'How's your head?' JJ asks Emily as she sits next to her on the jet.


JJ looks at the brunette and she can see the walls building up in the chocolate brown eyes she loves so much. The blonde sighs.


Emily gulps. She can hear the anger on JJ's voice.

'You know what? No, it's not fine!' JJ exclaims loudly, standing up. 'We know each other for three years now! Is it that hard to have a conversation with me without building your walls up? God dammit, Emily! I don't bite! What are you so afraid of?' The blonde searches brown eyes for an answer but when she only sees those damn walls she huffs in irritation. 'Forget it.' She turns around and heads for the room in the back with the coffee machine. She could use some right now.

Emily closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. When she opens them again Reid and Morgan, who were sitting in front of her, are looking at her with a question clear in their faces: What just happened?

The brunette sighs.

They're gonna find out sooner or later any ways.

'JJ and I have been dating for two months and I'm pretty sure she's getting tired of me hiding behind my walls.'

'Then why do you? Hide behind your walls I mean.' Reid asks.

'Because one time I didn't and I ended up heartbroken and a sobbing mess.'

'Go on.' Morgan says.

'We had been dating for five months and I told her I loved her. She said 'Thank you.' and things just kept getting worst from there on.'

'You haven't told JJ you love her because of that?' Morgan asks and Emily nods. 'As she told you?'

Emily shakes her head. Morgan leans back against his seat.

'Okay, so let me see if I got this right. You don't want to say JJ you love her because of one 'I love you' gone wrong and so you hide behind your walls. And knowing JJ as I know her, she hasn't said she loves you yet because she wants to give you space and let it be you who decides when it's time but she's getting sick of the fact she can't even talk with you without you acting like she's that ex. Do you see what has to happen here?'

Emily closes her eyes and nods.

'I have to tell JJ how I feel.'

'I was going to say make-up sex but, hey, that works too!'

Emily starts laughing.

'Is that your solution for everything?' Reid asks with confusion.

'Most things, Pretty-Boy.'

JJ walks by them with a mug of coffee in her hands and looks at the men.

'I'll go see how much longer it'll take for us to land.'

Ignoring the hurt it causes JJ not to acknowledge her, Emily stands up and reaches for JJ's hand.


'Leave me alone, Emily.' The blonde pulls her hand back without as much as looking at the older woman.

'Jen, please, just wait.' Emily says, going after her girlfriend.

Taking a deep breath and closing her free hand into a fist not to snap at the brunette again, JJ slowly turns around and glares silently at her, waiting for Emily to say something.

'I love you.'

The anger in JJ's face slowly fades into surprise and then into happiness.

'I love you too.' The blonde says with a soft smile. She reaches for Emily's hand and squeezes.

Her smile turns into a grin when she looks into brown eyes and sees love and honesty but no walls. JJ has to hold back from planting one on her girlfriend in front of Morgan and Reid too.

Emily interlaces their fingers and pulls the blonde for a hug.

'I love you.' She says again because, God, it feels so good to say out loud how she feels for JJ.