16 years old Regina shuts her locker with more strength then necessary, making Kathryn jump. She smirks.

She might be my friend but she is way too easy to get scared.

'Have you heard?' Ruby, the queen of gossip of the school asks excited.

'Your voice? Too many times.' Regina says bitterly as she starts to walk to her class.

Ruby rolls her eyes at the 'normal' way that Regina as to greet everyone and keeps talking.

'There's a new student. She transferred from Boston. I heard she's in our class.'

'New student? This is Storybrooke High. No one transfers here. And why would she even do that? This school is a bunch of shit.' Regina answers back.

Both Kathryn and Ruby roll their eyes at that. Their friend might sound like a bitch but once you get to know Regina Mills you end up liking her.

'I have no idea why she transferred. But maybe this way you could finally get someone to hookup with, uh, Regina?'

Regina almost rolls her eyes at that, almost.

'Why would I hookup with the new student of all people? Besides, didn't you say she transferred here?'

'Oh, c'mon, Regina, we both know you swing both sides.' Kathryn steps in. She's actually interest about where the conversation is heading.

'So? Just because I swing both sides doesn't mean she does too.' Regina answers back and is about to walk in her class when she sees her, the new student. A very good looking blonde with pretty hazel eyes dressed in a pair of jeans that go around her figure in very good ways with a blue leather jacket on.

'By the way she's dressed I'd say she goes both sides.' Kathryn whispers behind Regina, making her stop staring at the new student and look back at her friends.

'And by the way someone was getting her naked with her eyes I'd say someone has dibs on the new blonde already.' Ruby whispers back, nodding her head in the direction of Regina, who ignores them and goes to the blonde.

'Hi, I'm Regina Mills.' She says extending her hand to the blonde.

'Uh, hi. Emma Swan.' Emma says back, surprised that someone is actually talking with her and shaking Regina's hands.

First person that talks to me and she's hot as hell. Emma thinks.

'And I'm Ruby and this is Kathryn.' She hears another brunette say and then a blonde waving at her.

'Hi.' She says waving back.

They talk through most of the class. When the bell rings Ruby is the first to speak up again.

'So, Emma, which team do you play?'

'I'm sorry?' Emma says back, startled by the question.

'I mean, do you swing to just one side or do you go both sides, like Regina?' She makes the question clearer.

'Uh, I'm bi.' She answers back.

Ruby raises an eyebrow at Regina, who pretends that she isn't paying attention.

'So, that means you could hookup with Gina here, uh?' Ruby says and both Regina and Emma snap their heads at her, to watch her grin.

'By that reaction I'd say it's a yes, uh, Rubbs?' Kathryn asks.

Ruby simply nods and pulls Kathryn away from the duo.

'So, are they always like this?' Emma asks after a while.

'Yes. It doesn't get better, I'm afraid.'

Emma laughs at that. When Regina is about to leave Emma grabs her hand.

'Uh, I know am the new student and that you don't really know me that well but, uh, would you go on a date with me?' Emma asks nervous.

Regina smiles at her and kisses her out of no here. Emma kisses back and when they break apart she asks 'I assume that's a yes?' with a raise of eyebrows.

'Sure is.' Regina says back as she turns around and heads to her car without as much as a glance back because she has this goofy grin on her face and Regina Mills is not one to let be seen grinning.