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Chapter 5

As I arrived onto the ward that is after I went home to change I saw it was eerily empty, I could not see my F1's anywhere not Elliot or Mo who I wanted to kill for dropping me in it with Mother Maconie.

The morning with Johnny's mother was not good I mean I felt like an idiot and I actually cared what she thought of me. I walked into my office to find a sleeping Elliot on his sofa, he was probably even more snockered last night to even walk let alone get home safely. I walked over to his snoring frame and shook him awake.

"Elliot...Elliot...ELLIOT!" He jumped up with a start and nearly collided his head with mine.

"Ah Jac...good morning!" He smiled and sat up straighter as I walked over to my desk and took of my coat and seat down my bag. The brandy was practically seeping out of his pores.

"Good night was it?" He nodded his head and then stood up to sit at his desk.

"Oh yes...myself and Miss Effanga had a good boogie and the brandy was severely strong, Miss Campbell is a very good drinker...she drank me under the table anyway. I just came back to my office actually Dr Valentine and Dr Lo caried me to my office rather embarrasingly actually I think they thought it was a better idea than driving." I nodded and he gave me a confused look before tilting his head to look at me.

"WHAT!?" He smiled at me ad laughed.

"Your smiling Jac...there is this lightness about you today." I didn't even realise but I was in Fact smiling and he scoffed at me before standing up and putting his coat on.

"I'm am happy for you Jac. Judging from your appearance this morning I would say Nurse Maconie is treating you well." I could only nod at him and he smiled again.

"Good because for all your negative traits you have more incredible positive ones and I am glad you are letting him in to see them." He walked over to me and pressed a light kiss on my head before walking toward the door.

"Your leaving?" He nodded before pulling on his scarf and opening the door.

"Well I am not working today so goodnight Jac I am going home to sleep. One does not hold liquor all that well when one gets older." He waved once before walking out of the room and I stood up to track down Ollie and Tara, I saw a couple nurses looking a little worse for wear from last nights party.

"Had anyone seen Dr Valentine or Dr Lo..." Nurse Lane was standing talking to her friend before turning to me and pointing me in the direction of the On Call room.

"I haven't seen Dr Valentine but Tara came to get a cup of tea a couple of hours ago dying with a hangover." I couldn't help but wonder if Chantelle operated purely operated on Batteries because every time I see her she is always happy and smiling its revolting. I thanked her and walked towards the on call room and opened the door. The second shock of the day was waiting for me whined that door I saw more of Dr Lo than I ever wanted to.

"Miss Naylor..." She stood up wrapped in sheet and fell flat on her arse which I found particularly amusing as did Oliver who was grinning ear to ear.

"Jac..." Oliver was covering his Crown Jewels with a pillow and Tara was throwing her clothes back on over her already ruffled underwear.

"We'll now I know what you two have been doing would you like to do some work today?" I saw Oliver smile at me and I walked back towards my office completely pissed off at myself for not ripping them a new one even more.

Things between Johnny and I changed last night and I felt like everything was going good and I had even resisted the urge to say something horrifying to Chantelle. So why did I snap at Tara so easily I mean on the irritating scale Chantelle was further up it than Tara was so why did I stay sarcastic when I was around her? Maybe it was because she reminded me of me, albeit she is a little more chipper that I was.

The rest of the day went much like I made little sly digs which caused Ollie to laugh but Tara was completely mortified and I knew he spent the day reassuring her I was only joking.

"Miss Naylor...I heard you met Mama Maconie." She was sneaky I never even heard her come up behind me until I felt her had on my shoulder.

"It was interesting to say the least..." I heard her chuckle slightly behind me.

"Yeah that's one way to describe her look I love Johnny and if are going to do this, if you are going to be in a relationship with Johnny I need to know you are going to treat him right." I smiled at her and I had a whole new appreciation for her and I knew what she was getting at because Elliot mentioned Joseph last night.

"He will love you with everything he has Jac...he loves completely and holds all of his card on the line all at once. I just need to be sure..." I nodded and smiled at her before gesturing to my office. As I walked in she walked in behind me and we both sat down on opposite sides of the desk.

"I have had a really hard time loving people ok so I feel more for Johnny that I ever have before for anyone..." She nodded and I could tell that she understood maybe more that most what I was feeling. We sat in my office for another five minutes before my door flew open.

"Ok whatever happens just agree ok..." Before I could open my mouth to say anything I saw Alexandra, Johnny's mother walk into the room.

"Ah here you girls are...I see you found them Johnny.." He nodded ad smiled before making a face at me with just caused me to smirk a little.

"So lunch anyone?" The way she asked made it sound like we didn't have a choice and Johnny was slowly nodding his head behind her and both Maureen and I looked at one another confused.

"Um I wish I could but I have a patient that is due in theatre like now so thank you Mo for your advice...Mrs Maconie very nice to see you again." I nodded ad walked out of the room with my patients Chart but not without one last pleading face from Johnny, I can say something my life is not going to be boring.