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The sun hardly peaked over the ocean, giving off small rays of light to reflect against the crystal clear water to match the large lighthouses spinning beams of electric-made light. The ocean waves gently hit against the rocks high on the shore due to the high tide, leaving behind seashells for young children to pick up in the later hours of the day. The buildings where all two floors high and painted white to look nice despite the chipped sections of wood. Each house was lined up on its own street that connected to the center of the district, that was currently being decorated for the 'special' event occurring later that morning.

Despite the early hour, one teenage girl was already up. She quickly pulled her messy, white-blonde hair up into an even more messier bun while making sure her brother was still asleep. Quietly, she slipped out of her nightgown and into a bright blue sundress. She then went to her closet and grabbed a fishing net and her old trident with a rope knotted at the end. She rapped the net and rope over her shoulder to make sure they wouldn't make any noise before tip-toeing out of her room.

The blonde glanced down the dark hallway before quickly moving down the steps. She yelped and froze at the muffled yawn coming from the other bedroom. Her brother snorted then continued snoring. She sighed and relaxed her shoulders. Thank the ocean Alto was a heavy sleeper. She snuck out the front door and closed it quietly before taking off down the sandy beach.

The girl walked down to the edge of the shore where the water met the sand. She stuck her feet under the cold surface and sighed happily. She always loved the feel of the fresh morning salt water and sand between her toes. "Thilia! Over here!" the blonde opened her eyes and looked around for the familiar voice. she finally found him sitting on some of the tallest rocks surrounded by water. The tan skinned boy was sitting on the rocks, waving one hand to get her attention. Thilia smiled and waved back before jogging to him. "Hey, stranger!" She greeted once she was in earshot. He gave and small smile and a tip of the head before looking back at the ocean."Typical Whyatt..." She thought while walking through the water to get to the rocks. Thilia wasn't concerned about getting wet. She had practically grown up in the ocean. Whyatt gave her a small glance and sniggered a little. It was obvious he had been there for a long time. His white collared shirt and pants where barely damp and his dark red hair was fully dry, flowing in the salty breeze.

"About time." He joked as Thilia crawled onto the rock. "It's five o'clock! In the morning!" She retorted defensively while removing the netting and rope off of her shoulders. "Yeah. And I've been out here since one o'clock." He replied while she set the trident down between them. Thilia crossed her legs and shook her head to get the random strands of hair out of her eyes. Despite knowing the answer she asked him anyway. "How come?" She questioned quietly. Whyatt's eyes met Thilia's own before darting back to the ocean. "Couldn't sleep." He replied calmly, keeping all emotion off of his face. Anyone who knew Whyatt knew why.

Today was Reaping day in all the Districts. The one day of the year two children, a boy and a girl, are ripped away from their homes and family by the Capitol and forced to fight to the death. Whyatt's little sister, Annia, had been reaped five years ago today at the age of thirteen. She had lasted pretty long in the games (most from the first four districts do) but in the end got betrayed. They had both watched her get eaten alive by some horrid mutt the Capitol had created.

Thilia had nightmares for three of those five years. Whyatt's had ceased to stop.

Thilia always blamed herself for Annia's death. The day before the reaping there had been a terrible storm and she had gotten sick with a high fever. That was the one year she couldn't make the reaping. If only she had been there...

Thilia glanced at the nineteen year old next to her. Whyatt's parents had practically screamed with joy when they learned he had finally passed the reaping age last year. Now he was set for life and able to live without the fear of being chosen as a 'representative' for their District. "Well look on the bright side, one more Reaping then both of our families are done." Thilia reminded him trying to change to a happier subject. She had just turned eighteen, the final age allowed in the reaping ball, two weeks ago and was on her final year.

Whyatt nodded in reply, his sea green eyes still looking off in the distance. Thilia loved those eyes. They where practically the same as her own, but they had some sort of warmth in them she couldn't get enough of. Years ago, before Annia's reaping, they also had a flash of light in them. Always full of hope and happiness. Thilia couldn't remember exactly what they looked like. That was years ago. Now a days she hardly ever saw them.

"Can you believe it?" Whyatt asked breaking the silence along with Thilia's thoughts. "Huh?" She blinked lifting her chin off of her hand. "The Capitol hasn't touched either of us for nearly eighteen years." He said turning from the ocean to the blonde. "How damn lucky are we?" Thilia giggled at his slight enthusiasm and sat up straiter. "Yes." She said mocking Glendena Limesworth's, the Capitol Attendant that reaped for district 4, accent. "The odds have ever been in our favor."

They both laughed as the sun started to rise higher into the sky. "I can't believe we're almost out..." Whyatt murmured zooming out again. He had gain a short attention span ever since Annia had died. Most people found it annoying, but Thilia hardly blamed him. If Alto had been mauled for some crazed people's enjoyment, she'd loose it and start a riot. Of course Thilia knew better than to go raging in the streets about the Capitol. Even though district 4 was one of the rich districts, that didn't mean it wasn't under heavy watch. And anyone who spoke against the Capitol got taken away, never to be seen again.

Thilia sighed and stood up. If Whyatt was going to zoom out for a while she might as well make use of the high tide. The eighteen year old tied a strong knots using the net and made her father's famous fishing trap- except without knives because the Capitol wouldn't allow it. She then stood and picked up her trident. Thilia scanned the ocean water around her and Whyatt's rock. Even though the water was calm Thilia couldn't see anything.

"Hey." She said nudging the redhead with her foot. Whyatt blinked and looked up at her. "Help me look for some fish. You have a better eye than I do." The nineteen year old looked up at her and smirked before standing. "You have great eyes. You just don't use them." He replied. "Just help me find my breakfast." Thilia said. "Please?" She added batting her eyelashes. Whyatt smiled and shook his head before scanning the ocean. He paused and squinted before nudging Thilia. "There's two good sized ones about twenty-five yards out." He finally said pointing at the fish's location. "But they're too far out for you to-"

Thilia cut him off by shoving the end of the rope into his hands and turned her trident to throwing position before chucking it across the water. After it struck the surface, she grabbed the rope from the nineteen year old and pulled it back in. Stuck deep on the middle and side prong where the two good-sized fish Whyatt had pointed out to her. The eighteen year old flashed a victorious smile at the surprised redhead. "Ok let me rephrase that." He said handing Thilia the rope back. "They're too far out for anyone but you to catch with just a trident."

Thilia laughed and set the weapon down to retrieve her netting on the rocks below them. Whyatt kneeled down next to her and helped her untie the strong knots with ease. "You know I've always had the best arm between the two of us." She finally replied when they pulled the net out of the water. "Ach. Only two of them." She muttered as she rapped the netting around the two fish.

"Yeah but I always got more income." He said grabbing Thilia's trident and pulling off the two fish. He dropped them in to go along with Thilia's other catch and she tied up the netting like a sack. "Pfffft." She snorted. "That's only because you stole some of mine." "Now how would I do that?" He asked teasingly while she climbed back onto the rock. "Oh I don't know... Like this!" Thilia exclaimed while shoving Whyatt in the chest. The redhead flailed his arms trying to regain his balance but slipped on the wet rock. Frantically, he reached out and grabbed laughing Thilia's wrist and dragged her squealing with him.

The eighteen and nineteen year olds resurfaced laughing hysterically. Forgetting all about the horrors happening in a few hours, they swam though the ocean, still fully dressed. Whyatt swam towards Thilia, an evil grin on his face. She squealed and splashed large waves at him as if he'd disappear in them. Whyatt grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her underwater with him.

Thilia tried hard not to laugh so she could hold her breath longer. Her white-blonde hair had fallen out of her bun and surrounded the two teenagers heads as Whyatt kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his head kissed him back. The sudden need for air caused them to brake apart and shoot for the surface. The teenagers coughed and gasped, their arms still rapped around one another. "We're almost out." He grinned pushing her hair out of her face. Thilia smiled so much she almost couldn't kiss him again. She missed that small glint of happiness in his eyes.

"Lets just skip the reaping." Whyatt said after ending the second kiss. Thilia gave him a horror struck look. Getting sick to get fresh seafood for President Snow himself and being allowed to stay home was one thing, but skipping the reaping was a whole other story. "Whyatt, We'd be automatically tossed into the arena if we do." She said in a frantic yet serious tone. "Even if you're older than the age limit you're not untouchable!" Whyatt's smile vanished and the happiness in his eyes drained. "I know, I know..." He muttered shaking his wet head sending droplets of water everywhere. "It's just-"

"Whyatt, I'm going to still be here after the reaping." Thilia interrupted with pure confidence. She was always good at public speaking. Especially persuading people. "I have every year since I was twelve. There are hundreds of other names in there. What are the odds I'll be chosen? And after it's all over we can go swimming and enjoy the rest of our lives." Whyatt nodded in agreement but the happiness he had before was still gone. He released Thilia's waist and swam out farther. "Reaping is in a few hours... Better go get ready or you'll be late." He called before sinking under water.

Thilia sighed and shook her head. Reaping wasn't for another three hours. But she respected Whyatt's need to be alone. The blonde swam back to the rock and grabbed her net and trident before going back to the shore. She groaned with annoyance when she noticed just how badly her soaking wet dress hung off of her body. "Perfect..." She thought while adjusting the top. The eighteen year old gave up and decided it was best just to go home and change. Halfway up the beach Thilia turned around again and looked at the ocean where Whyatt was swimming.

Everything would be fine. She'll show up to to the Reaping, watch two poor children get chosen then go back home. Like she has every year. She had a lot of peaceful times to look forward to beyond just this morning, and she was planning on enjoying every single one of them.

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