Man, I should've know that they were in the Lawbot HQ the whole time. I got my walkie-talkie and said to McFlipper:

"Flipper, gather all the people to me, I found the missing clerks." No answer.

"Flipper, can you read me?" Still no answer. I knew something was wrong, and I should have known that. Because right when I turned 180 degrees, I saw the Chief Justice with McFlipper in his grippy, metal hands.

CJ: "Alright, Gates. I had enough of your crappy agency saving Toontown. You can stop saving your precious Toontown and I won't hurt your friend here. OR, you can save the day, and I'll flatten her in the cogs 'til she's a pancake."

Me: "OH, yeah?"

CJ: "Yeah."

Me: "Yeah?!"

CJ: "Yeah?!

Me: "YEAH?!"

CJ: "Yes, yes. Now, shut up before I kill you next."

The others came and stood around us to watch the action movie.

Me: "Okay, so-called Chief Justice. Let's have a ghost pepper contest. You and me. After we eat the peppers, we stare at each other and watch as we go in pain and agony. The man who stands alive wins. And I bet 500 jellybeans."

CJ: "And I bet 5000 jellybeans."

Me: "Mm. I don't think you'll like putting thousands of those on the table. Y'know why? Because I'm the champion of pepper contests." I showed him my trophies. Trust me, I had it in the bag. A moment later, Rockstar Kit gave us the 50 ghost pepper.

Rockstar: "Gates. Are you sure you can do this? I mean, the ghost pepper are the ho..."

Me: "Don't worry. It's in the bag."

Rockstar: "Two-bit show-off. [rolling eyes]

Twilight: "Good luck, Gates."

Me: "Don't worry, Twilight, my dear Halloween friend. I ALWAYS get my suspects."

Kitter Coolpaws got the bell and rang it. DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! I started to eat the first ghost pepper. I admit, it was my first time eating 50 of them. I started munching the peppers up, while the CJ, he's just not sure about entering it. After 15 minutes straight eating those, we started staring at each other with a smirk (in a confident smug kind of way). The Chief started to sweat a little and smoke started coming out of his ears. I knew I had this one in the bag. And after a few seconds, the CJ froze, literally. I poked him with my pinkie and then he fell right on the ground. His button for his health shut down, which meant he dropped dead, literally. After, Kitter rang the bell. "The winner of this tournament is Detective Gates!" Kitter shouted. Everyone started to cheer for me. That's the moment when I felt like a true hero to everyone.

"I.. I won. I won! I WON!" I shouted with glee. I walked up to the CJ, now half-conscious. "Hail to the king, baby." I said to him with a confident smile and I splatted a Cream Pie at him. I took the jellybeans me and CJ betted that were on the table. I got McFlipper out of his grippy, metal hand.

"Thanks, Gates." McFlipper said.

"Hey, what are friends for?" I replied and I gave her a helping hand. After a while, I was frozen. I think the ghost peppers had a big effect on me. Then, Twilight came running to me so fast, she was like a blur. And then, the best moment of my life came; Twilight kissed me. I waited for that moment my whole life in the agency. I unfroze from the kiss and said: "Thanks for the congrats, I guess?"

"No problem." she said and she chuckled in an affectionate way. Kitter came up to me and said:

"Was that just a hallucination or did you just kiss Twilight?"

Me: "What? NO! Probably your peanut-sized brain is making you think that."

Kitter: "Nope. I don't think that was a hallucination."

Yeah, sometimes love can be happy, and joyful for you, but sometimes it's embarrassing to a friend who's sometimes a stuck-up jerk.

A/N: Thus the story concludes now with Twilight as my girl, and the rest, still as my good old friends. Stay tuned for the sequel. See ya soon!