onto his shoulders, almost knocking him down. He drove as fast he could when he could feel her start to tighten around him. She pulled her lips back and laid her head on his side moaning out loud.

"Oh god. Oh god. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. FUUUUUCK!"

Anko felt herself ooze out around Naruto's cock and she relaxed against him, wrapping her arms around his body. He lifted her up a bit and slid out, getting a small gasp from Anko as he did. Standing straight up, Naruto's legs were wobbly due to the stress on his legs from plowing her up against a wall. Anko noticed this and grabbed his hand.

"Follow me over here, Naru-kun." She said, honey dripping from her voice.

She led him over to the table and pulled a seat out into the middle of his living room. Letting go of his hand, she lightly pushed him down into the seat. He looked into her eyes and saw her smile back at him. She walked over so her legs were on either side of the chair and she was hovering right over Naruto. Anko gripped his penis and put it at her center. She rolled his head around her outer lips once and lowered herself down eliciting a grunt from Naruto and a sigh of bliss for her as she closed her eyes and smiled. Sitting there for a while, Anko started to rock her hips back and forth sliding her clit on his lower chest and feeling him stretch her front to back. He moaned deeply as she sighed loudly.

"I can feel you throbbing inside me Naru-kun. No matter how many times, I just can't get used to your size, it's driving me crazy."

"Un. It feels like your gripping me all the way down, you're so wet, Anko-hime."

"Naru-kun, I'm going to show you a trick you taught me. Enjoy."

Before Naruto could ask what she meant, Anko had lifted herself all the way to the bottom of his head. Anko then pulled her knees as close as she could together and slid back down on him causing him to throw his head back and moan. She smiled. Anko rocked again at the bottom, pulled her knees apart and drew back up. Shutting her knees again she came down quicker this time. Going up looser, coming down tighter and rocking her clit, both of them were starting to lose their minds. Naruto had started to meet her on the way down. When she started picking up the pace, he pulled his hands up and started to tweak her nipples and fondle her breasts. She gasped, but kept going, Anko was doing this for him. She refused to let herself go, but once Naruto had taken a hand off her breast to rub her clit for the only second she was up on him, she had an orgasm immediately, falling onto him disappointed. She twitched and oozed down onto his thigh, little did she know she hadn't failed and was about to be surprised again. Naruto felt her clench down on him tighter then she had been all night. He pulled her down by her hips hard and blew into her like a cannon, lightly thrusting at the same time. Anko cried out as loud as she could, the pressure of his seed on her insides was too much. She ripped his hands off her and pulled off him and sprayed all over him and the chair, squirting on the floor as well. She panted hard and her arms lowered to her sides and her knees became weak, but she refused to fall down anymore, they would be equals she repeated in her head. Naruto got up from the chair weakly and walked over to Anko. He put his arms around her as he started to go limp, a few drops still falling to the floor. He spoke into her ear.

"Anko-hime, I need you to do me a favor."

Still panting from her multiple orgasms for the second time, she responds grabbing around him tighter. "Anything Naru-kun." She purred.

Naruto led her over to island in his kitchen. He sloppily moved our just threw everything off of it and laid his back down, legs hanging off the end. Anko looked at him with a confused look on her face.

"Please climb on the island and set your pussy on my face."

"Naru-kun, I'm getting tired. I'm getting better but c"

"Shhh. Just do me this favor. I love the way you taste."

'My lord, hearing him say that makes me so hot. Come on, Naru-kun. You're a beast. I think we've ended every night with each other with you eating me out. Look at him; he's already hard again Thank god he knows my limit. I just can't pass out this time. If I pass out, I can't cuddle with him to go to sleep.'

"O-okay Naru-kun, just be careful. I'm really sensitive right now."

"I know, my tenshi. I promise."

'I'm an angel now. What did I do to deserve him? I don't even know why I said that. Our first time fooling around with our clothes off, he treated me like a princess, making sure he didn't hurt my clit.'

Anko crawled somewhat stressed onto the island inching forward to Naruto. Laying her knees a little past his head, she sat her pussy on his face. Naruto took an explorative lick of her lower lips and watched her quiver biting her lip. Figuring out just how sensitive she was He stroked himself a little gathering a little pre cum on his index finger. He flicked her upper lips so light she could barely feel it; but it still sent electricity through her body. Anko gasped heavily losing her balance and fell all the way forward before Naruto pushed her back lightly with his other hand. Realizing this was going to be tough, she put her hands on the side of her legs resting on the island and put herself back above his face. Naruto licked lower on her lips and coated himself again. He flicked her upper lips quickly but lightly. She screamed his name. His tongue was still coated so before she could recover he dragged his tongue over her clit at an agonizing pace leaving a trace of her own cum on top of it. She lost control of her arms and fell forward. With that angle, Naruto stuck his index finger into her ass and rotated it quickly before pulling it out. She came hard. Losing all control, Anko pulled herself back up subconsciously and cried, tears literally pouring out her eyes. She quaked without control pouring herself on Naruto's face. He licked all that came out and swallowed it exhaling with a sigh of content. She felt his breath and came again. He tried to keep up swallowing her. Her legs gave out a little and her clit grazed his nose with pressure, she came one last time crying her eyes out the whole time. He softly picked her up by her waist and he rose forward off the island. Swinging his legs over, he moved her over to the chair sitting her down. He knelt down in front of her and ran the back of his of hand across her cheek until she started to calm down. He grabbed her chin and kissed her lips. She opened her eyes, completely glazed over. After staring through him for a while, her eyes cleared up and her breathing returned to a slower pace. Gasping one more time she looked into his sky blue eyes and cupped his chin with her hands. He closed his eyes and rolled his face in her palms for a second. She laughed softly.

"Satisfied, Naru-kun?"

"More then you can imagine, tenshi."

Anko wasn't used to being called an angel and brushed profusely. "Don't call me that Naru-kun."

"I call them as I see them, Anko-hime."

She blushed again. "Okay, as long as it's you I don't care."

Anko leaned down and hugged him, placing her head to the side of his. She held him like this for a while before standing up and falling into his arms

"Can we go to sleep, Anko-hime?"

Content with the work she had done tonight, she started to close her eyes. "That sounds great, Naru-kun."

Naruto picked Anko up and brought her down to the sofa bed with him. Anko rested on his chest. To balance herself, she slipped her arms beneath his shoulders and put one of her legs between his.

"Goodnight Naru-kun."

Naruto wrapped his arms around her lower back to keep her close. "Goodnight, my tenshi."

Next morning?

Deciding not to piss Anko off again, Tsunade and Kurenai snuck into their apartment. Kurenai started to make breakfast with what he had left in here. She noticed all the broken plates and silverware on the floor and pointed it out to Tsunade. They both covered their mouths and giggled. Kurenai had to find two more plates and a few knives and forks, but managed as quietly as possible. Setting both plates on the table, they both sat down on a chair, minus the one that was pulled far away from it. Both Naruto and Anko had woken up by the smell of food. They opened their eyes and looked each other in the face without moving and decided to play possum for a while. Waiting for the plates to be set down and chairs creaking, Anko spoke up first.

"Naru-kun, how did you accomplish making us food without me noticing?"

Tsunade and Kurenai silently eep'd.

"I guess I'm just that good, Anko-chan."

They both knew they were caught but didn't say anything.

"No Naru-kun, I'm talking about the food, not how we fucked like rabbits all night long. You're pretty strong too; making me cum with your mouth and fucking me up against that wall for so long, that couldn't have been easy. After that, you even gave me multiple orgasms while I was doing all the work riding you like a horse on that chair."

Tsunade and Kurenai desperately covered their noses blocking the flow of blood.

"It's because you milked me like a cow using my own technique against me. My hat goes off to you, after you poured onto me the first time; I came like an elephant. Then you pulled out and sprayed all over me. I can't tell you how hot that was."

Blood was starting to creep through their fingers as they kept quiet, both of their panties starting to get wet.

"And to top it all off, you just HAD to eat me out. How you pulled it off without hurting my sore throbbing pussy, I'll never know. I swear you're getting addicted to my cum. The first orgasm in your face was good, but the next two were even better. I guess that ups your multiple orgasms to me 3 at a time. You're going to kill me one of these days."

"What do you want me to say to that? You're delicious, and I get to lick your folds all I want. Plus the way you scream when I put a finger in your asshole is priceless. I just can't believe my breath and you falling on my nose caused those final two. Those are more of a testament to you than me."

"I can't believe I was crying my eyes out like someone stole my dango. I'm done fighting though; Eat me anytime you want, Naru-kun, your tongue is magic. I don't even care if someone's in the room right now. I'm still disappointed though. You only shoot your load deep into my cunt once, but you make me cum seven times."

Naruto and Anko snapped their heads around to look at the two. "I'm going to assume that's why you two came over here. Detailed enough for you two perverts?" Anko said

They both nodded and walked out the door. Asuma found himself missing two more cigarettes again today.

"I've got an idea, Anko-chan, how about you put your pussy in my face again and you suck my cock at the same time? I'm already hard and I can smell that you're wet."

"Mmmm. I like that idea. I haven't got to taste your dick in a long time Naru-kun. Just let me arrange myself real quick."

Naruto pulled the sheets back to show himself fully erect hanging in the air. Anko got off his chest and turned around so she could set her pussy in his mouth. Naruto grabbed her ass and started to run his tongue up and down her lips, inserting it once in a while. Anko shook a little bit then grabbed the base of his cock and started stroking him. She then placed her mouth over his head and took as much of him as she could. Naruto shivered and moaned into her damp pussy, causing her to moan on his cock. They both shook feeling each other vibrate on their respective genitalia. Anko pulled back and spit in her hand and went back to stroking the base, twisting her hand and gripping in different amounts of pressure. She then threw her mouth down onto him pushing him to the back of her throat. Naruto pulled back and groaned throwing his head back. Seeing as she decided to up the ante, he put his face back onto her and spit on her anus and started to circle it with his tongue, occasionally trying to poke his tongue in. He pulled one hand from the side of her waist and placed it right onto her lips palm up, pressing against her lightly. He started to massage her clit back and forth with his middle finger like a metranome. She screamed onto his cock and relaxed her jaw so she could push him farther back. Naruto refused to surrender, so he just pushed his tongue harder and managed to penetrate her asshole slightly. He wrapped his lips around his extended tongue and hummed while poking her clit by bouncing his finger up and down, and moving his palm back and forth. She cried into his cock keeping her jaw relaxed and sprayed right around his palm. Still resting on her knees, she took her stroking hand and cupped his balls rolling them between her fingers while pressing on and off. Removing his tongue, he took his palm off her pussy and pushed her waist up a little higher so she could lean down farther. She bobbed licking down and sucking on the way up. She deep throated him one more time pulling her lips together, wrapping her tongue to the front of his shaft and hummed lowly. His balls retracted and he started to throb hard in the back of her throat. She pulled off quickly and stroked him hard while keeping her mouth open just above his head. He began to buck his hips and clench the sides of the bed and shot a thick stream of cum into the back of her throat. She swallowed immediately and kept stroking him until she had drunk it all. He panted and let his hips fall onto the bed. Anko licked the small bead running down him and turned her head back to hold her tongue out to Naruto.

"I see you want to share too?"

She nodded. Naruto took a quick swipe of her seeping pussy and held his tongue out to her. They flipped back over and stuck their tongues into each other's mouth. Swapping each other's essence for a while, they both pulled back and wiped their lips with the back of their hands, smacking their lips at the same time they exhaled an excited "Ahhh." They looked each other in the eyes and said at the same time.


Anko and Naruto crawled under the sheets again to go to sleep.

A few weeks later

Naruto and Anko's sex life had continued to flourish into more passionate ways; and also more perverse ways. They ended up in one way or another breaking everything in their apartment. Dented walls, broken mirrors, crushed tables; you name it. Anko's stamina had finally caught up to Naruto's, so sometimes they would end up fucking from sunrise to sundown, never leaving the apartment except to refuel. However problems had started. It was getting really expensive replacing and repairing everything in their apartment. One day, they were both sitting at a table naked that would probably only last for another day or two. They were talking about their predicament. All of the sudden a anime light bulb appeared between their heads and switched on. They started planning for their new source of income.

A few weeks later

Tsunade and Kurenai had stopped having their once a day cigarette since Anko and Naruto had suddenly become 'shy' about their sex life. One day Kurenai was walking down the street and passed by a bookstore. Glancing over slightly, she gagged a little as she saw that ridiculous orange book that she hated seeing men reading. She started walking again only to see another stand right next to it with only two copies of it left in its four shelves. She eyed it curiously and looked at its black cover with an orange stripe running diagonally across it. It was titled "Euphoric Tactics Volume 1". She was a little confused; she definitely recognized the colors before but couldn't place exactly where. Her jaw dropped when she looked at the bottom of the book to see the authors' names. At the very bottom she saw emboldened print 'Snake & Fox.' And on the back of the book there was a logo in a yin-yang design of an orange fox chasing a purple snake's tail while the snake was chasing the fox's. Flipping through the first few pages and reading parts, she ran in the store and bought it right away.

"Wow, you're lucky. With you grabbing that one, there's only one copy left in town. It's been flying off the shelves. Women love it. Truth be told, I've got a copy hidden under my pillow in me and my husband's room." Said the elderly cashier.

Kurenai thanked the woman and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Hokage's Office

Kurenai walked right up to Tsunade's desk and dropped the book on it. Tsunade eyed it with a confused expression on her face. She looked back up at Kurenai.

"Just open it up and read a few pages, and then think of the authors' names." She stated dropping any honorific.

Tsunade picked up the book and read a few pages before her jaw dropped. She read the page again, looked at the names, back at the page and then the names again.

"You've got to be kidding me. So this is what they've been up to lately. Did you bring this here for me?"

"Oh, hell no. That's mine Hokage-sama. There's one left on the shelves at the bookstore, if you hurry up, you might get the last copy."

With that, Tsunade jumped out the window landing on the ground leaving a crater. She set off speeding towards the bookstore. Arriving just in time to see another woman going to grab the last copy, she cleared her throat and pulled rank to make sure she got the book. Tsunade walked back towards her tower reading it with a tissue stuffed into her nose, while giggling. As Tsunade walked in the door, she was expecting to get lectured for leaving her office in the middle of the day. Hearing silence she lowered the book below eye level and she saw Shizune reading the exact same book with a tissue stuffed in her nose, giggling as well. For weeks, men would see women walking down the street with tissue in their noses and giggling like schoolgirls. When the jounins would meet up at night. Kurenai would have her nose buried into the book while moving it only temporarily to sip some sake. Asuma and Kakashi had kept trying to look at it, and she would beat them down without looking away. Naruto had his arm over Anko's shoulder and they were laughing their asses off. Even over at the rookie jounins table, you could see Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten's faces buried in the book with tissues in their noses while the guys were trying to ask what was wrong with them.

A few months later

Naruto and Anko had just moved into a much bigger apartment and were currently exploring all of it. It was a little on the big side, but hey 'play big, win big'. Naruto spun Anko around and grabbed her by the waist. He pulled her into a passionate kiss then pulled back. They looked into each other's eyes. Anko smiled evilly.

"I guess we need to get back to our 'research', don't we Naru-kun?"

"Indeed, my tenshi." He says as he brings her hands up to his lips and kisses her knuckles.

Anko blushes. After all this time, she still isn't used him calling her an angel. Anko grabs him by the hand and leads him to the upstairs bedroom.

1 month later

A massive crowd of women are lined up around the bookstore which doesn't even open for another hour. At the front of the line, you can see rolled up sleeping bags, make shift tents and little stoves. As soon as the old cashier goes to pull up the gates, a giant 'thud' is heard and dust is thrown everywhere. The air clears and Tsunade is seen at the front of the line holding a hand out.

"Kage's first."

The ground shakes as the entire line of women face fault. Across the street you could see a tall blonde figure with whisker marks on his face holding hands with a violet haired woman wearing a trench coat, a gold ring on each of their left hands. The gates open and all hell breaks loose. Civilians are swinging brooms and kunoichi are throwing shuriken. The couple across the street start to laugh their asses off.

"You think we should tell them there are more shipments coming?"


"Me neither."


Six Months Later

Women were seen walking down the street, sitting on benches, laying in beds naked covered in sweat and legs spread eagle propped up on desks, all reading the newly released 'Volume 3'. However this volume had a distinct difference to it. On the cover at the bottom, the author' names emboldened had changed to 'Vixen and Fox.' And instead of the ampersand there were two gold rings intertwined between the two names. The back of the volume had the purple snake changed into a purple vixen.

Okay now I know I'm either going to get flamed or denied on women getting off that easy, especially the parts in the beginning when they still had clothes on. Just to let you guys and girls know, most of the parts of this story are based off my own experiences. I have made girls cum through their clothes without feeling them up. I know what the women will say 'they just told you that'. I would be inclined to believe that since I know a lot of women just don't want to hurt our feelings (which I've been stupid enough to buy that a few times.), but I would check myself because I'd be a fool if I believed them all the time, and they weren't just wet. I portray Naruto in the story as a guy who doesn't do it for a power trip, but that is not the case with me. I, however do it for the power trip. For those who don't know, tickling in certain areas produces the same type of pleasure albeit somewhat different. In all fairness to women though, I've been stopped a few times when they got pissed and just threw me down on the ground, tired of me toying with them. No complaints though :D. Advice to guys, after a round or two make sure to be VERY careful. In the story Naruto never hurt Anko by over stimulation, but I have once by continuing without being delicate enough, and trust me it sucks to see your girlfriend like that. I'm not bragging and I am by no means some sort of sex-hound, but I just ask questions and listen to what my girlfriends had to say. In summary, ask as many questions as you can, because most won't tell you a damn thing unless you do. Pay attention and be spontaneous, girls get comfortable pretty quick.

I hope everyone enjoyed the story and in particular, the ending. Please read and review. I definitely overdid the usage of words in this story, but I didn't have a thesaurus beside me while I was working on this. Now that this is out of my head, I can work on the first story I wanted to write. I just couldn't get there when this popped into my head. The next story will also have an unconventional pairing, but it will have a lot of more back story and action; not completely based on the romance portion.