In this big city, as we call it Toontown, or home, I'm the best detective there is. Some say Cogs fear me, running from me (But, they never get away. Oh well.). Some others say I'm the untouchable detective, always ready to solve that special case. Other Toons say I roam the streets, feeling fear in evil eyes. Actually, I'm just an expert as a detective, and all of the above. No, I'm not trying to impress the ladies or whatever. I'm just here to protect and serve my town. Well, I'm a male dog, I work for the Toontown Detective Agency, I'm 19 right now. I'm single and we do... well, what other detectives do; solve mysteries. Most of them are Cogs doing it, and, in rare situations, Toons are doing the evil doing. It's a pity Toons are becoming evil every minute of the days.. Don't mind that, I always get my suspects. And like I said before, I'm the best detective there is. I hope I'm not TOO arrogant.