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AN: Just a little series of one-shots based on a belief in some spiritual circles that children who die continue to grow in the afterlife until they reach adulthood. I thought it would work in this case since in past instances on H & A characters that are told to have died as babies, eg. Miles' daughter Amber/Rabbit, and Marilyn's son Byron, appeared older in visions they had of them. Many dearly departed characters from the show's history will make appearances. If you don't recognize someone, you can check out the extensive 'Back to the bay' character profile pages.

Little Rocco Braxton was confused, and scared. His Mommy had put him down to sleep, and the next thing he knew, he'd been pulled into a really bright light. He knew somehow that his Mommy and Daddy were very far away. Rocco began to cry.

"Hey, shh. It's okay, don't cry."

Rocco felt a pair of arms gently lift him. They weren't his Mommy's arms, or his Daddy's, or Irene's, or Auntie April's, or Uncle Brax's. He could sense a little of Uncle Brax around them though, like they'd known him. Whoever the arms belonged to, Rocco felt safe in them. He opened his eyes, finding himself looking up into the kind face of a woman with blue eyes and chestnut brown hair. Everything around them was blindingly bright, and he thought he could hear other voices nearby.

"Hi, Rocco" The Woman whispered, a small, sad smile crossing her face. "My name's Charlie. You can call me Auntie Charlie one day, if you'd like. I am so, so, sorry about what's happened to you. You won't be able to see your Mommy and Daddy for awhile.."

Rocco whimpered.

"But don't worry, you will see them again one day. I was your Mommy's best friend, and your Uncle Brax's girlfriend, so I'm going to look after you until your Mommy and Daddy get here, okay?"