Mordecai and rigby were sitting at the coffee shop talking, drinking coffee and relaxing one day "dude is it just me or is benson being a asshole lately?" mordecai said with a sound of frustration in his voice "yeah man it's like benson is trying to get us fired" then margaret walked up to them with an exited yet confused look on her face "hey guys." "oh uh h-hey margaret." "I didn't know you were getting the band back together after that lip syncing fiasco" "what? Were not." "then why did you sign up to be the first one s on open mic night tomorrow?" just then Future Mordecai and Future Rigby came walking into the coffee shop "hello mordecai and rigby" future mordecai said "what are you doing here, you jerks!" "don't get testy fella's we're just here to show you what would have happened would've happened, if mordecai and my past self didn't screw us over by doing what you did." "so me and rigs singed up for open mic night tomorrow, we really want you to come it'll be one hell of a show." "we already told benson right after we signed up and your going so don't try to weasel your way out of it, it's mandatory." then Future Mordecai and Future Rigby (Mordo and rigs because thats a mouthful) left the coffee shop "well I really hope you guys are there." "it's not like we have a choice like he said it's mandatory" mordecai said very annoyed once they got home benson sang the same speech to them That Mordo and Rigs told them but in a different way. then when benson left, mordecai and rigby went inside to go play video games and shadow (or by urban legend that circulated SlenderMan) was standing in the door way and he scared Mordecai and rigby half to death "dude!" "hahahahaha! I got you two good!" "not funny Shadow NOT FUNNY!" "I told you to call me by my new name, SlenderMan" "you know that name creeps us out." "yeah I know that's the point, it's supposed to scare people when they hear it" "yeah well let us in man we're gonna go play video games." "oh! can I watch?" "dude you know anyone sees you with your little urban legend going around, people will freak!" "if your gonna stay here at change back to that silhouette of mordecai." "well ever since Mordecai and that other dude . . ." "Eric Draven" "whatever . . . killed me and buried me, and came back to life. I lost my ability to shape shift and all I can do now is turn invisible to anyone not using a camera, change height and body shape, shape my arms into tentacles, sprout tentacle-like appendages from my back and shoulders that I can use as additional arms or legs, or simply to instil fear into my prey." mordecai and rigby just stared at Shadow for a few seconds at him explaining his new powers "creepy, but seriously you should split" "right well I was about to head out anyways because I'm getting hungry." just as Shadow was heading out he stopped and turned around "oh and guys I heard about that open mic night thing with Rigs and Mordo, I wonder what they're gonna do." "us too man, us too." "oh and dudes I have a surprise for you in the woods." mordecai and rigby looked at each other with a "i've got a bad feeling about this" look and followed Shadow