5 men ran screaming from the burning building at the dead of night, terror played out on their faces. 4 of the men ran in a frantic as the embers from the smoldering wood splintered passed them, while 1 of them tripped and fell on to the ground below. The man tried to claw at the ground, trying to crawl away from the shadow that started to walk out from the building. It took a step closer, and then another, until finally, it was on top of the man. He turned back and found himself staring down the barrel of one of two twin handguns called Eyeteeth. The shot rang out and he soon found himself dead, lying on the floor as blood pooled around him. The other 4 turned back towards the noise as the shadow reached into the man's chest and pulled out a black shard radiating both light and darkness. It quickly shoved it into its pockets and started to walk towards the others.

"Stay back!" shouted one man as he picked up a stone and threw it at the shadow.

The rock simply passed through the silhouette and fell on to the ground behind. The shadow raised its Eyeteeth and shots rang out into the night, followed by the screams of those unfortunate. The shadow walked off into the alley after taking the remaining souls it had collected, but it was really late and it felt tired, making it slump to the alley wall. Just as the shadow leaned, a young boy with burning red hair crystal blue eyes walked up towards it. It was obviously a knight, no, a squire really, judging from the armor he was wearing. At one side he had a red long sword, and on the other, a blue short sword.

"Hey!" he shouted as he ran forward, "Are you alright sir?!" He grabbed the shadow as it was about to fall but then felt something strange as his hand took hold of it. "This is oddly…soft…" he said in a confused voice. Without any notice, a hand came up and slapped him across the face, causing him to reel back and take hold of his face. He looked up to the shadow as the hood it once had been wearing came off. The girl that stood before him was gorgeous. Even in the dark, he could see her long, blue-white hair fall down her shoulders and the angry, crimson eyes staring at him while her red face matched.

"Y-you're a girl?!" he said, utterly shocked before realizing what he had done, "Wait…that means that I…"

Without any warning, the girl pulled out her Eyeteeth and started to fire a barrage of bullets at her target, now the boy, without giving him a chance to defend himself. The boy dodged left and right, doing an awkward dance as he panicked and tried to avoid each and every bullet, but usually only able to make them barely graze the armor.

"Wait! I'm so–"

"Twin Empower!" she cried out, making the ends of the barrels of her Eyeteeth glow blue before firing 2 powerful shots right at the boy.

Without any other choice, they boy pulled out both of his swords, overlapping them in front of his chest in order to block the bullets. He placed the blades at the right time, but what happened next shocked him. The bullets impacted the blades, exploding and throwing him off into the wall of another building. He shook his head, letting the rubble fall off his hair and looked down. Shock shown on his face as the blades that were gifts from his parents were broken into 4 pieces. He looked up and then noticed that there were several other knights that now gathered in front of him, their spears pointed towards the girl, who now had her cloak on, ready to attack. Elesis Sieghart and Ronan Erudon, two of the legendary knights from the Grand Chase which ended about 15 years ago, now stood there in front of the young boy.

"Mom, Dad!" the young boy shouted as the two came to help him up, "Be careful, this 1 is strong, look what she did to the swords you gave me!"

"Eric! You broke those swords?! How?!" Elesis shouted as she picked up the shards of the blades and waved them in front of the young boy.

Elesis was about to shout at Eric again, but before she could start, another knight hit the wall. Before the Elesis and Ronan could even turn back, all of the knights that accompanied them were now unconscious and leaning on, or in the wall.

"Why you little–" Elesis shouted as she pulled her twin long swords from her scabbards and started to swing at the young bounty huntress.

She jumped back and waved her hands in the form of a cross and then placed one of the Eyeteeth in the center of the purple markings that hung in the air. "Bullet Cross!" she shouted as she pulled the trigger several times, sending waves of cross-shaped magic with a bullet in the middle towards Elesis. Elesis took the hits assuming that they were weak, but she was dead wrong; each shot sent waves of pain throughout her body before finally making her strike the wall hard and fast.

"Elesis!" shouted Ronan as he rushed towards his wife's side, "Just who are you?!" he shouted towards the girl who placed her Eyeteeth back in its holsters while she put her cloak back on.

"Wilde," whispered Eric. The huntress heard this and turned towards the boy, her eyes wide open as she approached them.

"u-ugh…" grunted Elesis, "Y-you must be the daughter of Rufus then…t-that explains the power a-and the Eyeteeth."

The girl nodded and answered, "Yes, my name is Claire Wilde. I'm a bounty Huntress."

Hey guys! This is the first chapter of this story called Introductions! Its a story that takes place 15 years after the grand chase, hope you enjoy =)