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The story continues...

At the orphanage,

Severus and Minerva immediately apparated to the orphanage ,just in time to see the Potters apparating away. They immediately went to the reception table to adopt Harry and Rose ."May I help you?" came a reply from the receptionist who seen Severus and Minerva coming to the doorway ."Uh yes, we come here to adopt two children, they were formerly known as Harry and Rose Potter! "Was the only reply from Professor Snape .The receptionist walk away to get Harry and Rose , when she came back ,Harry and Rose immediately ran and hug Severus. After returning the hug, Severus sign the adoption forms and the rights of parent of Harry and Rose are transfer to him.

"Come on, let's go back to hogwarts and get you two settled down. "Severus said to them.

At Hogwarts,

"Grandpa Albus!"came a shout from Harry and Rose Snape into the ears of Albus Dumbledore .

"Ah children, it is so good to see you two again. I finally see those lovely smiles of yours. "said Albus Dumbledore.

"Thanks grandpa Albus! Can we have a sweet? Pretty please with a cherry on the top!" Was the happy reply of the two siblings. However, when Severus Snape heard this, his mind thinking 'Great! Albus giving sweets with the damm twinkle on full mode, he is going to make both Harry and Rose super hyper with all the sugar!',pinching the bridge of his nose.

During dinner time, Rose and Harry were so hyper that they keep skipping and jumping to the great hall with their grandpa Albus and Grandma Minnie, smiling all the way.

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