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Summary: Harry is the brother of the BWL (Boy Who Live),his parents choose to neglected him and young Rose Potter,younger sister of the twin brothers. Lily and James are alive,(good!Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape)

The Story Begans

The Start of changing

7 years had passed after the attack on halloween.

Lily and James Potter,parents of the Nick Potter AKA Boy Who Live,Harry and Rose Potter, are preparing the 8th birthday party for their son,Nick. Harry and Rose stay in a room and read their books,not caring one bit of the party which will start two of them had stopped showing emotions and weakness to peers since young after the incident on the birthday of Nick, as Rose love her brother, Harry who have show her care and love ,also protection.


Rose was only three, Harry and Nick were six. There was a party hosted by James and Lily Potter for Nick Potter's birthday. Harry was bringing Rose down to the party when they reach, no one acknowledge their presence for the main focus is Nick. When Rose was about to call out her mother, her mother's eyes gave out coldness to Harry and Rose when Lily noted of their presence in the room.

Then Harry whisper to Rose, "come on Rose, none of them wants us here, let's go! There isn't anything here for us, let go back to our room. I read to you a story."

End Flashback...

Rose have ask her brother how to mask emotions after all her brother never show his feelings and emotions except when he is around her. Nick has the biggest bedroom in the Potter manor. Rose like her brother stopped caring for their parents a long time ago as they have continuously neglected them and does not cared for them as matter to them is only Nick Potter.

They only show respected to elders who are Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and other teachers and also James's rival, Severus Snape. Harry and Rose are fascinated by potions and other forms of magic at that time. The Severus Snape forced to come to Nick Potter's birthday party , he had saw through the hate of the Potters to see the neglect of Harry and Rose, by accident saw them reading and discussing about potions. Over the years during Nick's birthday ,he will come and give potions and defense spells book as presents to them as a birthday gift.