Where she stands

She doesn't even know what draws her to him on that first day of term in that brand new school. All she knows now is that she loves him so completely and so entirely that she's willing to sacrifice everything for him, she's prepared to run away with him if that's what it takes to see him happy and worrying about whether his mum is going to drink herself into another stupor or lash out at the kids in class.

He pushes her away to stop her worrying about him, but what he doesn't realise is that she already does. Every time they go their separate ways at home time, she texts him just to see if he's okay. Her only comfort is that he will text back and assure her he's fine. Most times she'll try and get him out to meet her, to walk, just go anywhere to give him time to himself, and time to be himself around her.

He knows all there is to know about her, while she barely knows a thing about him. But she will wait, just like she always does, and reminds him that she is there, to talk to and to vent his frustrations, but not as a verbal punch bag.

Maybe it's his quietness, secrecy and vast knowledge of even the most useless things that draws her to him.

Maybe it's because she trusts him.

Maybe it's because when she's with him they can be themselves and he can easily make her laugh.

Maybe it's because he's slowly letting her in bit by bit.

Or maybe there is no explanation.

All Imogen Stewart knows is that at just 17 years old, she cannot see her life without Connor Mulgrew.