Chapter 1

A new beginning.

After the underground circuit. TSS, Blaster, Andrew and Maka brought me to a nearby hospital. The doctors started to study my condition, for I haven't awaken from my sleep yet after battling Devour.

After a while, the doctors finished examination and head to TSS to tell the news to him personally.

TSS: a coma?

Doctor: yes, this boy has some concision damage inside his brain, he will be out cold for a while.

TSS mind: this isn't good, even if we lost the chance of having shortcut to the nationals, we still have the regional tournament in 2 days.

TSS: so how long will it take for him to recover?

Doctor: it's hard to say, we also discovered a heart condition during the examination.

TSS: heart condition?...

TSS eyes extended for remembering me using Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel for the first time.

TSS mind: so that's what it was…

TSS: are you able to treat his conditions doctor?

Doctor: the coma doesn't influence his heart condition, but when he wakes up he needs to go to surgery immediately to strengthen his heart more.

TSS: how much time does the awakening and the surgery take?

Doctor:…probably 3 weeks or a month.

TSS:…a month…

Doctor: forgive me, but we shall do what ever it takes to treat him well.

TSS: I understand, thank you doctor.

TSS went back to the group and told them everything about the conditions I have.

Maka:…this isn't good at all…

Andrew smacked the table and groaning loudly.

Andrew: if only I won my match, this wouldn't happen!

Maka: no Andrew, it's also my fault, but we couldn't predict that this would happen to Roy.

Blaster:…no…if only I stopped him before entering the battle, I could have took his place to fight.

TSS: don't talk like that…

Blaster: uh?

TSS: you all fought well and support one another, it just happened so sudden.

Blaster:…but I didn't get a chance to fight…

TSS place his hand on Blaster shoulder and smiled to him.

TSS: you will get your chance in the regional, but there is one thing we need to decide first.

Maka/Andrew/Blaster: uh?

Everyone got back to the shop, TSS put a closed sign behind the glass doors and sits down with the group.

TSS: as you all may know, Roy is actually the leader of team Glorious Empire.

Maka: but he is out cold so that means…

TSS: we need a new leader to lead this group to victory.

Andrew: but who is it going to be?

TSS: I shall decide which one of you will become the leader by a little tournament of mine.

Maka: tournament?

TSS: you three will battle each other. Tomorrow.

Blaster: us against each other?

TSS: we need the strongest to become the new leader of Glorious Empire.


TSS: I know Roy is in a coma right now, but the regional isn't giving us extra time for his recovery. We need to act fast if we want to aim for the nationals.

Blaster:…I don't want to…

TSS: hmm?

Blaster: the team isn't just the same without Roy…

Blaster remembered the times with me playing a card game everyday with smile on our faces.

Blaster: he is one of my best friends and I just can't see why we should aim for the nationals without Roy.

TSS:…I see…tell you what, you guys will think about it until tomorrow. But, be sure to prepare your decks just in case you decide to continue.

Andrew mind: I want to aim for the nationals, for my family sake, but are we strong enough to beat the regional?

Maka mind: I want to see my sister again, I want to know why she joined team Dragonic Demise…but right now, I'm not strong enough…

Blaster mind: Roy…you always beaten me in card fights, I never managed to surpass you. There is something that I'm missing in my card fights…

TSS: take some rests, Blaster, do you have a minute?

Blaster: uh? Yea why?

Maka: something wrong TSS?

TSS: it's fine, just need to talk to him in private.

Maka & Andrew took of and walked straight to their homes. TSS went behind his counter and grabbed something.

He walked towards Blaster and showed him a new trail deck.

Blaster: what's this?

TSS: the new trail deck release. Trial Deck 7. Descendants of the Marine Emperor.

Blaster: I don't have any money at the moment.

TSS: it's a gift.

Blaster: wait what!?

TSS: Blaster, I have seen you in my card shop many times, always picking other clans in order to find a way to win. But you will not learn anything until you choose your main deck.

Blaster: my main…deck…

Roy flashback: don't give up!

Roy flashback: when I battled Galleon, I refused to give up no matter what happens. Blaster, I know this is tough but you have to fight to become better.

Blaster flashback: I just cant alright!

Roy flashback:…Blaster…

Blaster flashback: I made so much different decks…I thought I would have made the strongest deck by now but it doesn't accomplish anything.

Roy flashback:…perhaps it's time you should main a deck.

Blaster flashback: main…a deck?

Roy flashback: I know I'm just a rookie, but I have come this far with my deck without switching out for a other clan…so if you really want to accomplish something, then work your way to the top along with your clan.


Blaster reach out for the deck and took it from TSS hand slowly.

TSS: seems like you have decided.

Blaster: not yet, but I will try this deck.

Blaster took off and TSS stood outside to lock down his shop.

Sarah: so, your just going to lie to them now?

TSS flinched and turned around, he saw a blond ponytailed women looking at him with a short green top and blue jeans.

TSS: why are you here Sarah?

Sarah: I heard about the incident of Roy.

TSS:…I thought you worked for the person behind all of this.

Sarah: I may work for him, but that doesn't mean I have to damage a innocent child his life for that cost.

TSS: then why are you here?

Sarah: you haven't tell your team mates that you have actually worked with that person who sponsored the underground circuit.

TSS: I'm already fired…Roy is injured…the team is falling apart.

Sarah: not yet.

TSS: uh?

Sarah: there is still hope you guys to triumph.

TSS:…why are you helping me, I'm no longer your work mate.

Sarah stepped in closer and pecked TSS his cheek with her lips. TSS blushed instantly from the kiss on his cheek.

Sarah: just paying the favour. Goodnight. TSS-kun.

The women took off as well and TSS stood still with his eyes wide open.

TSS mind: that women…

Meanwhile, Blaster sits down behind his desk and placed the deck down.

Blaster: Aqua Force, wonder how this clan works

Blaster reach the top of the trail deck package but stopped.


He didn't open the deck and placed it down flat on his desk. He puts his hand together and placed it against his face.

Blaster:…I know I have to become stronger Roy…but how am I suppose to battle while your in a coma...

He looked at his alarm and it was already bedtime, he lays down on his bed and closed his eyes shut.

While he was sleeping, the trail deck started to glow blue. Under Blaster eyelids, his eyes slightly glowed blue for a brief second.

Suddenly, Blaster started to dream that he was in a white room with 2 vanguard desk in the centre of the room.

Across the room, a shadow appears holding out his/her deck down on the table.

Blaster: I won't card fight…

The shadow opened it's eyes and shows red glowing eyes.

Shadow: are you just going to keep your tail between your legs.

Blaster: no! my friend-

Shadow: then fight me. Your deck is already set.

Blaster: my deck?

Blaster looked at his desk and saw his deck unpacked and already set up. He reaches for it and turned it around.

Blaster: the Aqua force deck…but, I haven't used them in battle yet.

Shadow: what's it going to be, are you going to fight for yourself for once.

Blaster: I…I

Shadow: goofing around wont bring back your friend.

Blaster: I know that but I don't want to take his spot in!

Shadow: then fight for yourself to become stronger.

Blaster: fine!

Blaster choose his vanguard as well the shadow. They both placed down there unit face down.

Blaster: stand up, my vanguard!

Shadow: stand up, vanguard!

The white room suddenly took it's form. They both battled into the ocean with ancient ruins surrounding them.

Blaster: Officer Cadet of the First Battle

Blaster took his form into a purple coated marine soldier holding his battle staff, his wings started to glow with electric energy in order to fly.

Officer Cadet of the First Battle grade 0 6000 power/guard 10000


The shadow didn't say anything and just flipped his card. His unit couldn't be seen clearly, only it's power.

? grade 0 6000 power/guard 10000

Shadow: draw, ride the grade 1 unit.

? grade 1 8000 power/guard 5000

The shadow grew into a different form.

Shadow: turn ended.


Hand: 5

Damage: 0

Flipped damage 0

Unflipped damage 0

Blaster mind: what am I fighting against?

Blaster: draw, I ride Tear Knight, Theo!

Blaster evolved further into a white coated marine that is ranked lieutenant, he aimed his high tech gun at the shadow.

Tear Knight, Theo grade 1 8000 power/guard 5000

Blaster: Theo attack!

Tear Knight, Theo 8000 power versus ? 8000 power.

shadow: no guard.

Blaster: drive check.

[ Drive Check ] Battleship Intelligence [ critical trigger ]

Blaster: critical trigger, all the effect to my vanguard!

The marine took a look at his scope and fires a blue energy blast at the shadow.

2 cards flew on the damage zone from the shadow, but at the last check it starts to glow green.

Shadow: heal trigger, one damage recovery.

The shadow moved one card from damage zone to his drop zone.

Blaster mind: wished he didn't heal.

Blaster: turn ended.


Hand: 6

Damage: 0

Flipped damage: 0

Unflipped damage: 0

Shadow: draw, ride the grade 2 unit.

? grade 2 10000 power/guard 5000

Shadow: next, two unites call.

The shadow grew again into a other form, beside it there are two more shadow units coming out.

? grade 2 10000 power/guard 5000

?: grade 2 8000 power/guard 5000

Shadow: attack!

?: grade 2 8000 power versus Tear Knight, Theo 8000 power

Blaster: I-I guard with Sea Otter Soldier of Pyroxene Communication! [ guard 5000 ]

A marine clothed otter stands in front of the marine and held out his emerald stone to block the attack of the shadow.

Shadow: vanguard attack!

?: grade 2 10000 power versus Tear Knight, Theo 8000 power

Blaster: no guard.

Shadow: drive check, no trigger.

The shadow landed a strong hit against the marine.

Blaster: damage check

[ Damage Check ] High Tide of Water Future, Xenophon [ no trigger ]

Shadow: final attack.

?: grade 2 10000 power versus Tear Knight, Theo 8000 power

Blaster wanted to reach for another guard but he saw he got some good unites at hand.

Blaster mind: I have to keep this hand.

[ Damage Check ] Sea Otter Soldier of Pyroxene Communication [ Draw Trigger ]

Blaster: a draw trigger…but a little late.

Blaster drew his card while the shadow narrowed his eyes.

Blaster mind: what should I do, I don't know anything about this clan.

Shadow: I can already see that I'm going to win.

Blaster: uh?

Shadow: you keep doubting yourself, are you worthy of being in the team.

Blaster: how did you?

Shadow: it's your move.


Hand: 4

Damage: 1

Flipped damage: 0

Unflipped damage: 1

Blaster mind:…if I'm worthy of the team…Maka…Andrew…Roy…

Blaster lowered his head and placed his hand on his face.

Blaster mind: why can't I get over it!?

Theo: Blaster.

Blaster: uh?

Blaster looked in front of the battlefield and saw the marine standing in front of him.

Blaster: was it you who called me?

Theo: I once too was a private ranked soldier once. But I kept training myself to become a commander one day.

Blaster:…a commander.

Theo: now it's your time to become a commander of your soldiers.

Blaster: my soldier?

Theo: your friends need a strong leader, become that. Blaster!

Blaster eyes started to water up, he rubs his tears away with his arm. When he lowered it, the unit just staring at the battlefield, facing his back to Blaster.

Blaster: I have decided.

Shadow: hmm?

Blaster: that I shall become stronger for my team!


Blaster looked at his hand and noticed something about a particular card.

Blaster mind: Coral Assault…numbers of attack. That's it!

Blaster: I ride, Tear Knight, Lazarus!

the marine fades away and a new marine took his place with fish fins on the back of his arms. It held out a green sabre sword and smiled towards Blaster.

Blaster: now I shall call my soldiers, Matchless Trench Titan, Coral Assault and Accelerated Commando.

Behind the fish fins marine, a sea horse with purple hair joins the field with hi-tech equipment armour. Beside the marine, a giant statue appears with one eye made out of stone. On the other side a marine driving a underwater vehicle with a Gatling gun on his right shoulder.

Matchless Trench Titan grade 2 8000 power/guard 5000

Coral Assault grade 2 8000 power/guard 5000

Accelerated Commando grade 1 6000 power/guard 5000

Blaster: Commando skill, I give 2000 + power to Titan this turn. Attack, Titan!

Matchless Trench Titan 10000 power versus ? 10000 power

The giant statue began to move and smashed the shadow backwards.

Shadow: damage check, draw trigger. All the effect to my vanguard.

Blaster: Commando boosted, Lazarus attack!

Tear Knight, Lazarus 16000 power versus ? 15000 power.

Shadow: I intercept with my 8000 power grade 2, with it's skill it gains 5000 + when ever it intercepts [ guard 10000 ]

Blaster: drive check!

[ Drive Check ] Dolphin Soldier of High Speed Raids [ stand trigger ]

Blaster: stand trigger, Titan stand effect and power to Coral.

The giant statue stood up again and the marine with the Gatling Gun receives the blue energy of the trigger.

Blaster: Titan, attack his rear guard!

The statue punched the other shadow and made him fade away.

Blaster: Coral attack!

The marine took aim at the last remaining shadow.

Coral Assault 13000 power versus ? 15000 power

Shadow: humph, seems like your no good at math.

Blaster: think again.

Shadow: uh?

Blaster: when Coral Assault attacks for the third or more times, his power increase by 3000 +

Shadow: n-no way!

Blaster: take this! Gatling Gun fire!

The marine started to fire his bullet rounds and kept damaging the shadow more and more until a smokescreen showing up across the battlefield.

Blaster: I did it, I became stronger!

The smokescreen of the bullets cleared up and Blaster widens his eyes. The shadow slowly cleared up as well his unit, revealing it's true identity.

In front of Blaster, a knight holding a sword and a shield standing tall with his golden Lion chest armour with red as main colour from his armour.

Blaster: K-Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains, then…that means.

Blaster looked over to his opponent, his shadow slowly melted away and showing a young men with blond short hair smiling to him wearing a school uniform like Blaster.

Blaster: Roy!?

Roy: now Blaster, let's fight for real this time, your new clan, versus my Gold Paladin deck.

To be continued