Title: "Aang and Katara's Tropical Adventure"
Rating: T – Kataang romance
Writer: A6
Summary: Aang and Katara worked very hard together rebuilding their post-war world with their friends, but take time off for a vacation. A hurricane that blows them off their intended course, and strands them on a deserted island. Or is it deserted? Five chapter arc. ATLA characters property of Nickelodeon.


Katara paced anxiously outside the meeting room where Zuko, Aang, Kuei, Arnook, Hakoda, and the leaders of the Fire Nation Earth Kingdom colonies had been locked in discussions for days. Mai and Lady Hanqiao, Kuei's fiancé, had already given up in disgust. The world leaders were three hours overdue from concluding their negotiations. Suki and Ty Lee didn't budge from their positions guarding entry to the chamber, but were in no mood for chatting with Katara. The Kyoshi Warriors had their orders.

Finally the oaken doors were opened. Kuei and Zuko were the first out, took a quick look around, and seeing their significant others gone, took off on a near dead run for their quarters, knowing what kind of trouble they were in. They didn't even acknowledge Katara.

Arnook and Hakoda stood aside and let Aang rush to Katara, and give her a big hug,

"It's done!" he exclaimed, and lifted and twirled her around.

He was clearly excited but Katara could see the extreme exhaustion in his eyes.

"So tell me!" as she laced her arm into his as they walked back to their guest quarters.

"It's amazing - better than we imagined!" he said excitedly as they strolled. She put her head on his shoulder.

Sitting with Katara in his lap in their private quarters, Aang couldn't stop talking, "Katara, they agreed to all our ideas about a society of benders and non-benders living together in harmony. Just as we imagined."

"I am so excited for you Aang. And so proud." She gave him a big kiss.

Aang smiled at that, but then got a more serious look, "There is one thing more, Katara."

She returned the serious look, a bit nervous at his tone.

"They want me to be the spiritual guide for the whole process."

Katara blinked at the realization of the weight of Aang's statement.

"Aang, the construction of an entirely new city and government is a hugejob. You won't have a spare moment." she fretted.

"Yes Katara, it will be a huge job. But I will only be the spiritual guide, not the construction boss. That will give me time to attend to my other Avatar duties around the world. And to you." he said with a nervous smile.

Katara gave Aang a very worried look.

He smiled, and put his arms around her more firmly, "Besides, Katara, they are going to build something special just for us. It'll have a house with enough room for a family, meeting rooms, a study, a training area, meditation gardens, and a new small Temple! It's on the island we saw right in the middle of the bay - overlooking the city as it's built. I will only be working just a few steps away from you every day!"

Katara lamented, "Aang, I always imagined us mostly alone, restoring one of the old Temples and raising the family we way we want."

Aang answered, "But this is so much more exciting. We're going to create a whole new society with the best people of every nation coming to live and work."

"But I have to share you with the world even more," said a tearful Katara.

"Well, you knew you had to do that anyway," replied Aang who ran his fingers through her hair softly.

She frowned, knowing that fact all too well, and also knowing it was wrong of her to be so possessive of Aang her husband, but also Aang the Avatar. It still hurt.

Leaning into Aang's strokes of her hair, she perked up a bit, and wanted to support her husband, "Oh Aang, this will be hard, but it really will be so exciting!"

They started to kiss deeply, letting themselves start to get lost in each other like they did so often, and she intentionally wiggled harder into his lap to get the reaction she wanted, but a knock came at their chamber door.

Annoyed, Aang turned toward the door and said, "Who is it?"

A familiar voice said, "We just need a few moments, Aang."

Aang and Katara looked at each other and collectively sighed. They both got up, and slid the door open to see Kuei and Zuko.

"Come in guys," Aang offered.

Katara frowned, and thought, "It's starting already."

"Sorry to interrupt you two, but Kuei and I were thinking," said Zuko nervously, knowing he had interrupted their affections.

"It's always dangerous when the two most powerful leaders in the world think together," Katara joked.

Kuei smiled, "Well, my friends, you are going to like this idea. We know that this project is going to take a lot of Aang's time, Katara, which will often not be fair to you."

"Darn right," she thought, but just nodded to the Earth King.

"So we decided that you should have a few weeks off before it starts. We'd like to give you a 'second honeymoon' to relax and have fun."

Aang scoffed, "Where could you guys send us that I haven't already been?"

Kuei said seriously, "My Summer Palace on the eastern shore."

Aang and Katara were stunned. The opulence of the Earth King's Summer Palace made Zuko's summer palace on Ember Island look like a cheap apartment.

"Whoa. Kuei, that is very kind. Too kind, my friend."

"I insist. You two deserve it," assured Kuei as Zuko stood beside him with a satisfied look.

Katara threw her arms around Kuei and gave him a big kiss on his cheek. He blushed deeply.

She kidded, "Don't tell Hanqiao I did that!"

Zuko and Kuei bid Katara and Aang goodnight, and returned to their own loved ones' bedrooms.

Katara got that devilish gleam in her eyes that Aang so loved as she said, "Well now, where were we?"

Aang and Katara never felt closer as they loved each other that night, dreaming of their fun and relaxing time together ahead.