Alley Way opened her eyes slowly, a soft groan escaped her lips without her realizing it as her eyes focused on everything in front of her. The image of her bowling ball rolling straight to the gutter missing the pins was visible as the sound of the busy hubub of other bowlers filled her ears while the neon lights melted away the darkness she was experiencing prior to her waking up. She slowly rose and held a hoof up her head wincing as her brain felt like it was on fire, her horn felt like it was about to take off like a rocket exploding in a variety of fireworks. After the cobwebs were clear in her head she blinked just as she realized she had missed the shot.

"Aw for the love of pony! What in the hay happened? Now I gotta make up that missed shot...but why did I passed out, I don't remember getting myself drunk as a skunk before I came to the alley...hey Bowler, guess the joke's on me huh?"

The pony she was referring to got up and approached smiling, levitating a bowling ball with his own magic and heading to take his turn. Alley Way smirked.

"Well aren't we the gentlecolt, always thinking of bowling before your dame. Nice to be appreiacted after I was knocked out like a light!"

She began trotting to meet him halfway to retrieve her bowling ball that has came out from the pit. maybe slapping the ball out of his face would make a nice comeback of sorts she thought. As soon as they met she quickly ran a hoof trying to slap said ball only to find it it went right through it. Alley Way blinked in surprise and before she could say anything, Bowler had already passed by, getting ready to take his shot.

"Bowler? Is that a fancy new trick you made? Didn't know you had talent, I am impressed!"

She turned to see him already tossing the ball towards the pins and moments later he hit a strike. Bowler reared shaking his forehooves excitedly while chanting victory.

"Ha ha, I got me one! Gee, hope Alley Way comes back from the ladies' room soon, she has gone quite a while now..."

"What da ya mean gone? I've been here the whole time ya goof!" Said she as she neared the stallion with a feigned look of annoyance. However when she was about to give him a light jab at his shoulder as she always did to make him snap out of his sillyness, he turned and as with the ball, phazed through her. Alley Way stood still, her eyes just pinpoints as her mouth fell agape. She looked back at him trotting to retrieve his ball muttering to himself as she wasn't there and she noticed now that any other pony present didn't seem to aknowledged her either nor remember ever anypony coming to her aid when she woke up. She frantically looked around and trotted to all present trying to get their attention, finding out that the same thing occurred as with her friend and nopony ever even looked her way no matter how much she was screaming at them. She then felt weak on her hooves and laid on the smooth floor of the bowling alley looking up at the white glow of the neon lights.

"What's going on here?!"

Nopony even heard her desperate cry.


A Doctor Whooves MLP:FiM Fic Adventure




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