Life of a Shadow: Cold as December

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Author's Note
Short note. Read "The End is the Beginning" first. R&R, flames accepted.

Chapter 1: Adjustment to a New Life
"Umm, Amy?" A man asked.
"Yes!" Amy answered from another room.
"How does this shirt work again?"
Amy sighed and headed into the man's room. "Here," she said. "Put your arms up." The man obeyed and Amy slid the shirt on over his head.
"Why do I have to wear these again? I looked fine before."
"I already explained this to you, Shadow! It's just more polite to wear clothes! Look at me! I wear clothes."
"You never made Sonic wear clothes."
"Don't you think I've tried? Now put on the pants." Shadow did so and looked into the wall mirror in his room.
"I look funny." Shadow said. He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a black tee shirt with a red stripe going across the middle.
"No, you don't. You look great! I picked out the shirt specially to match your unique quills. I went through about five stores to find it, but I found it. Just trust me, you look fine." She said as she gave him a pat on the shoulder and left the room.
Shadow continued to look in the mirror. 'I do look kinda good...' Then he began to make poses in the mirror. He began with innocent intimidating looks. Then, he started to add the arm movements. He was so embarrassed when Amy returned; he was in the position of using a Chaos Control.
"You didn't see anything." Shadow said as he turned around and hid his arms behind his back, blushing slightly.
She just gave him a smirk and left the room. "Breakfast's in 10!" She yelled to him. A few giggles were heard moments later.
Shadow immediately ran down after her, well, more like skated down after her due to his jet shoes that closely resembled skates as he ran. When he caught up to her, she was already half way into the kitchen.
"You didn't see anything, got it?" Shadow asked sternly.
"And what if I did?" Amy responded.
"Then I'll relentlessly attack you until you forget what you saw."
"Oh yeah? How?"
With that, Shadow stealthily snuck up behind her and wrapped one arm tightly around her arms and body so she was immobile. Then, with his other hand, he began to wiggle two of his fingers around the back of her neck. She laughed hysterically.
"Stop!! Hehe," she laughed, "please! Stop- Hahahaha!!"
"Not until you forget what you saw."
"Okay, okay!! I don't remember a thing!" Satisfied, Shadow let up his attack and patted her on the head.
"I think you've had enough torture for today. I'll make breakfast."
"Okay, but do you know how?" Amy asked. She then began to envision her house if he screwed up.
-Amy's thoughts-
A towering inferno blazed in her mind, with fire fighters doing their best to shrink the flames. People were screaming everywhere as the flames spread to and devoured neighboring houses. Over 50 fire trucks were out there on the street in front of her house, while Shadow and herself were sitting on the curb across the street.
Amy was sitting there, balling her eyes out into her hands while Shadow just sat there beside her with his arms resting on his knees. "I think I burnt our breakfast a little bit." Shadow says.
-End of Amy's thoughts-
Amy shuddered. "Okay, I'll trust you." Amy lied.
"It's good to be back!" A sinister voice hissed evilly. "Now to destroy that blue hedgehog once and for all! But how?" The figure paced back and forth before the security monitors in his base. "I've got it!! I will use Metal Sonic! With a few upgrades, he'll be perfect for the job! No more failures for this genius! Soon, all will bow before me and my Eggman Empire!"
He then gave a maniacal laugh before slamming his massive palm onto the console, apparently hitting a button. A blue hedgehog figure entered the room almost immediately. His metallic appearance easily gave away his identity and that his owner's.
"Ah, Metal Sonic, my pet. How's about I give you a check-up?"
Hours passed, maybe even an entire day. A genius doesn't time himself, or so Eggman might say. Metal Sonic sat up from a table that looked like one you might find in a Hospital. He looked normal, but he was upgraded with many destructive weapons.
"Yes, follow me my metal companion. I wish to share my ingenious plans with you." Then, the two left the room and vanished within the cold, dark halls of the pyramid base.