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Theme: Nightmare
Rating: K
Status: Starfires/BeastBoys friendship

It was midnight in Jump city and in the Titan Tower all of the Teenage Titans where peacefully sleeping in there comfy warm beds, besides one.

"I knew I shouldn't have drank all of those soda cans before going to bed." groaned Beast Boy as he was running from his room to the bathroom. Before bed he thought that 10 cans of sodas before bed isn't a bad idea. Well I guess he was wrong.

As he flushed the toilet and got out of the bathroom he released a satisfied sight.

"Ahh much better."

As Beast Boy was walking back to his room, his ears began to twitch as he heard something. He looked around the hall to identify the sound and he heard a quiet sob from Starfires room.

He walked to her room and knocked lightly.

"Star? Are you alright?" he pressed his ear on her door and heard rustling sounds but no footsteps. Beast Boy opened her doors slowly and looked around "Star are you okey?"

"B-Beast Boy?" said Starfire meekly under her blanket.

Beast Boy walked to her and sat on her bed and saw her bloodshot eyes with tears running down her cheeks

"Hey... Mind telling me why are you crying?" he said in a soft voice as he wiped a tear drop from her cheek.

"I-I had a nightmare." she said as she sniffed.

Beast Boys eyes softened as he hugged her comfortingly. She began to cry again, silently on his shoulder.

He gently pets her hair. "Shh it's okey." he quietly whispered.

Beast Boy hates seeing Star crying. Starfire is always the happiest Titan on the team. Heck she's his big sister and he would do anything for her to be happy.

"What was your nightmare about?"

"My little b-brother." she wept silently. Only Beast Boy knows about her brother since the two of them shared each other's painful past experience that involves family. They bonded and practically became brother and sister. So they have mutual understanding about losing a family member(s).

''kuimba wimbo wa upepo Wa kati una jiwa na

kuimba wimbo wa upepo Wa kati ndoto tamu

Lala mpaka Usiku wisha'' Beast Boy began to sing quietly one of his mothers Swahili lullabies that he learned long time ago, as he rubbed her back comfortingly and rocked back and forth.

Starfire began to relax on Beast Boys shoulder and listened to the lullaby.

''Upepo wa usiku wimbo wako na

Wimbo wangu inaendelea

Upepo wa usiku wimbo wako na'' He ended the song with a small kiss on her forehead.

"Feeling better?"

Starfire nods and smile warmly at Beast Boy.

"Yes, I thank you for that."

"No problem, that's what little brothers are for." He gave her his trademark toothy smile and as he was about to get out off her bed Starfire griped his arm.

"Please don't go. I wished to not be alone." plead Starfire with her big emerald eyes.

"Sure." sweetly smiled Beast Boy as he turned into a cat and curled on her pillow next to her face.

Starfire covered herself and Beast Boy with her blanked and petted him in which she got a soft purr from his small green body. She giggled and kissed his fury forehead.

"Goodnight little brother." she whispered and began to drift to sweet dreamless sleep.

Translation of the song.


The wind sings a song of a dove and

The wind sings a song of sweet dreams

Sleep now until the night

Wind of the night and your song

My Song continues

Wind of the night and your song

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