samus was a manly space man that was a girl. but along tym ago but still in the fyoocher she was little and lived on earth. she was at her spas home doing little kid stuff. she luvd spas and wanted to be ther."mum i wont to go in spas and fite evil aleons that do evil people" her mum said. "tats nise but its too dangerd and yoo will get very ded". then sudenly a terordactl kald ridlee came ane took tem out the the spas house into the place of eevil aleons "noooooooo. i will find you and make ridlee ded"said samus with angerd. samus got in a flying car cos its teh future and floo too the evil place were the bad people were. the bad gies wer spas pierats that got good aleons and weponed them to make ugly monsters. samus was at the bad place .but wen shee geted ther her pereents were already with ded. "nooooooooooooo i will kill the spas pierats" said samus loud. the ridlee said with louder "not so fast samus aren. muhahahahahah" and floo up to saus rerly fast to get her and make her with ded too. but then a rerly good aleon came and louded"no riplee. the girl must not ded". and blokt ridlee and telaportld with samus. on the good aleon planet the good aleons welcomd samus and sed" hi samus. we are yor noo perents and we raise you into the sky and make you happy girl". as time moved away samus olderd and became a girl space man and wwent to kill ridly cos he killd her pernts.

the end