"Eric," Katrina started, "What are we gonna do about Claire?"

"What do you mean?" he asked as they sat around the fire late at night, "She's part of us isn't she?"

"She's been with us for several days and..." she started to trail off.

"She's been really hostile and cold," Diana finished, "We don't feel comfortable around her, not one bit."

"Well, we need her," he replied, "Even if she is like that, we need her power."

"Do we really?" Katrina sighed.

"Why else do we have Dean around as well?" he snorted.

"Well at least he doesn't attack his own friends," Diana snapped.

The statement hit me as I stood in the shadows. I was unsure of what to do then; anger and hatred rose in me as I pulled the triggers that killed the troll and nearly did the same to Eric, but I had to keep them all in. I felt something for Eric but I didn't know what to do. I held in my own emotions to keep myself calm and think of what I had to do.

"Look, we don't need her," Diana's voice rose, "Why can't she just leave?!"

"So you tell me to come here just to talk behind my back and want me gone?" I said from the shadows as I observed them, "If you want me gone, then just say so."

Katrina had her hands over her mouth while Diana and Eric's eyes grew wide with surprise.

"C-Claire!" Eric said as he spotted me on a branch above the campsite, "How long have you been there?!"

"I'm always here," I replied as I held my emotions back, "I always stay on the branches at night."

"D-did you hear everything...?" Katrina asked as she seemed a bit scared.

"I heard everything since your first gathering," I answered as I thought back to two days ago when the two began complaining about me, "Diana, you were the one who convinced me to come back so I'll let you decide what to do. Should I leave or stay?" My heart ached as I asked her the simple question. I yearned to be with Eric but I couldn't allow myself to grow attached to him.

"Well, that's," she began to think.

"Well?" I pushed the matter.

"Leave," she said as she looked back at me.

We stared each other eye to eye as everything grew dead silent. Anxiety was in the eyes of the two girls while Eric looked pained and frustrated as he tried his best to defend me. I spun on my heel and walked off into the dark night under the heavy foliage, melting into the shadows till everything was out of sight. I started to feel my heart slowly hurt and shatter again as I lost my chance to be with him, but I forced myself to take the next step. I didn't belong there and I knew it. After several hours of walking in the late night, my body seemed to grow tired and fatigued as the need to rest took over. I dashed up to a tree and kicked of at the trunk, jumping high up to another tree. I jumped between the two trees, gaining altitude until I reached the branch I wanted and sat down to rest. I closed my weary eyes in an attempt to sleep, and, before long, dozed off.

"Get away!" I heard my father scream as he swung his Eyeteeth forward while the muzzle flared.

My eyes suddenly went wide as the dream shocked me back into reality with the sun barely up. I looked down below me and saw Diana roaming the shadowed forest disoriented. I let out a quiet sigh and landed quietly a few feet behind her, but as I landed, the ground gave way as a portal had formed underground, sucking the earth, and us, into the other end of the passage. We both fell hard on to the granite ground that awaited us, the magic sapping our strength and consciousness. All I could see was a wicked smile before everything grew dark.

I awoke in a dark room with chains locking my wrists and ankles to the wall while still giving enough freedom to move about the room. I tried to will my Neo Arbiters to come to my hands but the guns were no where in sight as the magic in the room disabled us from using any magic. I looked around and found Diana in the opposite side of the room still unconscious but quickly noticed her appearance. I looked down and found myself the same; we were both nearly stripped down to our underwear to make sure we didn't have any concealed weapons. I quickly found a cover and placed it over Diana as I tried to look for another one, but a loud ring quickly filled the room.

"W-what's going on?!" Diana suddenly shouted as she shot up, scared half to death.

"We're trapped and they want something to do with us," I replied as the door opened.

A fat man in fine clothing walked in as he eyed his prizes. He had a velvet cape with red, regal clothing on, obviously a man rich beyond our wildest dreams. In his hand was a golden scepter with many prized jewels, obviously infused with some of the strongest magics money could buy. It was obvious to me that the portal was his doing.

"So this is the prize Master Asin promised me?" he said with his brow raised. He took a step into the room before noticing something, "I'm lacking one more girl here! Master Asin promised me three new female servants! Where is the last?!" he shouted to one of the guards, "Bah! No matter!" He started to approach me and lifted me up by the chains on my wrists, easily lifting me off the ground to see his face, "This one is gorgeous enough for two. My other guests will like the other, though they do have a tendency to...bite," He said the second statement as he looked towards Diana who was now terrified.

Without losing my chance, I spat in his face as i hissed, "Let her go! She has nothing to do with the likes of you!"

"Why you little!" he snapped as he threw me against the wall which erupted with lightning and sent electricity through every part of my body, "Learn your place! I will train you and when I am done, you will be a changed girl! Mark my words!"

"Claire! Claire!" Diana called out, placing my head on her lap as the door closed behind the man. My vision started to grow dark as the magic started to take its effect, and, before long, I had already slipped into unconsciousness.

Kidnapped...again? okay, lol so this whole being trapped thing will span over several chapters and hopefully it won't drag along, anyway, thanks for reading guys, and the updates might come a bit slower...sorry, I'm starting to write a Fate/Stay Night fanfic so it'll be interesting...also cause I'm starting to write book two for my light novel trilogy, Night's Blade, so, again, sorry if the updates come late, but i WILL finish this, that I'm sure of ^-^

Elesis and Ronan - Eric
Lire and Lass - Lauren
Ryan and Arme - Diana
Amy and Jin - Katrina
May/Ley and Dio - Dean
Mari and Sieghart - none, but they did raise Claire
Luxus/Lupus/Rufus and Yuki(O.C.) - Claire
Asin and Rin - future will tell if they have one
Lime and Zero - future will tell if they had one

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