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Chapter 9: Awakening from the Nightmare
(A/N: Back to third person narration. Very sappy content warning #2!!)
A week after the incident, the gang was celebrating their triumph at a local dance club in Station Square.
"So? Have you folks decided on drinks yet?" A bartender asked as he stepped up to the gang. They were sitting at the bar, Knuckles next to Rouge, then Amy next to Shadow, and finally, the handsome bachelor buddies on the end.
"Yeah! I want a Cherry Coke!" Tails yelped.
"I'll have a Diet Coke." Rouge called, raising her hand in the air.
"Even though you don't need it. I'll have a Mountain Dew." Knuckles said.
"Pepsi for me, please." Amy asked politely.
"Coke over here." Shadow announced.
"Dr. Pepper." Sonic stated proudly.
"Okay, won't take a minute folks." The bartender said.
"Neither will I." Sonic joked, but no one laughed.
"Oh, you are so full of yourself." Rouge commented.
Soon enough, the drinks were there. Before any of them could take a sip of their ice cold drinks though, the lights began to dim.
"What's going on?" Amy asked curiously.
Suddenly, a voice boomed over the intercoms that bordered the walls of the club. "We are now opening the Dance Floor to all customers. Kareoke is permitted also. Tonight's theme is Heroes' Themes!!"
Before you knew it, people were flooding onto the dance floor and "It Doesn't Matter" began to play.
"Excuse me guys, this is my song..." Sonic said as he approached the Kareoke mike in the back of the club. He sang to his heart's content and even stayed onstage to help Tails with his song, seeing as his was played next. When they got offstage, screaming girls, pens, and paper were surrounding them and the two seemingly disappeared, not to be seen for the rest of the night.
"Well, there goes Sonic." Amy pointed out.
"Go figure... Hey, Knuckles, isn't that your song?" Rouge asked.
"Why yes it is," he responded as they walked up to the stage and sang. After they finished Knuckles' theme, Rouge's came on. So they stayed up there and sang that one too.
Meanwhile, Shadow was staring down at the bar and wasn't smiling, as usual.
"Shadow? C'mon, smile!" Amy encouraged. "Just one? For me?" He managed a smirk. "Well, that's a start. What's bothering you anyway?"
"Nothing really. I just know that they'll play your song next, and then it'll be over. Mine won't be in there." Just then, "My Sweet Passion" began to play. "See?"
"Hey! Why wouldn't they play yours? You saved us all from that ARK too, not just Sonic. I guarantee they'll play your song too! If not, I'll sing it for you!"
"Thanks for your support Amy. But-" Finally, Amy's theme ended and "Throw it All Away" began.
(A/N: I know I'm rushing the songs a bit, but they aren't significant enough to the story to waste time on. If you want them to last longer, play them for yourself.)
"See! Told ya'! Now let's get up there! I wanna hear you sing!" By now, Knuckles and Rouge were back at the bar talking. Amy dragged Shadow up there and kept encouraging him to sing. Eventually he did, with Amy as his backup singer of course.
Next they played Eggman's theme, but none of the heroes seemed to notice or care because they had just finished a battle with his creations. He was once again on the Dark side.
Finally, there were no more songs to play and they began taking requests. Some young woman ran as fast as she could up to the request area and requested a different song. It was later identified as "Saints and Angels" by Sara Evans and was played.
"Oh, it's a slow song!!" both girls seemed to cry out simultaneously. "C'mon, dance with me!" Both boyfriends agreed to it and stepped out to the dance floor. Rouge had already taken Knuckles dancing on many occasions, so this was nothing different. But for Shadow on the other hand, this was a first.
"Uhh, Amy, I'm not quite sure, what I'm doing..."
"It's okay Shadow! Just put your arms around my waist and I'll put my arms around your neck." At first, he hesitated. "Don't worry, I won't bite. Trust me, once you put your arms in the right position, it won't even feel like they're there." Then he did so and Amy showed him the dance steps. "Got everything?"
"Yeah, pretty sure I got it."
"Okay, let's dance then." With that, she rested her head on his chest and they began to dance.
It felt so wonderful to Shadow, to be so close to the one he loved. He felt invincible, like he could take on the world. But one thing troubled him.
"Uhh, Amy?"
"Yes, Shadow.." Amy asked dreamily.
"How is it that you were able to power up my Chaos Control all those days ago against Metal Amy? I mean, when did you even learn it? I thought that only Sonic and I could use that technique."
"Well, I've watched you do it a couple times, so you could say that I had a good teacher. Plus, I'm a fast learner."
"You can't use Chaos Control, can you?" Shadow asked flatly.
"No. When I was there, I was trying to show that I supported you, show that I cared. And I was hoping that knowing that you could trust me and that I was safe would enhance the effort you put into the blast. I think the plan was a success."
"Yeah. Thanks Amy."
"For what?"
"For any time I was upset and you were understanding, for any time I was grumpy or down and you cheered me up, and for everything you've already done for me and will do for me. I feel so honored to have found you.. I love you Amy Rose."
With those last few words, the song ended and the dancers cleared the floor with the exception of Amy and Shadow. They felt like they were realizing their love for each other for the first time all over again, and an invisible spotlight shone on the two in their minds. They were the only two in the universe right now.
"I love you too... Shadow" she said softly and slowly as she lifted her tilted head up slightly towards him, his doing the same downward. Soon enough, their lips met. And, unfortunately, just as soon as they had started it, they broke the kiss and continued to dance to a silent song that played to the beat of their simultaneously beating hearts.