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Steve Rogers x Higurashi Kagome

It was supposed to be a simple relaxing night.

But no, she was Higurashi Kagome, so something weird had to happen to interrupt her little cozy time that she rarely had time for anymore.

Such as a person being thrown so hard that he smashed through the wall of her apartment and finally came sliding to a stop in her small kitchen, debris flying everywhere.

Kagome stared wide-eyed, her glass falling from her hand and shattering across her floor as the man let out a pained groan and slowly sat up.

She instantly recognized him, but that didn't matter much to her at the moment while she kept on staring at the rubble, in complete belief that her apartment was completely totalled.

"Miss!" The man, popularly known as Captain America, seemed to finally notice her and stood up that much quicker, ignoring or not feeling too much pain as he stepped hurriedly towards her, "Miss, are you okay?!" By his tone, it was clear that he was sincerely concerned about her wellbeing.

"I'm fine," Kagome answered dazedly, standing up some to observe the damage that her poor apartment had suffered, not particularly caring about her current attire, "Just fine." She whimpered.

Captain America immediately flushed at her lack of clothes, it was easy to see because his mask must have slipped off when he had been slammed into her apartment, "Miss, you..." He turned away, flush only darkening when she moved past him to look at her kitchen, "Y-your clothes..."

She didn't care about her dress because it was her time, dammit! Why couldn't a woman sit in the privacy of her own home in a simple tank top and panties!?

(But she was mentally relieved that her underwear was that of the cotton variety, nothing too lacy or anything).

"My apartment," Kagome whimpered incoherently, kneeling down in despair and Captain America tried to get over his embarrassment long enough to stand over her in concern, "Sesshoumaru is going to kill me!" She muttered in Japanese.

"Miss, are you sure you're okay?" Captain America asked, helping her stand up and making sure his gaze did not go any lower than her (pretty) face, "I know it doesn't mean much at the moment, but I am terribly sorry about your home."

Kagome finally glanced up at him, anger slightly fading at the apologetic look in his blue eyes, "I get it," She sighed, "You can't help it if your enemy throws you through a wall. Been there, done that."

Captain America blinked, surprised by her words, "Miss, the Avengers will pay for the damages," He said firmly, "I can promise you that much."

"It's Kagome, not Miss," She said, glancing out at the huge hole in her apartment and easily spotting the battle that Captain America's teammates were fighting in, "You should go now, I'm sure your friends will appreciate your help." She smiled at him, patting him on the arm.

The Captain blinked again, "You're right," He moved, but then stopped hesitantly to glance back at her, "I'll be back, Miss Kagome, to make sure you're really okay." With that, he leapt from the hole, knowing he wouldn't be injured from the high fall due to his superhuman abilities.

"Well, there goes my normal life."

However, she couldn't stop the bright smile from appearing on her face...