This is just a scene that would not go away in my head until I typed it all out. Please enjoy. I own nothing. Rated T, for swearing and some adult humor.


He was only setting foot on this accursed ship again because EDI had called him. Even then, he had been tempted not to go anywhere near the damned thing, but she'd threatened to do several unmentionable things to his private areas, after all too cheerfully informing him that she had 1.2 million windows open to inform her how. He had believed her then, and because he was a smart turian-as well as devilishly handsome-, he had sulked… er… strutted onto the ship like he owned it.

Yes, that sounded far more intimidating.

His tried not to dwell on the memories of his time onboard longer than his treacherous mind made him. All of those memories, good and bad, lead to thinking about Shepard. He closed his eyes briefly against the swell of emotion just her name brought out in him.

He wanted to get this over and done with. He had rebuilding to oversee, people to lead, and reports to file until he worked himself into exhaustion so that he could sleep.

"Garrus, I am glad to have you aboard again," the sincere voice of EDI interrupted his thoughts via his omni-tool.

Well, he wasn't glad to be here but that was not really EDI's fault. No, wait… actually it was. Hm.

"Pleasures all mine EDI," inside he was thinking quite the opposite with a few insults to her motherboard thrown in.

"Please meet me in the Med bay," she instructed with a voice that betrayed nothing of why he was here.

Spirits… why was he even here? He walked confidently toward the elevator, nodding in response to those faces he recognized that offered him greetings. Perhaps this ship wasn't all that terrible, but it still caused his heart to ache knowing not all that long ago Shepard had walked this floor, had stood in this elevator, and-

The doors opened, chiming brightly, to announce his arrival on the third deck. Garrus felt his mandibles twitch as the familiar area brought back a wave of nostalgia. He knew that just down the hall was where he used to do his calibrations. He had always made sure Shepard had the meanest, toughest, and most precise big guns in the galaxy. When he thought back to his shy flirtations when they'd first met, he was filled with embarrassment. Had he ever been that frazzled?

Granted, it was hard not to be with the first human Spectre staring at you and wanting to know all about you. He could still feel himself practically blush at the inquisitive way she had looked at him. There had been rare moments, too few and far between, when she had such innocent curiosity that it had stolen his breath away.

His steps echoed down the metal hallway, and he branched off to the right to see the Med bay doors. He clamped his mandibles down in slight agitation. He wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible, and later after he had left, the crew would murmur about how he looked like a turian about to go to war again.

He'd deny it later.

As he waited impatiently for the door to open, because now he was annoyed that EDI had made him come all the way down here. Spirits, what the hell could be so damn important?

Her bright green eyes greeted him, and Garrus gave a curt nod in her directions.

"Greetings Garrus. I trust you are well?"

If by well she meant with a hole the size of Palavan through his heat, then yes he was just peachy-keen. As Shepard used to say when anyone asked her a ridiculous question about how she was.

Spirits he loved that woman.

"Fine EDI," he warbles in that deep tone that serves as a warning that this is not a social call.

"Excellent," she states neutrally and blinks at him as she turns.

"Any particular reason you needed to see me so urgently?" He can't help the sarcasim that drips from his words. He is already hot and uncomfortable. The urge to move, to do something, to be of some use is causing his plates to feel tight and he hates that feeling.

EDI hums a no committal response, something that Garrus is sure she must have picked up from Joker, and walks to a station. Her silver fingers quickly type in, from the looks of it, an unbelievably long and complex code.

Garrus feels his jaw drop open just the tiniest bit.

He watches as EDI extracts a chilled container, the florescent lights glint off of the metal container as she comes toward him. She hands him the container, and Garrus stares dumbfounded at a small screen that flickers to life.

He sees seven iridescent tiny orbs in suspended animation.

"Uh… they're…nice EDI," he blurts out in confusion because he has no idea what the hell they are supposed to be.

She seems to take pity on him. Her hand moves to rest on his arm in a comforting gesture.

"They are eggs Garrus."

He blinks in shock and his mandibles flare. His avian eyes flicker from her face to the screen once more.

"Oh," he replies for lack of something to say, "they are very…pretty?" He winces at his statement for it sounds more like a question. He wasn't sure what the protocol was for a formerly purely synthetic being to go shoving suspended eggs in his hands.

He comes up short at the thought. Was there actually a protocol for this? The thought amuses him to the point he almost snickers in laughter.

EDI is staring at him expectantly, and Garrus flounders.

"They are Shepard's eggs," she elaborates.

And Garrus falls into a semi-catatonic state of shock.

Eggs? Shepard laid eggs? She'd never mentioned that. There was never anything on the vids about this! He searched his mind, scrambling for some bit of knowledge he could remember. He nearly kicked himself when he recalls that he had only ever looked up human mating, and not human reproduction.

Then he is horrified. Had she laid other eggs? Spirits, had he stepped on any of them on his numerous trips to her cabin? Had he been supposed to try and fertilize them? His panic reached new heights as he envisioned clutches of Shepard eggs being squashed if he had rolled the wrong way in her bed. Or what if he had been squashing the things when he used her private shower?

Then a terrible thought struck him. What If, by some miracle, he had fertilized them? Had he been destroying, with his ignorance, hundreds of little Vakarsheps? Or would they have been Shepkarians?

His mandibles hung open in pure terror.

What had Shepard felt when he was clumsily squashing their prospective babies? She must have thought him a monster. Or maybe she had thought he hadn't wanted to have offspring with her, hence the mention of adoption?

Oh Spirits!

"When you and Commander Shepard engaged in a romantic and sexual relationship-"

Garrus winces at the bluntness of her words, his delicate turian sensibilities were slightly flustered right now. He then felt a twinge of panic at the thought that his wince could have caused some sort of disruption to the eggs. His turian instinct roared to life to protect the clutchlings. His head bobbed back and forth as he thoroughly examined the container, it remained unharmed and the eggs remained unmoved on the screen.

He felt his fringe rise, just slightly, in a moment of pure turian pride. He was going to be a father.

"She researched ways of conserving her genetic material for the future purpose of attempting to combine it with yours."

They had spoken on the subject of children only once. It had been right before the Collector suicide mission. He'd thought she'd been humoring him.

Okay… so they weren't clutchlings yet, he absently heard what EDI said. However, that did not stop the turian protective instinct that now was roaring inside of him.

They were his eggs. HIS. And, he would kill anyone that said or thought differently.

Garrus preened slightly, before tucking the container carefully inside the crook of his arm.

"While incarcerated, Shepard was permitted to undergo fertility treatments and egg extraction with the influence of Admiral Anderson. These eggs were then delivered to my care via one Kasumi Goto."

He blinked at the word extraction. Humans… kept their eggs… on the inside? Like the Asari? He felt a veritable tidal wave of relief pour over him. He hadn't stepped on future Vakarsheps. Or was it Shepkarians?

He shook his head slightly to clear his thoughts and focus on what EDI was telling him.

"Until Shepard gave us synthesis, the combining of your DNA to hers would have been impossible. Now however, with the knowledge of all the cycles before us and the new DNA structure; it is very possible."

"EDI," he half-whispers because the hope that has bloomed to life inside of him would forever be destroyed if she tells him anything other than what he needs to hear, "what are you saying?"

The former synthetic blinks. "I am saying, Mr. Vakarian, that should you choose to provide a sample of your genetic material for the production of offspring; I will be pleased to assist you in having the afore mentioned offspring with Commander Shepard."

He stammers, his mind not having caught up with the incredible gift Shepard had left for him. "B-But…how?"

"You will of course, need a surrogate. It is preferable that you choose one with a womb and of human or turian origin."

Right, he needed a surrogate. Garrus turned around and started to stride out of the med bay.

"Not at this exact instant, Mr. Vakarian. The eggs will need to stay in the Med bay for fertilization and transfer."

"Right. Of course. Fertilization first," he mutters to himself.

"If you will come with me, I will show you an area that will afford more privacy. First, however, I must return the eggs to their proper hiding place."

He reflexively takes a step back from EDI, holding onto the container as it his life depends on it. "Hiding place?"

EDI nods. "Yes. Commander Shepard was very clear in her instructions to keep the eggs hidden and only allow access to myself or to you, Garrus Vakarian. Shepard was concerned that should it be discovered that her eggs where available, that the Illusive man might make a bid for them. I was instructed to destroy them should someone else try to take them."

He feels the fury spread over him like a warm coat. If anyone, anyone, ever even thought about trying to take away his and Shepard's eggs… he would make the Reapers look like a bunch of damned pyjaks.

Therefore it is poor timing on Alenko's part, having heard that Garrus was onboard and seeking only to engage in some camaraderie, when he enters the medical bay.

Garrus snarls at him, ready to tear the interloper's throat out.

"Whoa! Easy there Garrus, it's just me."

The turian narrows his avian eyes at the biotic.

"Hey, how have you been? It seems like… hey what've you got there?" The second human Spectre, who will never be anywhere near as good as Shepard in Garrus' opinion, asks curiously.

Garrus turns dismissively toward EDI. "Secure this please," he growls, though he is loath to part with the precious, precious, future offspring. He blocks Kadian's attempts to look at the canister. Sending the biotic one final warning glare, that has Alenko throwing his hands up in mock surrender.

"Fine, geez. Forget I asked."

Garrus plans to do just that. And, after EDI secures his babies he grabs a chair from Dr. Chakwas desk and sits in front of the station that holds them. He stares Kadian down until the human male leaves in abject discomfort of the situation.

EDI raises an eyebrow at his behavior.

"It is not necessary to stand guard Garrus. I will watch over them."

He grunts, but refuses to comment. He'll sit here until every last damn egg is fertilized with his 'DNA'. He's never trusted that shifty Alenko bastard.

And, besides, it is never too soon to start tucking in his offspring.