Chapter 18

The heat of the lion.

announcer: an incredible win for team glorious empire, 1 - 0 is the result and only one win remaining. Can Maka win the winning point for his team.

Maka sets his deck nervously, slightly nibs his lower lip.

Chris: getting worried even though your winning?

Maka looked forward to his opponent. He gazes Maka with his red eyes but this time he wears glasses. Lifted his glasses lightly up to show a confident smirk.

Chris: seems like Reborn prediction will come true at this rate.

Maka: kgg, don't underestimate me. This deck is really strong.

Chris: is it now?...But is strength the only thing it possesses.

Maka: what do you mean by that?

Chris: You will see. Power is indeed necessary, but to me. Tactics are pure gold for this game. Now, let's begin. I wasted enough time talking to someone who is going to lose.

Maka: in your dreams!

Maka and Chris held their vanguard card, the referee tossed a coin and pointed to Chris to make the first move.

Maka/Chris: stand up, vanguard!

the background takes place under the sea, Maka appeared as the little kid in a sea captain uniform. Chris as a brown lion wearing protective gears.

Maka: Captain Nightkid!

Captain Nightkid grade 0 5000 power/guard 10000

Chris: Lionet Heat!

Lionet Heat grade 0 4000 power/guard 10000

Chris: the first move goes to me, I draw and ride tough boy.

Tough Boy grade 1 8000 power/guard 5000

Chris: your move


hand 5

damage: 0

flipped damage: 0

unflipped damage: 0

Maka: draw, I ride Dandy Guy, Romario!

Dandy Guy, Romario grade 1 8000 power/guard 5000

Boosted by Captain Nightkid, I attack your vanguard.

Dandy Guy, Romario 13000 power versus Tough Boy 8000

Chris: no guard.

Maka: drive trigger check.

Drive Check: Ghoul Cannonball [ critical trigger ]

Maka: critical trigger, all the effect to my Romario for a nice 2 damage attack.

Damage check: Moai the Great [ No Trigger ]

Damage check: Red Lightning [ Critical Trigger ]

Chris just standing straight casually, not even moving from the damage he took.

Maka: kgg, turn ended.



damage: 0

flipped damage: 0

unflipped damage: 0

Chris: that's all? How predictable.

Maka: what?

Chris: let me show you how it's done. Draw and ride Boomerang Thrower!

Boomerang Thrower grade 2 9000 power/guard 5000

Chris: then I call Kungfu Kid, Bolta, King of sword, queen of heart and Toolkit Boy.

Kungfu Kid grade 2 8000 power/guard 5000

King of sword grade 2 10000 power/guard 5000

Queen of heart grade 1 6000 power/guard 5000

Toolkit Boy grade 1 5000 power/guard 5000

Maka: a full field already!?

Chris: I will make sure you won't be able to recover after these attacks. First off Kungfu Kid, Bolta attacks with support from Lionet. Kungfu Kid, Bolta skill. While I have more rear guards then you during it's attack. It gains 3000 + power.

Kungfu Kid, Bolta 15000 power versus Dandy Guy Romario 8000 power

Chris: next, Boomerang Thrower with Toolkit Boy attacks your rear guard!

Maka: w-wait what now!?

Chris: Boomerang Thrower skill. When I ride him on top of a nova grappler, it gains a skill. It can attack any of your rear guard that is on the back row.

Boomerang Thrower 14000 power versus Captain Nightkid 5000 power

Maka mind: I can guard for 10000, but if he gets a trigger. He might give it to his vanguard. I can't risk it.

Maka: n-no guard.

Chris: check

Drive Check: Lucky Girl [ Stand Trigger ]

Chris: looks like Bolta can attack again with an added bonus.

Chris: Bolta will attack again!

Kungfu Kid, Bolta 16000 power versus Dandy Guy Romario 8000 power

Maka: Ghoul Cannonball guard!

Ghoul Cannonball 10000 guard

Chris: you guarded that one, but this one you won't. Queen supports the King! When Queen of Heart boost a card named King of Sword. Her power goes up by 4000.

King of Sword 20000 power versus Dandy Guy Romario 8000 power

Maka: No guard...

Damage Check: Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon [ No Trigger ]

Announcer: what an assault! Not only did Chris 2 damage, he manage to wipe out Maka rear guard!

Chris: feeling the pressure?...It will only get worse once I play my trump card.


Hand: 2

Damage: 2

Flipped damage: 0

Unflipped damage: 0

Maka kept shaking while he couldn't focus at all on his play style.

Andrew: keep it together Maka!

TSS mind: Maka is losing it. He thinks his deck can't win and now with a disadvantage, he is even struggling more on how to make his next move.

Maka: draw...I ride Commodore Blueblood...

Commodore Blueblood grade 2 10000 power/guard 5000

Maka: then call Commodore Blueblood and Evil Shade...

Evil Shade grade 1 6000 power/guard 5000

Maka mind: I need to lower his attacks. better attack one of his rear guards. With less hand, he wouldn't dare guarding his rear guards.

Maka: I attack your King with my rear guard Commodore Blueblood!

Commodore Blueblood 10000 power versus King of Sword 10000 power

Chris: I guard with Lucky Girl!

Lucky Girl guard 10000

Maka: you guard!?

Chris: please, do you really think I will let you lower my full assault?

Maka: d-damn it.

Chris: so, going to attack my rear guard again with your vanguard?

Maka: I-I will attack your vanguard! And with Evil Shade skill I give it 4000 more power for the cost of sending the two top cards from my deck to drop zone!

Maka moved his two top cards to the drop zone but groaned for what he has tossed away.

Maka sends 2 Rick the Ghostie from deck to drop zone.

Maka: t-two heals in a row...

Chris: tough break, you were so into power that you even tossed away two heal chances.

Maka: but even so, my vanguard is at 20000!

Chris: power doesn't mean anything if it can be avoided. No guard.

Maka mind: h-how can he be so calm? My deck contains 12 criticals, if I reach my grade 3 he will barely even be able to guard.

Maka: drive trigger check!

Drive check: Knight Spirit [ Critical Trigger ]

Maka: all the effect to my vanguard!

Chris: damage check, two times.

Damage check: Toolkit Boy [ No Trigger ]

Damage check: Three Minutes [ Draw Trigger ]

Chris: draw trigger, 5000 power to my vanguard plus one draw.

Maka mind: he is back to 2 cards in his hand again. I don't know what he drew, but I will survive either way what he will dish out.


Hand: 4

Damage: 2

flipped damage: 0

unflipped damage: 2

Tom: Chris is more scarier then usual.

Reborn: hm...It's better this way.

Tom: you sure? C-Cause last time he was like that, his play style from calm gone to berserk.

Reborn: just let him have his fun. After all, he isn't nicknamed the hungry lion for nothing.

Chris took off his glasses with his eyes closed. Once removed he opened up his eyes again with a tense glare facing Maka.

Chris: now let's start the real battle. Draw.

Chris lays his finger tips on one card and held it in front of one of his eyes.

Chris: deep in the jungle, the mighty roar is being heard from a distance. Quiver in fear for this beast shall strike without hesitation! Burning for victory I ride! Lion Heat!

Lion Heat grade 3 10000 power/guard 0

Chris: now, let's see if you can survive my attacks. Boosted by the smaller version of Lion. I attack with bolta. My rear guards are still greater, meaning the 3000 plus bonus kicks in once more. In coming for your vanguard.

Kungfu Kid, Bolta 15000 power Versus Commodore Blueblood 10000 power

Maka mind: I need to keep the damage reduced!

Maka: I guard with Knight Spirit!

Knight Spirit 10000 guard

Maka: phew...

Chris: phew?

Chris: not even close, what your doing now is very wrong and an opening for me to show off my vanguard.

Maka: what do you mean?

Chris: you will see soon enough. Toolkit Boy supports my trump card Lion Heat!

Lion Heat 15000 power Versus Commodore Blueblood 10000 power

Maka: no guard.

TSS: Maka doesn't know Lion Heat skill...

Andrew: his skill?

Chris: hmph, twin drive. First.

Drive Check:Rocket Hammer Man [ No Trigger ]

Chris: second

Drive Check: Lucky Girl [ Stand Trigger ]

Chris: Stand Trigger, I give it all to my Lionet Heat.

Maka: wait your backrow rear guard can't attack, Why would you?...

Chris: You will see soon enough. Damage?


Damage Check: Ruin Shade [ No Trigger ]

Chris: now that my attack hits, I will use Lion Heat skill. Counterblast!

Chris flipped over 2 cards from his damage zone and then place his hand on the card called Kungfu Kid, Bolta to move it vertically

Maka: it stands again!?

Chris: Lion heat vanguard skill. When this card hits the vanguard of my opponent, I can counterblast to make one of my Nova grapplers stand. Meaning I got two more attacks left with a total of 20000 powers exact.

Maka: d-damn...H-How could I let this happen?...

Chris: Toolkit Boy skill, when the attack hits while he was boosting. I can unflip one damage from my damage zone.

Chris flipped over one of his face down damage zone cards.

TSS mind: a heavy counterblast unit supported with an unflipper. A terrifying combo...

Chris: Go! Bolta with Lionet at 9000 thanks to the stand trigger!

Kungfu Kid, Bolta 20000 power Versus Commodore Blueblood 10000 power

Damage Check: Gust Jinn [ No Trigger ]

Chris: followed up by King of Sword with Support from her Queen of Heart!

King of Sword 20000 power versus Commodore Blueblood 10000 power

Damage Check: Knight Spirit [ Critical Trigger ]

Maka: F-Fifth damage...just like that...

Maka looks forward and getting smaller and smaller from the glare of Chris his red eyes. It's like he is cornered by a predator that is lurking towards him.

Chris: your move now Maka


Hand: 4

Damage: 4

Flipped damage: 1

Unflipped damage: 3

Andrew: Maka...He is getting overwhelmed...

TSS: Maka got only one turn left...But I doubt he can perform anything that will turn the tables while being this way...

Maka mind: I can do it...I can do it!

Maka: Alright, I will finish it right now!

Chris: turn declared?

Maka: that's right, here and now! Draw!

Maka quickly grasped the card for his full extend and kept it up in the air.

Maka: Resurrected servants shall hear my call, and hell will be surfaced in the living world. The REVENGE is MINE! RIDE! Ice Prison Necromancer,Cocytus!

Ice Prison Necromancer,Cocytus grade 3 10000 power

Maka: now come forth my undeath army! Counter Blast.

Maka flipped over the 2 cards from his damage zone and search his drop zone to place a card behind his Commodore Blueblood

Maka: Reviving Captain Nightkid!

Captain Nightkid grade 0 5000 power/guard 10000

Maka: I call Dandy Romario and Commodore Blueblood!

Commodore Blueblood grade 2 10000 power

Dandy Romario grade 1 8000 power

Maka: here I come! Blueblood with Captain Nightkid!

Commodore Blueblood 15000 power versus Lion Heat 10000 power

Chris: damage check

Damage Check: Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm [ No Trigger ]

Chris: no trigger this time.

Andrew: why didn't Maka attack with his vanguard first!?

TSS: the pressure got into him, the stress that has build inside of him is getting too much to handle for him. The finals, new deck, one more victory for the team. It's just too much.

Maka: Now my vanguard will attack! Limit Break! 5000 power bonus and Evil Shade skill getting 4000 power.

Maka sends the two top cards from his deck to dropzone. Knight Spirit and Rough Seas Banshee

Ice Prison Necromancer,Cocytus 25000 power versus Lion Heat 10000 power

Maka flinched for he has send two critical to the drop zone. he groans in depression and it only build up more once he noticed the guard Chris is using.

Chris: Twin Blader, Perfect guard.

Twin Blader guard 0

Maka: t-twin drive...first

Drive Check: Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon [ No Trigger ]


Maka is about to pass out from the pressure but kept stable standing straight. He flipped over his card with a small last hope left.

Drive Check: Rough Seas Banshee [ Critical Trigger ]

Maka: Critical trigger...all effect to my rear guard Blueblood. Attack with Romario, Blueblood!

Commodore Blueblood 23000 power versus Lion Heat 10000 power

Maka puts his hopes up on his final attack, his eyes grown fade when he sees Chris devilish grin on his face. Putting down one card from his hand down to the guard circle and one of his front row forward to the circle as well.

Chris: Red Lighting guard and Kungfu Kid, Bolta intercept!

Kungfu Kid, Bolta guard 5000

Red Lighting guard 10000

Maka completely froze up when his attack failed. Putting down his hand on the table.

Chris: final turn!

Chris drew his card and smirked for have drawn a good card.

Chris: call Lion Heat.

Lion Heat grade 3 10000 power/guard 0

Chris: Lionet skill, by moving it to the soul. My vanguard gains 3000 power. Next I call Rocket Hammer Man

Rocket Hammer Man grade 1 6000 power/guard 5000

Chris: I use his skill. By putting him to rest, I can give one unit 2000 power. Of course I will give it to my ace vanguard. Now his combined power with Toolkit Boy is 20000 power. You can still guard, but you need 15000 guard for that. your max is 20000. Meaning you won't have enough to block my next attacks. But if you don't block, I can use Lion Heat skill to stand Rocket Hammer Man again. Either's over Maka...Vanguard attacks!

Lion Heat 20000 power versus Ice Prison Necromancer,Cocytus 10000 power

Maka mind: h-heal trigger...I need a heal trigger to get out of this mess.

Maka: n-no guard...

Chris: Twin Drive

Drive Check: Red Lighting [ Critical Trigger ]

Chris: Critical to vanguard. Power to Lion Heat rear guard.

Maka: t-two I need...

Chris: two heals in order to stay in this game.

Maka: kgg...Damage Check

Damage Check: Rick the Ghostie [ Heal Trigger ]

Maka: H-Heal Trigger. I recover damage and power to vanguard.

Maka: s-second check...p-please be a heal...I don't want it to end yet...

Damage Check: Ice Prison Necromancer,Cocytus [ No Trigger ]

Maka got silenced and had nothing to say. Lowering his head and placed his final damage on the damage zone.

Announcer: winner! Chris! It's 1 - 1 now for team New Galaxy versus Glorious Empire!

Maka didn't leave his spot, Chris putting his glasses back on and shrug his shoulders. Turning around and walked away from Maka like he is just a simple stranger. Andrew ran towards Maka and helped him getting on the bench. Maka Didn't speak at all, only tears came out of his eyes for feeling miserable for not accomplished anything so far.

Andrew and TSS had nothing to say, the only thing they can do now is wait for Blaster to come.

Blaster is in the locker room, giving his last checks on his deck in silence. He looked over at the monitor and saw the result. Gives one sigh before he stood up and took leave from the locker room. Right before he is about to leave he noticed from a afar Devour walking in the hallway.

Blaster: Devour?

Devour entered a room and pushed a button to call someone on a digital monitor. The door is slightly opened for blaster to peek in to see what's happening there. But what he saw from a distance is what he couldn't believe at all. It's Roy facing a red crimson dragon with a empty look on his face.

Blaster mind: Roy...

Devour pushed a button to switch over to the call. A person in the shadows stared at Devour from the digital monitor.

Shademan: how are the results?

Devour: Glorious Empire just lost. Team New galaxy needs one more win in order to stop those fools for reaching Roy closer.

Shademan: they better succeed, We can't let this power be returned by his former owner.

Devour: don't worry, they will succeed. Blaster deck is newly build and I told them that. They only need to build up pressure like they did to Maka just now.

Shademan: good, you may return once the results are in. If Glorious Empire loses. Then they will never reach you in the nationals. Meaning Roy will never regain his true power ever again...or Awaken...

Blaster widen his eyes and shut the door closed. Devour heard it and turned off the monitor to bash the door quickly. He missed sight on who spied on them.

Devour:...Damn it...It must have been Blaster...Doesn't matter. The plan is still in place, soon. Glorious Empire will fall and my Duke dragon will rule over planet cray!

Devour eyes glowing purple with a symbol showing up from it. Laughing in the hallway that echoing towards Blaster. Blaster held his deck tight and runs straight to the arena.

To Be Continued.