Author's Notes: By request, I'm going to be uploading all of my SanSan fic to this site over the next couple of weeks. So, we're starting with the easy (read: short) ones ;) This little group of ficlets was written for prompts dropped in my ask box on my old Tumblr account.

First Published: 8th April 2012

Warnings: Mention of past abuse, name-calling, crack (please note: these warnings are for the entire work, not just this chapter)

Prompt 1: drawing crazy patterns on your sheets, or anything baby blue.

"Here, girl," Sandor said, reaching over to her. She was still breathless from the gallop along the track to the farmstead she was visiting, but her breath caught in her throat as he reached up to tuck a loose auburn curl back into her hairnet.

It had been a nameday present from her brother, the stones a beautiful clear baby blue. The new doeskin gloves were a gift from Arya; the jewelled knife strapped inside her boot from Lord Cerwyn; the horse itself from the Manderlys. Her nameday - the first one of the new spring - had been an embarrassment of riches, but the thing she savoured most that day was the way her sworn shield touched her cheek gently with the rough pad of his thumb before they spurred their horses to walk on towards the farm house in the bright spring sunshine.