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Chapter 5:

The Years Go By as Quickly as a Wink

Chris was beginning to grow tired of being woken by loud ringing sounds. He laid in the spot he had woken up in, somewhere on his floor, as he tried desperately hard to remember what the hell that noise was. It wasn't the front door or his phone so what the hell was it?

And then it occurred to Chris where the sound was coming from and he realized, in a split heart-wrenching second, what it was.

The B.S.A.A warning siren.

It went off during an emergency that required him to be in the office dressed in his uniform within an amount of time. This was one of the main reasons why he had the large television that he owned; the tech team had hooked up an alarm system within it for whenever Jill absolutely needed him. Chris stood, quickly realizing he was naked and alone, and stepped towards the window in his bedroom that overlooked the living room.

The television was flashing red and had large text on the screen that read: "Deployment time: 6:00".

Chris glanced towards his alarm clock and cursed. If he lived farther away, twenty minutes to shower and dress would be difficult but within ten, he was out and dressing. He had no time to eat or shave but both were easily dismissed. Within minutes, he was appearing at the office, raking his fingers through still wet hair and getting odd glances from the head receptionist.

"Your earpiece," she stated, handing the small piece to him. "I'm here to inform you of the unfortunate circumstances. Ms. Valentine has gone missing."

Chris was in the middle of clipping the earpiece to his ear when he heard the words leave the blond woman's mouth. He stopped, the piece falling into his palm as he lowered his hand and stared.

"She's... missing?"

"Yes. We have been unable to contact her for quite some time. The technology team have been going through security tapes and her apartment shows no signs of her leaving this morning."

"You have to find her! Why am I being deployed when I should be helping-"

"Mr. Redfield, we have lost contact with the team in Africa. They were in the middle of a report about B. when the signal cut out. We cannot ignore this and Ms. Valentine has specific instructions that you are to go as soon as possible."

"I'm not going to leave here knowing she's missing!" Chris growled.

"She is not here, Mr. Redfield. We will find her. You, however, need to do as she wishes and-"

"It isn't what she wants, it's what I want and there's no way I'm leaving if Jill is in trouble!"

"Chris Redfield, please report to headquarters. Chris Redfield, please report to headquarters."

The intercom system had Chris rushing to the elevator, ignoring the older receptionist completely as he darted inside and pressed the main room floor. He waited impatiently, clipping the earpiece onto his ear as he unwillingly waited for the elevator to make it's way to the right floor. The elevator opened after a quiet 'ding' and a male agent stood in front of the door.

"Chris, we need to deploy you to Africa right away," he stated quickly.

Chris began to step out but the male stopped him, stepping into the elevator instead. He was Chris's height but nowhere near the same build. His orange hair was messy from the headset he was wearing and Chris recognized him as the head of the technology department.

"I'm not leaving without knowing Jill is alright," Chris growled as he watched the male technician, whose name Chris had never cared to learn due to their infrequent meetings.

"That is the issue and stop yelling," his English accent was calm but agitated and Chris realized he had probably been awake since much earlier than Chris trying to figure out the situation. "We were able to break through the network that blocked the connection with the active team. It was the same network that blocked the signal to Reynard Fisher as well, however, we were prepared this time. Unfortunately, within their system, we found this picture early this morning."

Chris blinked unexpectedly when the blue eyed male held out a small device with Jill's picture on it. She was unconscious and blond but that was Jill.

"This looks like some sort of facility," Chris muttered as the elevator stopped and opened.

"Exactly. Jill is somewhere in bloody Africa according to this network." The man shoved the device into Chris's hand and pushed him out of the elevator then put his hand in front of the door to stop it from closing. "That helicopter will take you to the airport. An airplane will transport you to Africa and from there, you will take an awaiting car to Kijuju. Before you leave, however, leave your weapons on the table on the roof. There's no way you'll get through customs packing any of that. There are direct GPS coordinates within the car to bring you to Kijuju and a file of your partner. Most of this was set up by Jill before her disappearance so when you find her, thank her."

He removed his hand, wished him good luck, and the elevator door closed leaving Chris alone. Chris turned and walked up a small set of stairs that led to an open door revealing the roof and awaiting helicopter. A table sat just outside of the door and Chris did as the technician stated, setting down the device before unpacking all of his gear.

Chris truly had not expected to be in this situation. Sheva, his new partner, was far from what he expected. It took a little while but she eventually proved to him that she wasn't terribly useless and even became helpful when they had to trek through ancient ruins filled with puzzles and traps. They also found out that Tricell was a sort of extension to Umbrella and they were the organization behind the B. in Africa. Chris wasn't surprised when Excella Gionne revealed herself but Sheva certainly was. However, where he was now... It was far too personal to be dealt with in front of Sheva.

"Seven minutes... Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you."

They were in some sort of crypt, Chris assumed. It was part of the ruins from the looks of the broken railing and it was a large, open area. Jill was under Wesker's control and absolutely nothing was making sense anymore to Chris.

"Distract Jill, don't kill her!" Chris commanded to Sheva who responded with a 'roger' and ran off towards Jill who had managed to crawl up a wall and onto the second floor.

"Looks like it's you and me, Chris."

Wesker's voice sent a shiver down Chris's spine and the brunet knew there was no way he could do this here- not now. Chris ran, instead. Distract him for seven minutes; that wasn't hard, right? Chris immediately ran towards the right of the room and found himself trying to push over a doorway that he was sure would give in if he just-

"Your future hinges upon this fight."

He was suddenly kicked in the back sending him through the door and on top of the crumbles it created. Chris groaned and began to stand, ignoring the dark chuckles behind him. Chris's only thought was to get as far from Sheva as possible and he did just that. He ran as deep as he could into the tunnels before finding a large room that he chose to hide in. He stood against the wall, peeking slightly out of the doorway to see he had lost Wesker.

"There's no use in hiding."

"I told you if you hurt anyone I would kill you, Wesker!"

"And what a repeat that has been," the blond taunted as he rounded the corner, coming into Chris's sight.

"I won't let you get away with this!" Chris shouted, aiming from around the corner to get a shot in.

Wesker dodged it with immense ease.

"Found you!"

Chris wasn't prepared to face Wesker; not yet. Chris turned on his heel to run but ran nose first into Wesker. The blond quickly had Chris's handgun flying into a nearby wall and Chris was just as soon on his back in the doorway.

"Did you take her because of me?" Chris growled at him as he stood up. Chris pulled out his knife for his only protection, momentarily eyeing his abandoned gun.

"You had nothing to do with it. In the past twenty four hours, I was able to discover a rather interesting detail in Ms. Valentine's blood."

"That doesn't explain why you would take her in the first place."

"A gift for you, of course."

"Cut the crap, Wesker!" Chris lunged, rather stupidly, and Wesker simply stepped aside.

"You wanted to know what was happening in this forsaken place. Now you do, Chris. A spy within your organization, the world on the verge of a transformation, and you are unable to do anything to stop it."

"What are you planning?"

"Oh Chris. It's a pity, is it not? We would have done well together," Wesker muttered with a sigh before reaching into his jacket. Chris barely had enough time to dodge the oncoming bullet from Wesker's magnum.

"Do you mean sexually or ruling whatever the hell you plan on turning the world into?!" Chris shouted from behind a dividing wall that gave Wesker more of an advantage than Chris in more ways than one.

"Both, actually. You see, we, unlike Excella and I, have chemistry."

"We have history, Wesker. That is much dif-" Chris dodged another magnum shot as he switched to hiding behind a pillar, the shot, instead, hitting the pillar itself and sending shards of broken stone across the room. "-Different!"

"Poor deluded Chris," Wesker sighed and put away the gun. "You're wasting my time."

"I've knocked out Jill. Do you need backup?"

"Ah, Ms. Alomar. She's new, is she not? Pity that wasn't Jill beside you as it should have been but I suppose I've gained in the end, have I not? I would have enjoyed one last go with you, Chris. It could have been interesting here," Wesker seemed to be talking without care if Chris was listening or not (he was) as he walked around, gloved hands gliding across the surfaces of the empty coffins that lined the room. Chris watched from behind the pillar, Wesker's eyes flashing dangerously towards the brunet. "Well, Chris, do you need backup?" Wesker taunted darkly.

"N-No. I'm fine. Wesker doesn't know where I am, I don't want you to lead him to me or come in contact with him. Avoid him at all costs, stay out of the tunnels, and keep Jill busy."

"Roger. Be careful."

"Oh yes, Chris. Be careful." Wesker chuckled.

"Tell me what you're planning, Wesker."

"Now why would I do that?" Wesker asked turning and leaning back onto one of the larger coffins. "I believe I've told you far too much already."

"Let Jill go. There's no reason to bring her into this!"

"Already done. I no longer have a use for Ms. Valentine."

Chris really didn't know what to do next. Keep talking? His first priority was to get Jill back and there was no way they were going to do that with Wesker here. What made the situation worse was somewhere deep inside- Chris really didn't want to be hearing this. Albert Wesker was Albert Wesker. The blond had never changed during their brief fun moments together but it was still hard for Chris; not because the brunet cared but because Wesker was screwing what they had up. Chris legitimately enjoyed himself despite the pain, anger, frustration, and guilt; it was fun.

"If you're going to kill me, do it!" Chris demanded, his back against the pillar and his eyes on the doorway across from him.

"Now, why would I do that when this is much more enjoyable?" Chris sprinted forward when he felt hot breath on his neck and left ear. He turned on his heel, backing away from Wesker towards the doorway.

"No, Wesker. Either kill me or leave. You lost that option when you decided to begin taking your ideas from comic book villains."

Wesker opened his mouth, but didn't speak and instead smirked. Both men (Chris really doubted he could use the term to describe Wesker at this point) were cautious of each other and had an overwhelming knowledge of the other's power so when Wesker suddenly vanished, Chris threw himself into a roll to avoid being grabbed, unfortunately, losing his knife while he did so.

"I said no, Wesker," Chris stated when the blond reappeared a half a step behind where Chris was standing a moment before.

"I still have several moments to spare. You don't believe we could benefit from some enjoyable vigorous activity?" Wesker asked with a chuckle, slowly stepping towards Chris who, in turn, backed away a step.

"Is death vigorous enough for you?" Sheva's voice asked from behind Wesker.

A shot rang out but the blond was prepared and quickly teleported out of the way. The bullet instead hit a wall behind Chris. Chunks of broken wall flew everywhere, hitting Chris from behind and forcing him to drop to his knees to avoid being hit any further.

Wesker had turned on Sheva and was now combating her. The handgun she originally shot at him with was discarded several feet away leaving her very vulnerable to the blonde's attacks. They were punches and kicks to begin but Chris knew he had a magnum inside his coat- one that he wouldn't hesitate to pull out and use against either one of them.

"I told you to keep Jill busy!" Chris shouted as he stood, grabbing for his gun that he was now able to recover.

Jill was suddenly bolting through the doorway behind him, knocking Chris aside and causing his handgun to fly from his grip. Chris barely saw the blur of blue that was the female blond but within moments, Sheva was being kicked out of the opposite door. Jill followed and Wesker, instead, turned to Chris. The brunet tried desperately to look past the male blond, hoping to see Sheva fight back or Jill unconscious but Wesker blocked his view.

"I believe Jill has redirected Miss. Alomar back into the main hall so where were we?" Wesker was walking towards Chris who was exchanging glances between Wesker and his gun.

"No, Wesker."

"We've been over this before, have we not, Christopher?" Wesker asked as he took several steps towards Chris who didn't move.


"You're different."

"I still don't know what you mean by that," Chris said as Wesker stopped about a foot in front of him.

"You are feeling rather lost. You wonder if risking your life, the lives of your friends and coworkers is worth it after all these years of fighting for your freedom and safety. You are jealous of Miss Valentine because she has gotten out and you are left to fight alone."

"I'm not alone."

"Look around you, Christopher. Miss Alomar is unreliable and a fail comparison to Jill, I believe, and the B.S.A.A are a mockery to S.T.A.R.S."


"Don't question how I know," Wesker snapped quickly, taking Chris aback slightly.

Wesker usually wasn't the type to get angry over such a small comment and, in fact, would play with him over it during normal circumstances. Besides Wesker's odd behavior, Chris was also staring in awe at the accuracy behind the blonde's words. Perhaps the blond felt the same when he left Umbrella but Chris couldn't bother to question it openly. He buried the thought and took a deep breath, shaking his head.

"That doesn't make me different, Wesker. It makes me human." Chris wanted to continue the statement but was stopped by Wesker closing the distance between them. It wasn't a soft kiss, something that Chris was slightly expecting from their personal banter they seemed to have going. Instead, it was fierce, hard, and Chris couldn't stop himself from kissing back. Wesker abused Chris's upper lip with passionate kisses and harsh tongue-play but Chris just wasn't as forceful. He just couldn't put enough power into the kiss because he was trying to savor it. Wesker wasn't just Albert Wesker to Chris; true, the brunet was still far from having any real feelings for the blond but it was different. Wesker had been in his life for years and was even his captain for two of them- and everything was about to end. Hell, Chris even had feelings for Wesker back in S.T.A.R.S but it was incomparable to how he felt now. There were no feelings left except for a type of respect and attraction that he couldn't fight.

Chris had to kill Wesker.

Chris hadn't realized it but he had, at some point, twisted his hands into Wesker's coat to pull him harder into the kiss. Within the time, Wesker had raised his own arms and now had a grip on Chris's shoulders, his fingers digging into the cloth that clung to his upper arms.

"Only a little longer and Wesker should leave. Jill is down again but she'll be up soon." Chris heard Sheva's voice in his ear and could feel the smirk on Wesker's face against his own lips.

"Roger that," Chris muttered when Wesker pulled away and began nipping down his jaw line to allow Chris to speak. "I'm hidden now. I'll meet you in the main hall when Wesker decides to leave."

A quiet ringing caused Wesker to sigh but he didn't release his grip on Chris's upper arms. His lips had found their way to Chris's ear and, ignoring the ringing, he licked the brunette's earlobe playfully before speaking quietly;

"You are different, Christopher. Once you kill me, you will accept the reality of your situation and you will fight for what you believe needs to be done. You will win. You are different."

Chris was in a state of amazement; It was as if Captain Wesker was back; The man that Chris had trusted with his life for two years; The man that had led S.T.A.R.S through every single mission victoriously; The man that Chris had secretly fallen for all those years ago; That man was telling Chris to kill him and continue living and it wasn't because Wesker didn't believe in his own cause. Chris realized, as he was walking back to the main room, that Wesker had simply believed that Chris had more passion and drive as shown through the years they had come in contact with one another.

Hell, Chris wasn't even sure that passion was still there. Yes, he wanted to save the world and do whatever he could to be apart of that but with all the lives that got put on the line combined with the number of repetitive patterns he, Jill, Claire, and countless other people have had to go through and will have to go through in the future.

After Chris defeats Wesker, who will be next? Who will rise up and try to match the power Umbrella was able to steal from the world? Who else will try to completely destroy mankind?

It wasn't until after Chris was in the helicopter flying over the volcano that Wesker had just gotten engulfed by that the brunet realized there was no 'who else'. Chris had done just as Wesker said; the blond was defeated. The world had been saved and Wesker had taught him something.

Enjoying times like this where Chris could sit in front of his television, a lame sitcom playing with Jill Valentine beside him laughing at the bad jokes along with him were what he fought for. He fought to allow himself this luxury and knowing he deserved this made it all the more enjoyable.

Hell, something could happen tomorrow but Chris doesn't care about it now because now, he's enjoying spending time with the person that had been by his side for over a decade. The only other person from S.T.A.R.S that was just as hurt by the experience as he was; The only other person living that understood his pain from fighting; The only other person who was able to sit beside him and feel as if they deserved this break because they truly did.

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.

Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink.

The years go by, as quickly as a wink.

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself.

It's later than you think.

This ending was one of three I had written. I ended up combining two of them and then discarded it, rewrote it like this and kept changing it. In fact, the entire chapter has been written for several weeks now but the ending itself has just killed me. I still don't like it but I pretty much sat in front of my computer for four hours trying to figure out how to perfect Wesker's last words. Again, I still don't like them.

I kind of tried to keep the concept of the story under the category of "Wesker plays with Chris" and I followed this (in more ways than one) but I truly didn't expect I would write an emotional ending like that. I wanted Wesker to have a sort of role in Chris refinding his passion but I didn't expect I would write it like this.

So I hope you enjoyed this and well... See you on my next story!