'Prentiss.' Hotch calls out as he catches up to her in the bullpen.


Hotch clears his throat and looks around to make sure no one is in hearing distance. He then clears his throat again.

'I saw you and JJ.'

Emily looks confused at her boss.

'In JJ's office...'

'Sir, I don't-'


Emily's eyes wide and her mouth hangs open.

'As your boss I must reprimand you for doing… that… in the building and ask you to be more discrete in the future as there are rules against relationships between two agents from the same team.'

'Ye-yes, sure.'

'Good.' Hotch clears his throat again. 'I trust you'll pass this request to JJ.'

'Yes, sir.'

Hotch turns around and as soon as he reaches his office and closes the door, Emily sprints to her girlfriend's office.

She opens the door without knocking.

'Yes, Emily?' JJ asks without looking up from the file in her hands.

'First of all, that's creepy.' The brunette says as she sits in front of her.

'No. it's just me knowing that everyone else in the building would knock before bursting into my office.' She finally looks up. 'What brings me the pleaser of having you bursting into my office today anyways?'

Emily groans.

'Don't say that word.'

'What word, baby?' JJ asks confused.


'Okay, now I'm really confused.' The blonde puts the file on the desk. 'Elaborate.'

'I just had a talk with Hotch because he caught us… you know… in your office.'

JJ's eyes wide.

'Shut up.'

'I'm serious, honey.'

'Oh my God.'

JJ starts laughing while Emily looks at her wondering if she should call 911.

'Why are you laughing?! I just told you Hotch walked in on us! Our boss!'

JJ stops laughing.

'That's exactly why I'm laughing! It's hilarious! The one time we had sex in my office and Hotch walks in on us!'

She starts laughing again and after a while so does Emily.

'Yeah, I guess it's a little funny.' The brunette says, already clutching to her sides.