September 1st

Diary, you are not a sentient being, but if you were, I would be sobbing into your strangely present arms right now.

Alright, sobbing is a bit of an exaggeration, but this first entry does begin on a bit of a down note.

Having been on campus for exactly ten minutes, 31 seconds, and 8 nanoseconds (alright, so this is completely made up, but it really hadn't been long), I ran into a professor.

As was probably obvious, I mean this literally.

His name is Professor Grabiner, and he has both the unfortunate enough rapport with the students to be nicknamed Grabby (which I'd feel sorry for if it weren't for events to be detailed momentarily), and the propensity to punish his students, which is also unfortunate, but only for me. He gave me demerits. (See what I mean?) Honestly, I'm not sure how much of an effect that's going to have on anything, but it can't be anything good.


(Read: not fun at all, because I realize you are a diary, and sometimes diaries have trouble grasping such nuances of human conventions as sarcasm.)

He's got a British accent, though, which is just… peachy. Seriously, the man who hates me straight off the bat gets the British accent. Go figure.

Anyway, I guess the plus side of inevitably getting stuck in a class with him (check my track record if you don't believe me about 'inevitable') is finding out if he acts like that with all students or whether it's just me.

Ahaha, who am I kidding, it's totally that I get to hear his British accent again.

The roommates seem nice, though! They're out meeting Virginia's brothers right now (note to self: do not forget names of roommates. Virginia and Ellen, Virginia and Ellen, Virginia and Ellen. Forgetting this is bad), and I stayed back to organize everything.

All in all, it's a pretty decent start, even with the incident with 'Grabby'. …no, I can't keep a straight face at that.

Sounds like people are coming back, so I'll take this as my cue to sign off.