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To anyone else, the house looked to be ruled by chaos. Dishes filled with dinner remnants on the large dining room table; toys, shoes and bags strung about; the sound of children screams and giggles while the adults sat around together. But it was the way that the monthly Mikaelson family dinner typically went.

This month, it was Finn and his wife Sage's turn to host, but it was the middle brother, Klaus and his life, that was the center of attention at the moment. "Ayanna told me today that she simply can't keep working for me."

"It's not surprising considering the way her health has deteriorated over the last year, especially the past few months," Elijah commented from his spot next to his wife Katherine.

Rebekah nodded in agreement. "Poor soul, it must have broken her heart to have to give it up. I know she loves and felt responsible for us after Mother died."

"So what do you plan to do?" Sage asked from her spot. She, like everyone else, knew that this news had caused an upheaval in her brother in law's life because Ayanna was not just a regular employee of the family's business, but a part of his household.

"I'm going to have to hire a replacement," Klaus answered simply; it was not as if he had a choice in the matter after all. However he valued his family's advice on such things, which was why he had brought up the discussion.

"You can't hire some stranger to look after them," Rebekah exclaimed. "Ayanna was one thing; she's practically family! But you are talking about hiring a stranger."

"What do you suggest I do Bekah?" Klaus asked. "These are my children and I have to do what is best for them. I need to not only make sure to provide for them, but to make sure that they are taken care of and since last time I checked, I can't be in two places at once. I'm going to need help."

"Let us help; we're family."

"And I can't rely on you lot forever. I am a grown man and they are my children. Business is flourishing and you all have your own lives. Finn and Sage have their three; soon Katherine will be too far along to have the energy to watch after Daniel let alone my two," Klaus argued as he looked at his sister in law. Katherine had had a hard time during her first pregnancy; so far the current one looked to be hard on her as well. He did not want to cause her undue stress, and he knew that Elijah worried enough for the two of them

"There's me…and Kol."

"I don't think having Kol as a one of the main caregivers for my children is the best idea…do you?" Klaus asked her, his eyebrow quirked in disbelief at her suggestion.

"Okay, probably not the best idea. Speak of the devil," Rebekah acquiesced just as Kol and Rebekah's fiancée Stefan returned.

When Stefan sat down next to her, he noticed the look on everyone's faces and asked. "What are you guys talking about so seriously?"

"Niklaus's need to hire a girl," Finn answered.

"Nik, you haven't gotten that desperate now have you that you are planning to hire a prostitute?" Kol asked. "I happen to know some girls who have low enough standards that they'd go for one of my less handsome brothers…"

"Oh, shut it, you prat. We're talking about Nik hiring a nanny!" Rebekah snapped.

"I might have a suggestion that can help you," Stefan interrupted in the attempt to stop the two youngest Mikaelson siblings from killing each other.

"Do tell, mate."

"My brother Damon's girlfriend has a friend who is looking for a job."

Klaus only rolled his eyes and scoffed at Stefan's suggestion. "That's not a solution; I'm not looking for some girl desperate for a job, with no clue what she is doing, to come in and take care of my children."

"That's the thing: she is a professional nanny."

"Who are you talking about? Have I met her?" Rebekah asked as she tried to rack her memories of the person that Stefan was talking about. She personally didn't care much for Elena, Stefan's brother's girlfriend, but they did socialize quite often along and she was familiar some of her friends

Stefan nodded. "Caroline."

Rebekah's brow furrowed. "I thought she was a teacher?"

"She studied early education at school, but she is a licensed nanny, one who is looking for a family since the one she has been working for over the past two years was transferred overseas." Stefan explained. "I think she'd be a good fit for you, Nik. She's smart, caring, and really loves her job; not to mention that she's organized and good at thinking outside the box. And that's what you definitely need, Nik; after all, you need someone who isn't your typical nanny. I have her number; I can contact her and have her forward everything to get things moving."

Klaus mulled over Stefan's words. He trusted Stefan; he might be his sister's fiancé but he had also become one of his closest friends and if he had such high opinion of this woman than he should at least check over her qualifications and interview her. To see if she would be a good fit for him and his family. "Do it."

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