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Ease My Pain

Harry closed the door behind him and shut his eyes. He took a deep breath and felt a knot in his throat. His left hand was pressed tightly to his chest.

Thank god he was out of this pink hell. Detention.

He opened the eyes and disappeared with quick steps. Right now he just wanted to be as far away as possible. Away from this door but more important away from this horrible woman. Dolores Umbridge.

The tears which whom he fought for a while now, came out. He quicked up his pace and lowered his head. Nobody should see him cry.

The Slytherins would tell it Umbridge and he didn't want to give her that kind of satisfaction. She wants to hurt him, to break him. She wants to see how he suffers. But this would never happen.

He suffered. He suffered because of unbearable pain in his hand. It felt like the damned feather was still there. Where the hell did she get such an instrument of torture? It felt like someone would cut his hand with a red-hot knife.

He quicked his pace even more, nearly ran. His feet walked right to the dungeons.

Harry still felt her glance on him. How she watched him. Watched if he was in pain, if he showed any sign of regret.

None of this he did. He put his mask on, in which he was really good. He would show his weakness to no one. Rather Voldemort than her.

Yeah, he knew harassment. He knew it from the Slytherins, always lead by Malfoy. He knew it from the Daily Prophet and every other paper or magazine, first and foremost Rita Skeeter. He knew it from the Dursleys, from Fudge and from former years from Snape. But that he knew it didn't mean that it could not hurt him.

Maybe he was the golden boy of Gryffindor and the whole damned world but nevertheless was he a simple teenager. A teenager who could be bullied, hurt or scared. And in all of this Umbridge was the undefeated heavy weight champ.

During his first detention with Draco in the Forbidden Forest he had thought he was scared but it was nothing compared to this. When he first met Snape he had thought there was no one meaner than him but Umbridge really challenged this position.
Just a few more steps.

He had done nothing wrong. Nothing. She had let him suffer for nothing. Harry felt his anger rise more and more the longer he thought about his unfair treatment.

She said deep inside him he would know what he did and that he deserved to be punished. No one deserved anything like this and least of all if he wasn't guilty.

His feet automatically stopped and he knocked at the frame of a portrait. His body worked on it's own and had gone to autopilot, so to speak.

When it swung open and a grim looking Severus Snape stood in front of him, he still looked at the floor. He was shaken by his silent sobs.

The second the Potions Master saw who was the guest his features soften and he looked concerned. Without questions he pulled the boy with a tight hug into his rooms.

Harry let Severus lead him to a black couch. The elder sat down and pulled Harry onto his lap.

With calming stokes he slid up and down Harrys back. The other hand held Harry and the boy leaned into the touch and the firm chest. Searching for protection and comfort.

"Sh… I'm here. Breathe. You know I'm there for you my lil' angel…sh, sh" he kissed Harrys temple and whispered soothing things in his ear till the younger was calm and just a few tears ran down his cheeks.

With one finger under his chin he made Harry look at him.

"What happened angel?" he asked carefully while he wiped away the tears.

Harry took a deep breath and inhaled the Potions Masters scent. He loved this scent, Severus scent. He smelled like spices, potions, dark chocolate, parchment and Severus. It made him feel safe and sound, made him feel like he was home and made the world around him nonexistent.

"Umbridge" he admitted flat and pressed his hand tighter to his chest.

Of course Severus noticed that gesture. He took the hand carefully, despite Harry's unwillingness to show it to him, and feared what he saw.

Angry red and bloodstained where the words which Harry had to write over and over again. He read them silently, just his lips moved.
"I shall not tell lies."

Severus was angry- No he was furious. He didn't even remembered if he had ever been this angry. What had she done to his Harry? How could she do that and how could the Minister be okay with it? If he knew it. He would not put it beyond Umbridge to freelance and just whatever she wanted to do.

Of course he was for punishment but only if it happened out of a good reason and on an appropriate level. True, he was known and feared for his hard punishments but this was far too much. Only because Harry said the truth and criticize her not existent method –well, maybe that was not the best idea but Harry has always been a little bit… thoughtless- was it too hard.

On his lap sat a teenager who cried just because of this pink sea cow of a cat mother send by the Ministry itself. Harry should laugh, joke, through himself at him and annoy him like hell. He shouldn't sit there so apathetic.

If he ever got her between his fingers, he would curse her with every single dark magic curse or potions he knew. The crueler, the better and coming from him that was by no means and empty threat.
But now Harry came first. "I will get something to make it better."

He quickly looked at Harry and went to his laboratory. Pain relievers and ointments to heal fresh wounds were always within reach, in case the Dark Lord took his bad mood out on him. When he came back he carried a towel, a bowl, bandages and a little jar. Everything was placed on the coffee table.

After he sat down next to Harry again, he filled the bowl with a wave of his wand with water and moistened the towel.
Slow and with care he wiped away the blood. The teenager twitched away at first but let Severus do it. If there was someone he trusted blind then it was Severus – and Hermione and Ron of course. And that was exactly what he enjoyed and craved right now. The presence of the man he could trust with his very life and who loved him for being just Harry, who didn't see the hero but the person behind scar.

The wound was clean and so Severus grabbed the jar and opened it.

"That will stop the pain and no scars will be left. I promise" he smiled and tried to lighten Harry's mood. This depressive behavior wasn't good for him.

"Thanks Sev" Harry said and manage a small smile. Severus was right, the moment the salve touched his skin the pain fainted and maybe it was just his imagination but it looked like the cute were smaller already. After his hand was in bandages the angry red words were almost forgotten.

Harry wiped the trails of the tears away, feeling a bit embarrassed by his breakdown eventhough he knew with Severus there was no reason for such feelings. That realization took weight of his hear he didn't even knew he had, instead butterflies began to fly in his stomach.

"It's good to have a Potions Master as boyfriend" Harry admitted and Severus smiled at the words. He kissed Harrys bandaged hand and pulled him up with him.

"Let us sleep lil' angel" he asked and the younger nodded, blushing at the pet name. He secretly liked this form of affection from Severus but it still was an unfamiliar feeling.

Together they laid down in Severus unbelievable comfortable huge bed, both in nothing more than their shorts. Harry curled up against the warm firm chest and Severus laid an arm around him. Every weight, concern and ungood feeling the day had confronted him with was taken away by these strong and warm arms around him. Severus potions and salves were nice and handy but nothing could be compared to this wonderful feeling of belonging and love.

A suddenly very tired Harry kissed the pale neck and then Severus lips, who gently responded the kiss.

"I love you Severus",Harry mumbled with a peaceful grin and he was nearly fully asleep when Severus said "I love you too Harry". In the arms of his lover he drifted into sleep.