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*Last Month*

Logan headed outside, with a cigar in his hands. It had been awhile since he had time to smoke on. With everyone inside dancing, he knew no one would bother him about his habit. As he walked out to the courtyard, he saw a familiar head of white hair, the owner of which, was laying on her side. Placing his cigar back in his pocket, he headed over to her. "Hey Ororo."

She sat up, quickly fixing her hair. "Hello Logan." She got up and walked over to him.

"What are you doing out here all alone?"

"I.I just felt like a little fresh air..care to join me?" she walked over to a small bench.

"Sure, it's not like I Have much to do inside"

There were few moments of silence after that remark "I know this can not be easy-"

"Ororo, I'm happy for Jeannie..I can tell ole' one eye gives her more than I'm willing to..besides if I really wanted her, she would be with me right now instead of him." he said with a smirk.

Rolling her eyes, Ororo nodded. "They truly love each other. After so many years of trying to get married, They were able to."

Logan could sense that the words Ororo spoke had held a kind of emptiness. "Which makes me wonder. Why you aren't happy for them."

A lump of fear rose in Ororo's chest, "Excuse me?"

"Ororo, I can tell when someone's upset..I'm not gonna guilt trip you for anything, but-"

"Logan, I will have you know I am very happy for Jean and Scott"

"I can tell when someone's lying.Ororo.what you have a thing for Cyke or something?" There was a slight edge to his voice.

Ororo burst out laughing, "Scott? He has been like a brother to me. Falling in love with him, would be like falling in love with the Professor." She smiled at Logan, "Really, I am very happy for them Logan."

"Why you so upset then? Why are you out here while everyone else is inside?"

"I.Guess it is because, to some extent, I am Jealous." She held up a hand to stop whatever comment Logan could have, "No, not of Jean. It is just, here I am 25 years old.and still single. I have only had-" her smile wavered, but only if one had been watching her intently, would they have noticed. "I.I should not be telling you this."

"Ororo, I'm your friend, you can talk to me about anything."


"Really." He slid closer to her, placing his arm around her shoulders.

Ororo gasped, "Logan, what are you doing?"

He pulled her closer to him, "What I should have done a long time ago." His lips claimed hers . At first Ororo was scared, but the feel of Logan's hard body against her soft one was enough to make the toughest woman crumble. His lips soon left hers, going on to cover other parts of her body, the small trail of kisses igniting a fire in both of them.

Ororo's arms were now wrapped around Logan's body, the tears that were beginning to form were soon gone, as Logan's rough hands pressed themselves into her body, "Logan, we should.move..the guests."

Logan mumbled a response, and before he moved away from her, he kissed her one last time. "You're right."

Ororo thought quickly, "My room.It is on the attic floor.no one will hear- I mean, no one will disturb us." What am I doing?.I hardly know this man..

Logan nodded, "I'll meet you up there alright?", Ororo nodded, she squeezed Logan's hand, one last time before she headed back in.

Logan grinned after her, it had been a long time since he had last been with a woman, and tonight with Jean getting married he needed someone to be with. And who better than Ororo?


Ororo stood in front of a mirror that hung in her bathroom, after fixing her hair she undressed, putting on her silk robe, it didn't matter if it was practically see through, she wasn't planning on wearing it for long.

A Knock came at her door, "Ororo?"

Looking at the mirror one last time, she walked into the room, "Come in." Oh Goddess what am I doing? What am I doing?

Logan walked into the room, his eyes darting down Ororo's body, "'Ro.."

Though Ororo's heart was pounding and she felt as if it might fly from her chest, she had gone to far to stop now. It had been so long since she had been with anyone..and here Logan was ready for her, no strings..Just sex. Something Ororo never thought she would want. One night that's all this will be one night and with that last thought. She dropped the robe.


"Do you understand?"


"Logan" *Oh Goddess....please let him answer me*


"Logan, please answer me"

"....you sure?...You sure you ain't just off schedule?" *You know she ain't lying*

"Logan, I know, what I am and what I am not....if you do not want-"

"No!. ...I just..it was only one time.. Nothing more than that"

*That's right it wasn't...I knew that going into it...why did I think it could be more? Why did I think anyone could ever want me..for me?*

"Ororo?" *She's upset.....I can sense it...I knew she was pregnant days ago....why didn't I say anything?.....You know why bub, you thought if ya ignored it, it would go away*

"It was enough Logan"

"But we used protection, I...you sure its.." he trailed off, the look Ororo gave him was enough to silence him.

"How...How dare you" Her hands shook with anger, above them the sky began to darken.

"Ororo I didn't mean-"

"I..I need to go" Ororo began to get to her feet, only to be stopped by Logan.

"Ororo, we need to work this out, what do we plan to do?"

"Well, I plan to keep the baby.I know you are not ready to be a father, so. I will not ask you to be. All I ask is you tell no one."

"Ororo, what do you mean?"

"I think I will tell Jean and the others that I met a man and had sex with him. Who he will be will not matter. And that way, you do not lose any respect." She looked away from him, not want him to see the tears that were gathering in her eyes.

He laid his hand on her shoulder, "What about you Ororo? You think the students are gonna respect a teacher who went out and fucked some guy?"

"Well, it won't be far from the truth." She snapped "It's just this way, at least one of us is protected." Blinking back her tears she turned to face him.

"Ororo, I ain't gonna let you raise my kid="

"Get one thing straight Logan, This child is mine. You gave up any rights you had over him or her when you asked if it was yours."

"I'm sorry 'bout that Ororo, But The kid is mine too and if I'm not able to raise it...I don't know if I can keep this a secret."

Ororo shook her head, "Please Logan. It will be hard enough for me raising this child without everyone hating the father of it. I do not want to marry you. Nor do I want to force you into something you are not ready for..So I am asking you. Please do not tell anyone of this."

"Well.What if we did get married?"

"Logan, do you love me?"


Ororo smiled "See? That is enough reason as to why we should not get married." She reached over and cupped his face with her hand, "Inside you are a good man Logan, and if you loved me, I would want nothing more than to spend my life with you..But-"

"Ororo, why don't we just get married? That way.no one will be able to say anything.about you or the baby"

"Logan that idea will not work, I will not force you into-"

. "You won't be forcing me into anything..Look! I'll get down on one knee if I have to." He dropped to one knee *Oh God people are watching*

Ororo rolled her eyes, grabbing Logan's hand she pulled him back up "Logan, This plan could never work"

Logan took a deep breath, "Ororo, This is the only child I know for sure that I have had. I need to be a part of its life. And I don't want my son or daughter calling me Uncle Logan or Logan."

Ororo bit her lip, thinking..she had over looked the fact that Logan could have other children. And as far as he knew this would be the only one he would ever know..and with that information inside of her mind she couldn't take this child away from him. But his plan was absurd. After all, he had been back two weeks before Jean and Scott were married, and unless she had been corresponding with him before that.that would mean two a month engagement! Scott and Jean had been together for years!

"Ororo? Would it really be that bad?."

"I don't know...Why don't we just.Live together? There are no rules that we have to be married in order to have a child"

"Ororo, I want to raise my kid in the right way. If I had a kid before, he or she doesn't know who their father is...I can't let this kid go through that. I may be an ass Ororo, But I'm not that much of one."

"Logan, you are acting very different. I mean.I never thought you'd be one to settle down. ..What if it doesn't work out?"

"Well.at least we gave it a shot."

Ororo looked back towards the mansion, with a small smile she said. "Well..we will need some rings..and some witnesses."

Logan hugged Ororo, "Thank You Ororo. I just.I needed this."

*So did I Logan.*


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