Title: Growling 'Verse
Author: Moonbeam (luvsbitca)
Summary: There is nothing new here.
This is the chronological version of my Growling 'Verse. It is all the other things I have written being put into chronological order for ease of reading. As promised.
Being edited to fix the bad before added.
Warnings: Stupid oblivious people? and some hurt/comfort running around
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the ramblings of my brain.
Author's Notes: I do apologise, I know I have told people I'd do this for a while, but I'm almost finished the whole thing and university is finished for the year so I have time to actually edit it properly while I finish the story completely. I know it was very confusing as it was but I never, ever intending this to be as big as it had ended up being. I blame Stiles.
Please remember this is season one compliant only. I have not seen the second season yet.

Growling 'Verse
by Moonbeam

01 - OMITARW – 05 – Priority (Two months after season 1 finale six months before Five Times)

Stiles and Scott drove up to Derek's house and found a number of trucks and workmen in the yard.

Stiles turned to Scott. "What is going on?"

"I don't know dude."

They got out of the car and made their way towards the house. Derek met them half way.

"What's happening Derek?" Stiles asked.

"They are here to work on the house."

Stiles dropped his jaw deliberately. "You mean you are not going to spend the rest of time living in a burned out shell of a house?"

"Shut up Stiles."

"Or what?" Stiles grinned.

"I'll rip your throat out," Derek shrugged.

"Are they rebuilding the whole thing?" Scott asked not wanting to witness another one of the arguments where Stiles baited Derek because he now knew the alpha wasn't going to maul him and Derek got annoyed.

"No just the main structure some of it I can do myself and you will all help of course."

"Help? Build?" Scott asked unsure.

"Yes, once they have checked the foundation and put up the things that we cannot do the rest of us can finish. Pack building exercise." Derek added firmly.

Derek grabbed Stiles' arm when he looked like he wanted to walk into the construction zone.

"Now that we are a pack having a base is a priority." Derek said as his only explanation.

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